Buying bath and beach towels online 

Are you looking for buying towels online? At 7 Interior Design, we bring you the best quality bath and beach towels for every occasion. Our towels are made with cotton to provide you the longest duration and to offer you the greatest softness. 

Bath towels set: Our bath towels sets are available in three sizes. Most of them are made from turkish cotton, which is very similar to Egyptian cotton. They are luxurious and soft. The yarn is smooth and thick to provide you with the best absorbency. You can use our bath towels set for body and hands. 

Beach towels on sale: our hammam towels are the best towels for the beach because they dry fast. It’s ideal as a home decor item and it is also suitable for a picnic day. Due to its weight and softness you can fold it and carry it easily in your bag. We offer light colors, which makes it ideal for summer

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