Show me the interiors of your home and I will tell you who you are - this saying is the perfect summary that should guide any interior arrangement and decoration.

Coco Chanel claimed that the house is a reflection of the soul of the person who lives in it, because the interior and the space in which we live says a lot about us. It is not easy to get to know another person, but a look at the decor of his apartment can tell us what a person likes, what their tastes and interests are. People enthusiastic about the world and others, most often choose bright colors, people closed in on themselves, reluctant to interact with others, prefer to surround themselves with dark colors. This is, of course, a great simplification, but it perfectly illustrates the characters and different attitudes towards the world, which we will know from the very beginning of their apartment.

Undoubtedly, the arrangement styles and tastes change with age and experience. For some, an ideal interior will be one that does not overwhelm, is clean and spacious. For others, numerous decorations and accessories, souvenirs and knick-knacks, which will make a more cozy and homely impression, will be of greater value. The interior design really depends on many different factors, but what actually affects its style and character are accessories and finishes, decorations that say more about us than the color of the walls or the model of furniture in the living room.

Posters are now a very popular group of decorations that can be found in new or modern interiors. Many interior designers, when creating visualizations, always try to make them in such a way that they best suit the tastes and expectations of future tenants, creating interiors in which nothing is missing. The home aura is created by various accessories, but it is difficult to achieve the desired effect through small decorations that will always find their place in any interior. We are talking about figurines, glassware or travel souvenirs, which is why in modern arrangements and visualizations, wall decorations, such as posters, are most often used.

By creating such inspiring interior designs, it has also contributed to the increase in popularity of posters as universal decorations that work well in any interior and in any arrangement style. Today, popular are both motivational posters, with quotes or slogans that lift our spirits or those that can amuse us and put us in a good mood, posters with graphics and illustrations, especially for children, thanks to which we can conjure up a fairy-tale aura in their room. learning and relaxation. Posters as decorations have also appeared in the interiors of our offices and workplaces, where they create a substitute for a home atmosphere, allowing us to focus and concentrate.

Various posters will work well in different rooms and so the kitchen will be ideally suited for illustrations of dishes, fruits or vegetables, minimalist graphics, e.g. made of geometric shapes, will work in the bedroom, animals and funny characters from fairy tales dominate in the child's room, and in the living room they will be perfect There are compositions of posters, where both those with graphics and those with sentences will be mixed, creating an unusual and very original interior arrangement.

Interior decorations are the soul of the room, and the room is a reflection of ourselves, our tastes, desires, and character, so it is worth choosing them carefully for your apartment, creating interiors in which you will actually feel at home.