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The best 13 luxury Lucide Lamps to decorate your house

As opposed to other lamps, Lucide Lamps are the best home decor items that are meant to add more functionality as well as décor your home effectively. Due to the dynamic environment present, lamps have been shifted from a simple design to luxury design to offer a classy intricate feel. 

Here we have enlisted top 13 luxury lamps that you can consider to decorate your home:

Lucide Floor lamps:

1. Lucide Giada Floor Lamp

With the bright finish and silhouette, this floor lamp can give you some major heart eyes. This can be ideal for stationing over any of your favorite spots to make that brighter. However, the copper finishing is perfect to add some retro style and beautiful décor vibes with ease.

2. Lucide Mesh Floor lamp

A simple yet different solution is a floor lamp that can be placed next to your sofa to illuminate the space with ambient and soft lighting. This can fit perfectly into bohemian inspired settings or transitional farmhouses with ease. It offers a stunning natural material mix which can be perfect to add a unique setting in your living space.

3. Lucide Philon 1 light and 2 light LED

Anyone can be obsessed with this floor lamp. Not only because it can offer you the lighting you want but it can also deliver an industrial inspired slim look that can be easier to fit even in the tighter corners. Its flexibility is making it more amazing for anyone. Fortunately, you can easily buy it with one or two LED lights as per your preferences.

4. Lucide Nuvola LED Floor

Do you want to add contemporary in a modern theme? This modest style aluminum floor lamp can be the best to get a brighter light anywhere. Transform your room perfectly and enjoy the best light with ease.

5. Lucide Pepijn 3 Light

Are you looking for a floor lamp with some serious style points and brighter light? This 3-light floor lamp can be perfect for you. This is a decorating one and done option practically. It is featuring a slim black base and crafted with black toned metal. The three branching lights can let you spread light at different angles and will make your place brighter.

6. Lucide Jantuano

A unique metal floor lamp which can be adjusted practically anywhere with ease due to its slim design. Adjustable and light emitting from it can offer even illumination everywhere. Overall, this amazingly designed floor lamp can offer both a functional lighting and dramatic statement.

7. Lucide Jorius LED Floor

This floor lamp is designed to let you get glow wherever you need that. Its streamlined design and metallic finish can make it perfect to place anywhere. It is super easier to turn it on and off when needed. Decorate and brighten your space with this beautiful LED floor lamp and enjoy perfect lighting.

8. Lucide Pepijn Floor Lamp

This lucide floor lamp can let you get the best glow light when and where you need. This one of the best high-end designer lamps can be perfect for reading too. A streamlined design with black metallic finish can let you create a look that can work well in modern farmhouses too. Its light is highlighted by a shade that can direct the gleam at any desired angle perfectly.

9. Lucide Sansa Floor Lamp

A uniquely styled floor lamp that has a rectangle stand. This can be a perfect remedy for your light-deprived room and can stand anywhere you want. This is pretty good looking and bright and can be a nicer addition to anywhere.

Lucide table lamps

10. Lucide Lionel Table Lamp

This is one of the most beautiful yet unique table lamps you can ever have. It comes in the form of a long-standing design with perfect black finish. The slatted shade is adding a classier look to this and making it perfect for everyone.

11. Lucide Virgil 20 glass

This table lamp has gold metal bass along with a ribbed amber glass. It comes up with perfect finishing and beautiful lined design. However, this round styled table lamp is made for everyone.

12. Lucide Maloto glass

This amazing table lamp has amber and gold glass ribbed shade and can be a beautiful home décor accessory to place anywhere whether in the living room or bedroom. Available in two different shades. You can go with any of your preferences for a beautiful addition in your home.

13. Lucide Dunia Glass

This is a beautiful table lamp made of metal and comes up with perfect finishing. Switching it on and off is super easier with a rocket switch. This can be a perfect luxury table lamp for the living room you can consider.

Availability of home accessories online has made it super easier to purchase your favorite luxury Lucide Lamps as per your preferences. So, choose the ones that you find more suitable for you to include lighting in your home. 

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