Organization in the kitchen. 6 ways to a perfectly organized kitchen
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We prepare a variety of meals every day, so the storage in the kitchen, both of food products and kitchen accessories, should be organized as well as possible. How to keep order in the kitchen and have everything at hand? What should we store spices in, coffee and tea, loose products, vegetables and fruit, as well as olive oil and vinegar? Simple tricks will make your kitchen perfectly organized.

1 Organization of spices in the kitchen

I cannot imagine cooking without spices. Aromatic spices in the kitchen are the basis! Ordinary salt and pepper, sweet and hot peppers, Provencal herbs, curry, lovage, marjoram and many, many more enrich the taste and aroma of the dishes. It is sometimes difficult to find the right one among the large collection of spices. Is it out or I just can't find it? More than once I asked myself this question before I had put them in order.

I keep the spice packets, both unpacked and open, in the long spice organizer. I sort the spices according to the adopted categories and put them between the compartments, which prevent the parcels from falling over and the spices do not fall apart in the container. The spice organizer is perfect for a kitchen drawer, but you can also keep it on a countertop or in a cupboard. Open packages should be secured with spice and herb clips. Such clasps not only help to keep order, but also to quickly find the necessary spice. Thanks to the clearly written names, you will quickly find what you need at the moment. A simple organizer allows you to keep cabinets and kitchen drawers in order

I keep only some of the spices in such an organizer. I keep the ones I use most often in spice jars, which keep their aromas for a long time. Colorful spices in jars look very nice. A natural decoration for your kitchen! Ideally, all jars should be the same, but labeled for jars with the name of the spice, so we'll find it quickly.

2 What to store coffee and tea in?

As for spices, I also reach for coffee or tea every day. I can't imagine a morning without coffee and an afternoon without tea. At home, I often prepare such hot drinks for my guests, which is why I like when coffee beans and tea leaves or bags are waiting to be brewed in aesthetic containers. Thanks to them, the organization of our cabinets and drawers in the kitchen becomes even better, and the guests and household members more willingly reach for the mug to brew a hot drink.

Airtight coffee containers and colorful tea containers, apart from their aesthetic value, have another advantage - they keep the freshness and aroma of coffee and leaf tea very well. They protect the grains against unfavorable light, air and moisture. If I store them in a glass jar, then I put it in a cupboard so that it does not reach it by the sun's rays. Such a practical jar will also work well for storing other products. If you do not want to hide coffee and tea in the cupboard, containers made of other materials that are resistant to the sun and other factors will be a good solution. Aesthetic containers are very simple, but also extremely practical solutions in the kitchen that are definitely worth introducing.

3. Kitchen organizers for loose food

Loose foods are the basic ingredients that I use to make homemade meals. Various kinds of groats, rice and pasta. It's also flour and bread crumbs. And also breakfast oatmeal and dried fruit. Such loose food kept in the bags in which it was purchased always gives one result - a kitchen mess. It is also difficult to keep the freshness of such leaky stored products.

Simple containers are enough to control this kitchen mess. The boxes will keep the food fresh longer than the opened packages. I really like to store loose products in a Branq plastic food dispenser, which allows me to easily and efficiently pour the necessary amount of flour, rice, pasta and others. Thanks to the fact that they are transparent, I quickly find the product I need. Efficient organization in kitchen cabinets guaranteed! Such dispensers are so aesthetic that I can just as easily keep them on the kitchen counter and have even faster access to the products I need.

4. Storing vegetables and fruits, i.e. order in the refrigerator

When organizing your kitchen space, you cannot overlook such an important device as a refrigerator. There must also be law and order there. Since I properly store vegetables, fruit and other products, I do not waste food. You can learn more about the proper storage of food products in the article: How to store fruit and vegetables to keep them fresh for a long time?

To keep the refrigerator tidy, ordinary plastic food containers are enough for me. In each of them I store various types of products, and I stack the containers on top of each other so that they do not take up too much space. It is best to allocate each shelf for a similar type of food in order to reach the products you need faster. At the very front, I set the food with a shorter shelf life to reach for it as soon as possible. I keep products that have quite a strong smell (onion, garlic, lemon) completely separate. But instead of finding them a whole new place away from other foods, I use a small onion container and a separate garlic container. Thanks to this, the products do not undergo intense smells. In my kitchen there is also a place for a glass lemon container, in which I keep a section of citrus. I can store resistant glass in a refrigerator or on a kitchen cupboard. Proper storage makes the kitchen a pleasant place with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit.

5. Oil and vinegar dispensers

In my kitchen, bottles for olive oil, oil and vinegar made of natural materials must not be missing. One-style dispensers certainly look better than the store's plastic bottles with labels. Oil, olive oil and vinegar are best kept in a dark glass or ceramic bottle to avoid exposure to light.Liquids must not be exposed to the sun, but do not need to be refrigerated. I just keep them in a shaded place, away from the stove that is hot every now and then.

I really like when the bottles have additional dispensers, thanks to which I can measure the amount I need! If you have a clear glass bottle - nothing is lost! You can see a beautiful shade of oil through it, which will additionally decorate your kitchen. However, you must remember not to expose the transparent bottles to light.

6 A way to store knives in the kitchen

I am for keeping cutlery classically in a drawer. But, on the other hand, I prefer to have kitchen knives on hand when preparing meals. Every day I use different types of knives - others for spreading bread rolls and cutting vegetables, and others for slicing bread slices and cutting meat into pieces. How to arrange things in the kitchen so as not to find them mixed up in the kitchen drawer? I have two ways!

The first of them are magnetic knife strips that are mounted on the wall. The magnet attracts the knives that hold tight to the blade. Such a strip is especially suitable for sets of knives of the same style. I am the owner of knives of various sizes, with handles of various colors, which is why I decided to use the second method - a knife block. I put the knives into the block easily and conveniently. Their blades are hidden, thanks to which my kitchen is completely safe, tidy and aesthetic. You just want to be here! When large and sharp knives have their designated place, organizing drawers and kitchen cabinets is much easier.

Thanks to such methods, storing and organizing work in the kitchen becomes really easy! You can easily bring order to your kitchen and quickly prepare dishes from products that are at your fingertips. I have succeeded, and you must not fail! No more searching for the products you need, no more mess in your kitchen and no more food waste. Good kitchen organization is not at all difficult! The above tips will make even a small kitchen extremely functional. To work!

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