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Unusual Floor lamps or classic one - which one to choose?

Don't let boredom and routine dominate your interior. Classic ceiling lamps and wall lamps look great and add a great charm to your apartment, but to make your home attractive and stand out from the crowd, you should also take care of something extra in the field of lighting. Floor lamps or even better what about unusual floor lamps will certainly help in creating an original image and a perfect arrangement.

Unusual Floor lamp - lighting or a work of art?

The floor lamp is also an element of lighting our interior, it also plays an important decorative role. Thanks to the extremely wide range of standing lamps, our bedroom, living room or office will gain an unusual atmosphere. Precisely because floor lamps are on the border of light and decoration, their choice should be based on an appropriate analysis. Just like furniture, works of art, flowers and other decorative elements, lamps must also be in the best possible harmony with the rest of the interior design of our apartment. We have an extremely wide selection of Unusual floor lamps on the market and it is only up to us to choose the right model. Lighting manufacturers and distributors ensure that the unusual floor lampsthey create and sell meet the expectations of customers and best respond to the needs and preferences of customers.

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Modern minimalism in a Scandinavian style

Floor lamp Scandinavian style is perfect for modern interiors, which have a lot of light, and their advantage is minimalism and harmony. In such rooms, a floor lamp with a discreet, simple design will be perfect. Therefore, lamps with a delicate base and a not too thick, straight pillar are usually preferred. The lampshade of such a lamp usually has a simple, geometric shape, e.g. of a cylinder. Nowadays, floor lighting is dominated by LED technology, thanks to which this type of lamp shines longer, consumes less energy than lamps with traditional incandescent bulbs, and in addition, thanks to the infinitely many possible shapes of the bulb, it looks beautiful and effective. Just like the floor lamp, available in mint color with a delicate lampshade pattern.

Elegant lamps for a classic living room

If our interiors are decorated in a classic style, it is worth the floor lamp to refer to the same style. In such cases, lamps with a wide, heavy base are perfect, and their post does not necessarily have to be straight. In turn, the lampshade is a real freedom of choice. Glass, pearl, wooden, crystal, made of aluminum ... in classic interiors you can go a little more crazy, opting for a bold, elegant design. Chrome is perfect, as it will emphasize the prestige and modernity of the lamp, while not taking away its classic elegance. All these features are perfectly reflected in the classic, but extremely effective, unusual floor lamps. Regardless of the type of floor lamp you choose, it is worth remembering that a standing lamp is more than just a lighting fixture. It is an object located on the border of two worlds: practical and aesthetic, often constituting the most important element of the balance between them. So let's make sure that the lamp builds a sense of harmony.

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