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Modern dining chairs for sale in the UK.

Dining chairs are one of the important home décor items. A dining room is a place for the entire family to have a birthday meal, Christmas dinner, everyday meals, or a romantic dinner. It is a room where friends and family come together to enjoy the company and good food in comfort.

The dining chairs are available in a wide selection providing style, comfort, and value. Stacking chairs in metal or wood make a fascinating option as it saves space. Upholstered chairs are cozy additions to dining rooms. Choose your chairs as per your family needs and lifestyle. Making a perfect choice is a must as it is an important furniture piece.

Things to Consider

• Size: Considering the size of the dining chairs should be appropriate. For an intimate and cozy dining room, less bulky and smaller chairs look comfortable. Even fold-up chairs look perfect. Airier, larger rooms can have elaborate styles of modern dining chairs. It is best to be mindful of the table bases or legs while pushing under the table, the chair.

• Height: Chairs should comfortably fit under the table. There should be a 30 cm gap between the chair and the tabletop. This clearance ensures comfort while sitting. Choosing chairs with arms should have a gap of 18 cm between the tabletop bottom and the armrest.

• Width: The table shape and size determine the width of the chairs. Look for dining chairs the UK featuring around 60 -70 cm so that there is elbow room to sit and dine. Armchairs are best as it is wider, but if space is an issue, opt for without arms chairs.


Wood: wood is an option coming commonly in Oak for dining chairs. They range from traditional to contemporary styles. The advantage is you can buy these home accessories online.

Acrylic/Plastic: the ultra-modern dining chairs are sleek. They present a blend of function and style. The material takes a variety of shapes. The chairs present high-gloss finishes and textures with clean lines. It will have bold colors with wooden chairs.

Upholstered: upholstered chairs present a homey touch. It appears elegant in the dining room. Many feature nailhead accents and tufted cushions, giving them a feel of heirloom property.

Metal: metal chairs are long-lasting and sturdy, making the right industrial trend. It features clean lines and is suitable for a contemporary kitchen. Foldable dining chairs for sale are in metal. The folding and stacking chairs are appropriate for large parties. They are mostly in metal or wood and are ideal for studio apartments and flats.

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