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A guide to buy-side of the sofa tables

When it is to decide about the must-haves as home décor items in the living room, we think of coffee tables, sofas, TV stands, and sofa tables. The sofa tables are also known as the end table. It is because they are the side tables adjacent to the sofa, and they are super handy. Choosing or planning to buy a side table may appear to be a no-brainer, but shopping is daunting with so many shapes and different styles. You have lots to consider:

Space and Size

Ensure you measure the area you want the side table to place. Measure the furnishings to ensure they go in proportion with other furnishings. Reach for a wine glass or a teacup, you should reach easily. Plan to have the side of the sofa table slightly below or in equal size to the sofa arm.


How you plan to use the table is important to consider. There are different types of functions and forms, such as tray tables, folding, circular, nested, storage, and shelving. Different styles mean varying price points. Whether it is placing a large piece against a wall or something to fold flat, facilitating easy storage.

Material and Color

If your choice with the end of the sofa table is to go stylish, stay with oak and walnut. However, a metal or enamel finish allows you to go carelessly with your drinks. If you love colors, there are different hues to suit you.

Different types

There are different side tables available, creating a focal point. It is an accompaniment that is much-needed appearing only when there are guests. There are side tables in varying materials: • Glass – It is ideal for creating space and light, giving a feel of a bigger room.

  • Glass is easy to maintain.
  • Metal- A versatile and practical material available with shiny or matt finishes. It features interesting designs. It is easy to clean.
  • Wood- Appropriate material suitable for any home. There is walnut, oak, and bamboo side tables to fit most decors.
  • Acrylic- It is a modern material, easy to clean. The light bounces in your room.

Different styles

Modern Style Modern: styles reflect newfound styles and technologies. They make great end tables in neutral color palettes. They emphasize minimalism, and now it is available in glass, marble, and chrome.

Mid-Century Modern Style: these are the recognizable styles that are available as home accessories online. It has a distinct look involving wood grain, tapered legs, gentle curves, and a clean line featuring minimal design. The mid-century end tables are often in marble or wood with bold color occasionally.

Transitional Style: the transitional style is about adding traditional style elements with a few contemporary elements to get a more approachable, organic look.

Transitional end table Choosing: the end table in the right size is a must. It must be at the sofa’s arm height within two inches distance. It should not overpower the chair or sofa around, nor the end or side tables should appear tiny. A balanced look enhances room appeal.

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