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The electric fireplace has been a hit in recent years. Nowadays, not only happy homeowners can enjoy the flames and crackling fire in the fireplace. Today, anyone can have it, regardless of the size of the apartment and the style in which it is furnished. The fireplace warms the interior, creates a mood, makes it cozier. Additionally, electric fireplaces are easy to install and are not tied to one place, so you can take them with you when you change your flat. Reading on, you will learn what the installation of a fireplace looks like, what additional functions do electric fireplaces have, and are they safe?

Traditional and electric fireplace

The differences are dramatic because with fireplaces with live fire you have to work a bit to get the effect. You will have to add wood and fight ash and soot. And in the case of electric fireplaces, you put the plugin the electricity and enjoy the flame in 3D, which perfectly imitates fire and smoke. Guests can actually have the impression of a real fire, especially when the fireplace is in a single-family home. The installation of an electric fireplace is very simple. It does not require additional installation, air supply, or access to chimney ducts. Therefore, it can be placed anywhere. Usually, you don't do anything more than take it out of the box and set it up wherever you want. In the stores, you will find electric fireplaces: free-standing, wall-mounted, corner. You can easily adjust it to the interior. Even with a small space, you do not have to give up the fireplace, all you need is a free piece of wall. There is a bit more work to do with built-in fireplaces, but here you can also go crazy when it comes to housing.

Additional light in the color of burning wood

Electric fireplaces bring additional light into the room. Thanks to it, you can easily create an intimate, cozy atmosphere. It is conducive to relaxation after work and pleasant moments spent with your loved ones. And already during the holiday season, the fireplace is the central place of the house and it does not have to be a traditional fireplace, because it will be properly replaced by an electric one.

Heating function

The fireplace may only have an imitation fire function, but there are also models that give heat. So on a winter evening, by setting the appropriate function, you not only enjoy the pleasant view of the fire, but also the warmth flowing from it. There is one disadvantage of heating up with an electric fireplace in winter, i.e. money flowing out of the wallet very quickly. Fortunately, the producers give us a choice, you can use the heating function or turn it off and enjoy only the flame, which is much cheaper. Depending on how often and how long the fireplace will be turned on without heating, you have to add from a few to a dozen or so zlotys to your bills. By turning on the fireplace itself without heating, you do not have to worry about a significant increase in electricity bills. Most manufacturers focus on energy efficiency, putting into use cheap electric fireplaces.

Remote control

The fireplace can be controlled by a built-in panel, usually on its side, but there are also models with remote controls. It makes life much easier and more enjoyable. You can turn on and off the fireplace and the heating with the remote control. So you don't have to move off the couch when you get cold.


Safety is an important aspect of fireplaces, especially when there are small children and pets in the house. Children run around, they are interested in everything and the fireplace will certainly be in the center of their attention. Electric fireplaces are much safer than traditional ones. The front glass never gets hot, there is no risk of the child getting burned by touching the fireplace. In addition, the electric fireplace can stand on virtually any surface without the risk of catching fire. It can be panels, tiles, parquet, but it can also stand on a carpet.

The choice is so large that the most demanding customers will find an electric fireplace that meets their expectations. And the prices of fireplaces are not prohibitive at all, because you can buy a good model for GBP 100-500 check below our selection of electric fireplace.

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