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Buying products and gifts for your pet in our online shop

Are you looking for a high quality and affordable online pet shop? Then you are in the right place. At 7 Interior Design, we offer more than 1000 pet products. We choose our pet accessories carefully so it can fit perfectly your home decor. Your four legged friend will be happy to receive his new toy. Check it out!

Dog accessories:

Our dog equipment is ideal for big dogs and puppies. You will find from minimalist and the highest quality dog beds to the most enjoyable toys. Furthermore, if you like winter walks or taking your dog to the mountains you can have a look at our huge collections of clothes for your puppy, well assured that your dog will be warm during this winter!

Cat accessories:

Are you looking for cat supplies? At 7 Interior Design, you can easily find a cute cat beds that matches for home decor. We also have feeding bowls in different colors and sizes and with our large collection of toys for cats your cat won’t be bored at home.

In case you can’t live without your pet, check our travelling accessories. All our travel equipment is made to make your trips smoother and easier providing the best comfort while enjoying your holidays with your pet.

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Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Unisex Table Lamp Standard, Plastics,



Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Unisex Table Lamp Standard, Plastics,

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