Luxury bedding sets in the UK for sale 

At 7 Interior Design, we only choose the best quality bedding set in the UK. Our retailers use the most luxurious materials such as linen, merino wool, cotton and cashmere. These materials are terrific durable and soft to touch, perfect for a good night of sleep. Check out our list of categories below: 

Bed duvet UK: are you looking for bed duvets? Then, you are in the right place. Our partners at 7 Interior Design provide fast shipping within the UK. Whether you are looking for a good quality winter duvet or all seasons duvet, we have it all! 

Bed sheet: Our bed sheets are made from the highest quality linen and cotton. You can easily find different sizes. The design of our retailers is soft, minimalist and classic. You can perfectly mix it to the decoration of your home. 

Bed throw: Our bed throws and blankets are perfect for every season. The different sizes make it suitable for your couch or your bed. You can use it perfectly as a home decor item. One of our favourite brands is “Heal’s”, the merino and cashmere collection.

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