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Snuggledown Duck Feather & Down White Pillows 2 Pack Medium Support Designed for Back and Side Sleepers Bed Pillows

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MEDIUM SUPPORT PILLOW - Designed for back and side sleepers helping to support your head to be slightly raised and aligned to your spine, so you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Prevent aches and neck pain by using a supportive, walled Pillow

SIZE – Length 48cm x Width 74cm. (Standard UK Sizing)

DUCK FEATHER AND DOWN - Our pillows are specially constructed using a blend of 85 percent Duck Feather and 15 percent Duck Down; which is then encased in a 230 thread count soft touch cotton fabric

WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER FRIENDLY - We want to make life easier for you, that’s why our product is washing machine and tumble drier friendly, so it can be back on your bed as quickly as you need it

NON-ALLERGENIC - Our pillows do not contain materials which are likely to cause allergies

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Feature description

From the manufacturer

Duck Feather & DownGoose Feather & DownPremium Duck DownHungarian Goose DownDuck Feather & Down
Goose Feather & DownPremium Duck DownHungarian Goose DownMatching Duvets
Sizes AvailableStandardStandardStandardStandardSingle, Double, King Size
Materials15% Duck Down, 85% Duck Feather15% Goose Down, 85% Goose Feather70% Duck Down, 30% Small Duck Feather80% Goose Down, 20% Small Goose Feather15% Duck Down, 85% Duck Feather
Cover230 Thread Count, 100% Soft Cotton, 230 Thread Count, 100% Soft Cotton230 Thread Count, 100% Soft Cotton300 Thread Count, 100% Soft Cotton Jacquard230 Thread Count, 100% Soft Cotton,
Washing & CareMachine Washable at 40°Machine Washable at 40°Machine Washable at 40°Machine Washable at 40°Machine Washable at 40°
Dust Mite Resistant
Duvet Available

Product details

Brand ‎Snuggledown
Model Number‎5340SNG01
Product Dimensions‎74 x 48 x 10 cm; 2 Kilograms
Material‎Duck Feather & Down, Cotton
Special Features‎230 Thread Count, Specialty_Medical
Item Weight‎2 kg

Customer questions and answers

  • Do they stink?
    We bought two packs. One pack was ok, the other smelled so bad we had to keep outdoors. I'd say it's a 50/50 chance they won't smell and customer service is unhelpful.
  • Do they contain fire retardents?
    I don't know. Sadly I had to send them back because they smelt foul (no pun intended). I received a very swift refund from Amazon
  • Should there be lots of ‘dust’ coming off these? I’ve just opened a new bag and when you lightly bang them a lot of dust comes off them?
    I think not, mine were totally free of dust, and are still.
  • Is this pillow noisy?
    Noisy? I don’t hear any noticeable sound coming from it. Surround it with the right pillowcase and you’ll be fine.

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