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Robas Lund Alfons Dining Table Solid Beech Heartwood Oiled, Wood, natural, 70 x 50 cm

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This rustic piece is designed to create a feeling of cosiness

Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 76 cm (L x W x H)

This beige-coloured piece of furniture is designed to suit any colour scheme

This item is made predominantly from wood

Arrives pre-assembled for immediate use

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Feature description

From the manufacturer

Product details

Brand ‎Robas Lund
Model Number‎ALF050KB
Product Dimensions‎50 x 70 x 76 cm; 13 Kilograms
Special Features‎Right angled
Item Weight‎13 kg
Size Name:70 x 50 cm

Solid wood table 70 x 76 x 50 cm Four-legged table Core beech solid oiled top thickness: 2 cm, legs approx. 45 x 45 mm with fixed, continuous top also available in 110 x 76 x 70 and 70 x 76 x 70 cm versions Supplied disassembled Simple assembly The transportation time usually need 30 to 45 days!

Customer Review

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    Great Table but bring your own spanner
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 March 2020
    A nice little table 50x70cm I have one of those kitchens you can't swing a cat in so this size was perfect for my needs. The table is well built of quality wood and nicely finished. To fix the four legs there are eight bolts and washers, however, the maunual suggests there is a spanner with the package but in mine there was NO spanner, so make sure you have a 13mm spanner to hand when assembling this product. once you have the legs on the table is very sturdy and strong but probably wouldn't recomend dancing on it though.All in all a good quality product that I would recommend.
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    Lovely table, just the right size for me.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 May 2020
    Very nice kitchen table, just right size for my small gap in my kitchen. Seems strong and we'll made. It does need some sort of treatment on top though as when you wipe with damp cloth the surface becomes a little rough. I'm going to use furniture wax on it, maybe with a slight stain in it to match it up with my vintage chair.
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    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 September 2020
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    Neat & Sturdy
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 July 2020
    Very sturdy solid little table that fits perfectly in my limited space. Plenty of room for my laptop , monitor and key board. Ideal for working from home but decorative enough to be used as a dining table too. Very easy to assemble (only 8 screws) and could be just as easily disassembled flat. Nice contrast to flimsy Mdf rubbish on sale in most outlets.
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    Good table but sloppy finish
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 February 2021
    Positives: real easy to put together - just screw in the legs. Good, solid material. Size and colour as advertised.Negatives: one leg is slightly shorter, meaning my table rocks (real pet hate of mine!). There's no wrench supplied, so you'll need your own. The table I received has what looks like drips of darker varnish on one of the legs. It's not terrible but not what you want on a brand new piece of furniture.Decent overall, but the negatives mean that for me this item feels over-priced.
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    absolutely delighted
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 August 2020
    this is a fabulous table, i wanted it for my sewing machine and it is so sturdy, just came in the door 5 mins ago and my son is building it for me, my son is a joined with his own business and he agrees it is a great table. worth every penny i spent on it and i would recommend it
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    small and compact
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 April 2019
    well made little table, loved the wood. chairs only fit under two sides of the table, so couldn't use in the way i wanted. reason for losing a star.
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    Attractive little table.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 February 2020
    Very attractive planked beech, simple to assemble, and, because each leg is fastened with 2 bolts, should stand normal wear easily. Small gripe - didn't have small spanner included. Very glad I bought this table.
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    Just what I wanted
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 January 2021
    We wanted a small table, just this size, to use for food preparation in the kitchen, so that my wife could sit at it and thus be more comfortable. It is perfect functionally, but also a most attractive item, with a solid very well finished wooden surface and altogether sturdy construction. It is very easy to clean, and seems to have a durable and attractive surface finish. It was easy to assemble. Very satisfied.
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    Item NOT assembled
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 November 2020
    Yep, as a disabled person made the mistake of believing the description- really should know bettter by now! - that the table was already assembled. Nope its not! But 4 legs, 8 bolts simple to do - in theory.However, it does make me incredibly cross that descriptions and reality do no tally!Otherwise, great table, the right size that I needed and its solid - don't need any more than that.

Customer questions and answers

  • Can you easily remove the legs for storage ?
    Very easily, 4 bolts and 8 nuts will dis-assemble.
  • What is the maximum load (weight capacity) for this table? I would like to put my 20kg computer on top of it, if it is safe to do so
    This table is rock solid, I don’t know the exact max cam weight capacity, you would need to contact th e.g. manufacturers. Certainly it can cope easily with 20 kg, I just tested it with a 29kg bag of rice! This icc sac chest attracted me to this table, solid and built to last.
  • Very rough surface what vould i use on it to make it smoother
    I understand why you think it's rough, but the finish is certainly durable. If I were to try smoothing it I would start with a medium paper - say 80 - to take off the varnish, and then move to a fine - 120 - which should give a very smooth finish. As the wood will then be bare you can rub in Danish oil.
  • Can I paint this table easily as I wanted the same table but white
    I would say so maybe a little rub down before hand

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