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Vida Designs Corona 1 Drawer Console Table With Shelf, Waxed Pine

Vida Designs Corona 1 Drawer Console Table With Shelf, Waxed Pine

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  • Product Code: B00Y3PBPZ2

Product Colour: Pine

Product Size: H 70 x W 50 x D 31 Cm Approx.

Product Material: Distressed Waxed Pine

Product Brand: Vida Designs

Product Cleaning Instructions: Wipe With A Dry Cloth

Product details

Brand ‎Vida Designs
Model Number‎333335.vida
Product Dimensions‎52.5 x 52.5 x 73 cm; 7 Kilograms
Special Features‎Drawer
Item Weight‎7 kg

Product Description

Vida Designs offers this stunning new product with a modern stylish design, the Corona 1 Drawer Console Table With Shelf. This corona 1 drawer table with shelf would be a smart addition to the bedroom, lounge and dining room alike with its great decor as well as storage. This is solidly constructed from pine, a timber that finishes well and gives a distinctive style and a build quality that is second to none. This console table has an antique wax finish which gives the wood a distressed appearance which adds to its unique design. This item is delivered flat packed for home self-assembly with easy to follow instructions provided.

Box Contains

1 x Console Table

Customer Review

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    Value for Money
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 January 2019
    I would give this Console Table 4 stars despite the fact there was one slight flaw but not a huge problem. I’m in a wheelchair and found it easy to put together on my own with a little help from my wife. Instructions easy to follow. Dowel holes perfectly aligned to dowels. Quality of wood is reasonable for the price paid with nice rustic wax finish.The reason I purchased this was for my wife’s Dialysis Machine at the bedside and is strong enough to support this and 2 x 5 litres bags of fluids.The only flaw I discovered was that one dowel hole on the back panel was patched on the side with wood-filler but only became obvious when inserting the dowel. This should not have been and was a dirty trick on the manufacturer as it was not noticeable until almost completed but was easily overcome by using Bond/Sealant but even so should not have been dispatched in that condition.I also was annoyed with a note that was in a sealed polythene bag on the box. This was blank on the side displayed and wasn’t noticed until I came to open the box. The note read from Mews Delivery to inform you to check the contents etc. before signing and if you didn’t do this then you could not make a claim against damages. This I can assure the company is unlawful.
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    Good build quality and value for money
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 June 2016
    There are some early reviews which say this is hard to put together and the alignment of holes etc is poor. I think the product quality must have been given a thorough overhaul because I found all items fitted perfectly and lined up very well. The attention to detail is good.It has a 'rustic' pine finish - as the photos show well, so you do get what you expect. The surface of the items was perfect with no flaws or damage.It is sturdy and I do not think it will warp or break with wear. It easily took my weight when I sat on it to ensure all the dowels in the top were fully seated.There are some nice touches eg: extra screws and dowels in case you lose one, there are holes inside the drawer to insert a pair of dowels which stops the drawer being pulled out completely. It is well packaged to prevent damage in transit.Someone has reviewed it previously and said they put it together in 5 minutes. Not possible. It took me an hour but I fitted all the pieces together in a trial run and took care over the screw alignment. So it could be done be a less fussy person in 30 minutes. I did it on my own, but a helping hand would have been useful but is not essential. Assemble it on a large rug or carpet to protect the surface as you do need to lay in on all its sides and the top too.A lot of self assemble drawers fall apart as their dowels loosen and glue ages. But there is no glue here and the dowels just provide alignment which is held perfectly when the screws go in.All you need is a hammer and a cross head screw driver.And all for just over £30. Good value for a useful occasional table, with drawer and magazine shelf.We liked it so much we have just bought another and the build quality, packing and appearance is again very well worth the money - no problems with either of the items
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    Comes in pieces, but looks great together!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 September 2019
    Arrived a few days after ordering.A few things to note, it comes in pieces, ALL of it - even the drawer right down to the drawer knob (LOL) all has to be assembled. It's all just pieces of wood. Everything is included that you need to assemble it except the tools. You will need a starhead screwdriver, and a small hammer. 60 minutes or so of being patient too.Luckily, the instruction manual is very clear and how pieces are numbered and lettered make it a less daunting task, but it's still time consuming when you just want something to be ready. It's recommended 2 people do it, but I just put it together myself, roughly 60 minutes~ or so preparation time. Oh, and when you tear open the screwdrivers bag DO NOT mix them up, you will make things a 100 times harder for yourself - they come pre-labelled to help you identify which screws go where. Keep that in mind. Tear each compartment of the bag separately to save yourself a mess!I've found that most instruction manuals can make things worse or even don't really make sense, but this one included is very well put together.When it is assembled and put together, it looks amazing and feels very sturdy and reliable. I'm going to be using mine for a neat little TV and PS4 on the bottom stand. I can't stress that enough, yes it's tedious putting it up, but it looks wonderful when it's up. Really.Perfect for a small bedroom, or even large rooms where you have little space perhaps. What ever its purpose that you have in mind, just be prepared to assemble it and take your time because 1 mistake could mean you'll spend an extra hour.
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    Looks great
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 September 2019
    Very happy with this purchase it looks fab and matches our Corona tv stand for a nice contemporary look. I was determined to put this together myself and not have to ask my husband for his help. It’s worth noting the 4 legs are numbered differently so if you pay attention to the instructions and put each one where it belongs it should be a doddle to put together. My husband ended up having to dissemble ours and then put it together the right way, much to his amusement. It looks fab, is sturdy and for the price you really can’t go wrong!
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    A nice, solid little table for the money.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 April 2019
    Far less expensive than alternatives I'd seen on the high street so I took a gamble and bought a couple. I'm very pleased that I did. They came swiftly and well packaged. They were easy to assemble and once built they are solid and sturdy. The legs are a little on the narrow side, which makes them very slightly susceptible to sideways rocking, but that's the price you must pay for this sized cabinet - it's an elementary matter of physics. I doubt I could find anything better for my purposes (occasional use eating table) and certainly not for anything remotely close to this price. 100% recommended purchase.
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    Impressed for the money
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 April 2020
    Wanted something smallish to put in an otherwise bare hall, delighted with this. I am a DIY idiot, 67 and not a very strong Lady so normally avoid flat packs but this is relatively easy if you make sure you follow the instructions of course. Did find electric drill for the screws helped. Excellent value for money, no bits missing and pleased to say none left over either!
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    Brilliant console table
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 August 2017
    This is a brilliant console table. I have just recently moved house and have been after a table for the hall. This is the perfect size for the gap i wanted it in.It looks high quality and is great value for money. Assembly isn't too complicated, only recommendation when making the draw is to screw the handle onto the front first before putting the sides and back of the draw together-unlike the instructions.
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    Nice price - nice table!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 March 2018
    So who knew!? I was expecting some sort of crappy badly cut, measured, and rubbish wood. I was surprised when I put together two of these console tables, just how sturdy they were and how nice they looked. They also arrived very quickly despite the Easter Holiday weekend. The only thing I did was change the handle and out a faceted round glass drawer knob instead. Well impressed
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    Does the job
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 June 2017
    Delighted with finished item. Care required putting it together but it was cheap and you do get what you pay for. That said it is just what we needed for a small corner. Drawer handy, Box of tissues and our home phone sits on this and there is room for a note pad and pen to write any messages down, Shelf handy too. We changed the handle but that was our choice as all our handles are chrome everywhere else in the room.
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    Bit of a let down
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 December 2018
    Well what a disaster. Pre drilled holes all in the wrong place. Wanted to send back but already started putting together before realised had to take out my own drill and place holes where they was supposed to be. alas loads of holes all over the place probably why they was being sold at a discount. Would of looked good otherwise.

Customer questions and answers

  • Is this natural pine in colour
    If I'm honest, I'd say it was nearer to Light Oak than natural Pine - but very marginal.
  • What is the size of the bottom shelf, distance between inside legs an height to user the drawer was I want to put my pc terminal in it
    The measurements are 16 inches wide, 15 inches high and 12 inches deep. My husbands tower is 15 inches high and 16 inches deep but a lot of towers are bigger than this. The depth means that unless the table is pulled away from the wall, a tower unit of this size would stick out by about 4 inches at the front. Hope this… see more The measurements are 16 inches wide, 15 inches high and 12 inches deep. My husbands tower is 15 inches high and 16 inches deep but a lot of towers are bigger than this. The depth means that unless the table is pulled away from the wall, a tower unit of this size would stick out by about 4 inches at the front. Hope this helps. It's a lovely table, but maybe not big enough for your intended use. see less
  • Could I buy two of these and use them as bedside tables?
    Depends on size of bedroom. I could see them working as bedside tables in the right size room. heavy solid items.
  • Can anyone tell me the inside dimensions of the drawer? Thanks
    the dimensions are 11"x8" and the depth is 3" hope this helps and it is really nice

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