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Leather high back reclining office / desk chair with massage and heat (Brown)

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Brown luxury bonded faced leather

360' swivel, Twin Armrests, BIFMA safety certificate

High back for support and comfort, Double padding

6 powerful motors to massage back, buttocks and legs, heat mode

Recline / tilt & lock function, Gas lift height adjustment

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Feature description

Product Description


The gruelling hours at an office desk job can take a toll on your physical health in the long run. Sitting for hours every day requires the support and comfort you deserve! This comfort is provided to you by Bramley Power Store’s Leather High Back Reclining Office Chair. This chair is the ultimate luxury product that is going to make office time a simultaneous massage session. Along with its brilliant and attractive design, it also has massage and heat functionality, making it the complete all-around office chair for high profile professionals. The chair also gets a handy pocket to keep the massage remote control. With a chair like this, working becomes easy and stress-free. It has a durable build and strong lumbar support to save you from back-related issues.

Material LeatherLeatherLeatherLeather
Weight Capacity150kg150kg150kg150kg
Tilt function
360 swivel

Product details

Product Dimensions‎70 x 80 x 112 cm; 19.42 Kilograms
Is assembly required‎Yes
Primary material‎Leather
Top material‎Leather
Seat height‎52 Centimetres
Shipping weight‎19.42 Kilograms
Manufacturer‎Bramley Power
Manufacturer reference‎B01HBAZEUM

Customer Review

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    You'll struggle to find a better chair for twice the price of this one!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 March 2017
    Was sceptical that the chair would be as good as the reviews suggested - when you see so many five stars, it's tempting to think that they're all from people who got the product for free! Well, I bought mine, and it's definitely worth five stars. Very easy to put together, and all of the parts feel like they were properly made. It's a very comfortable chair, which is obviously the main thing - the combination of being able to rock and also change the angle of the back means you should have no difficulty finding a comfortable sitting position. The heat function is fantastic - I have a few back issues, and have really appreciated the warmth. The massage function is very relaxing too. It's not a shiatsu massage, but the vibration is deep enough to make it worthwhile. All in all, it's an easy five stars. The only minor (and I do mean minor!) niggles are having to remember to not run over the power lead. Could've done with a bit of wire or clip underneath to hold it out the way. Also, if you have the seat unlocked so that you can rock it, and you turn the vibration on, the locking handle does have a tendency to vibrate in harmony, which is quite annoying. Elastic band soon fixed that though! But apart from that, it's perfect - would definitely buy again, and have recommended to a few people as well.
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    Buy one now! But not as an investment.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 January 2018
    Absolutely superb product for the money! Very comfortable, more so than my previous chair which had a 24hour ergonomic rating. The secret to construction is to loose fit everything first, then make sure everything is evenly secure. The massage facility is superb - just what my bones were looking for. Very, very highly recommended indeed.*September 2019 Update*After 20 months use, I'm starting to see the flaws. The shoulder massage elements stopped working approximately six months ago. The padding on the armrests has slipped outwards and flattened. One of the armrest pads decided to separate from it's mountings, requiring some surgery and contact adhesive in order to re-apply. The padding in the base and lumbar has flattened, requiring use of a cushion. The chassis has developed numerous loud and annoying creaks and groans. The gas lift has started with an intermittent fault whereby it lowers at random. All in all, what do you expect from the price?Initially a great piece of equipment. But by no means a long-term investment. Replacing it with a professional grade office chair, at great expense. But will be saving money on trips to the chiropractor.
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    The Right chair
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 October 2018
    This chair arrived early, of this i was informed by the carrier.Very easy to assemble - arms seat back plug sockets pretty self explanatory.. Took me abt 20min.Good comfort.. the heat & massage work very well for me.For the monies.. I feel satisfied with the build quality & functions & free delivery.. Very happy :)
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    This chair is amazing!!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 July 2017
    This chair is the best leather chair I've ever sat on! I work in a shop and at quiet times I relax in the back room or do paperwork and I wanted to be comfy, I unfortunately have big hips and booty so finding a chair that didn't feel tight or unstable wasn't easy! The chair is sturdy, the leather is soft and comfortable, the recline is amazing and don't get me started on the massage feature... omg I just want to melt, the vibrations are strong and it really helps my back as it hurts a lot and the massages seems to helping! Can't recommend this chair highly enough... BUY IT NOW!
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    I will not recommend this poor quality.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 October 2020
    It broke again & I have requested a refund. Very poor Amazon should not have this company selling their products.Looks great but arm rest broke after 5 months I wish I read previous reviews where this is the common problem which can cause injury. The company won't refund as its 5 months old they sent me another arm rest which will have same fate. The arm rest is essential part as chair won't assemble without it. Very poor design
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    Not durable or comfortable, Good light massage & heated seats.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 June 2017
    Edit: December 2020Changed to 4 stars (from 3 stars) after 3 years of use. after 3 years its still in same condition as it was after 4 weeks of usage back in 2017. It lost it shape a bit in first 4 weeks but since then has maintained the quality afterwards. I have used it everyday for past 3 years for 5-8 hours daily. Armrests have been de-shaped 60%, otherwise chair is in decent condition.2017 Review:3 stars for looks, massage & heating features. Cushioning on this chair is not that great. Less than four weeks old but already showing signs of foam loosing its shape.Another problem is the way they have designed the seat is not very comfortable. When you sit on it your Thighs are higher than butt, which makes it a little bit uncomfortable for long working hours & you feel pressure at the end of your lower back. May be it's because of cushions being de-shaped, but for someone with back-pain I won't recommend this beautiful chair.Armrests have already been compressed within four weeks of use, leaves elbow imprints on cushioning.Only buy this if you like to have occasional light massage and want to have a beautiful chair in your home/office.I`ll be buying another one very soon (not the same of-course).
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    Good value
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 April 2019
    Good value, but it is inexpensive for what you get. The material is leather faced - so a fraction of a millimeter of leather on top of something else. This makes assembly a bit more tricky as you need to be careful when screwing things in not to tear the surface. As with much furniture, the anchor points for some bolts are themselves screwed in and one of these started to unscrew itself, but it worked its way back in when the bolts were tightened. Having said all that, not too fiddly to put together.Comfort is good. The massage is a vibration rather than any shitsu type - but is OK. Back adjust and locks in any position, (unlike a lot of chars) and seat slope can be adjusted via a knob under the chair. Built in holder for the massage remote also doubles as a holder for a TV remote!Note that the arms are needed as they hold the back on. Does not fit under the (a bit low) desk I am using, but the arm rests are quite short and so I can sit as close to the desk as I need, just cant tidy the chair under the desk.Overall well worth the money. My 13 year old is V happy using it as a gaming chair.
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    Good Value
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 January 2021
    My old office chair at home has been showing its age and needed replacement. this item looked to fit the bill. Delivery was quick and assembly was simple, needing just a single tool an allen key that was supplied to put together.I have a compressed spine and end stage osteoarthritis in both hips that are waiting to be replaced, so a comfortable chair is a must in the meantime. I do find this one to be very comfortable.The massage and heating features work. I'm not sure that they are something I'd buy this chair for specifically, but at the price point, they are nice to have features.The red colour is a bit loud and "in your face", but it is certainly different. The leather looks to be very thin, I hope it will last, but at the price charged you can't expect any better and it is nicer to sit against than pvc.In all a good buy that I'm happy with
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    Not so much a massage chair......
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 April 2019
    Not so much a massage chair as a rapid vibrating chair. If you are expecting a proper "massage" like the well-known stand-alone kit you strap to your seat then you'll be dissapointed. The chair pulsatingly vibrates rapidly in sections rather than providing a pummeling. Heat isn't "hot", well not as hot as the kit it replaced(it wore out). The seat feels like it is lop-sided too because a fitting underneath pushes one side of the seat up. At times it randomly drops to its lowest point which is very annoying to say the least. Overall in my opinion its a bit "off the mark", but I suppose you get what you pay for. UPDATE: it’s now become quite uncomfortable over time. The connections keep disconnecting which is frustrating to say the lease. In retrospect I wish I had never bought it.
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    18 month review
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 January 2021
    This chair seemed great initially, however it has degraded quite quickly. I'm 6 foot, approx 13 stone, not overweight. The padding in the seat has compressed to the point that it feels like I'm sat on a wooden stool after an hour or so and is causing some pain. The padding in the armrests was never great to begin with but is now nonexistent.The chair should probably have been replaced after 12 months as that's when it started to become painful to use. I'm looking to spend more now on a chair that is suitable for all day use.I can't recommend this chair to professionals or those who want to use it for prolonged periods. Perhaps for light users who only spend small amounts of time at their desk every now and then it would be OK. Shame as the warming function was quite nice on colder days!

Customer questions and answers

  • I have never put a chair together and the reviews suggest that instructions are hard to follow is this true?
    I didn't even get instructions ?
  • There is a button on the side of the sitting part of the chair. You press it in...Anyone know what this does??
    The button the side of the seat is for adjusting the angle of the backrest.
  • Just how comfy is this, as in is the cushioning particularly soft?
    Decent but after 6 months working from home, sitting in it 8-10 hours per day, 5 days per week, would definitely love something with more seat padding and lumbar support. Comfort-wise, it's definitely good for the price though!
  • Can you tell me where i need to buy a power adaptor as there was none in the box with the chair and i am not sure where to buy one can you please help
    I am also looking for a plug and cant seem to find them anywhere

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