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IntimaTe WM Heart Office Chair High Back Office Desk Chair Executive Computer Chair Office Chair with Arms and Back Support,Recline Computer Chairs for Home

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???????? ????????: Padded with premium PU material and high-density sponge, the shinny & soft backrest and seat are easy to care but not easy to deformation, bringing users the most comfortable sitting experience.

????????? ??????: The streamlined backrest with integrated head rest fits body perfectly, which can relieve one’s back stress greatly when working or gaming for long; the thickened armrest cushions can support and protect users’ elbows well.

???????-???? ?????????: The chair seat and backrest can tilt together up to 15 degree(Synchro-tilt mechanism). Besides, equipped with 360 degree swivel function, it is a good choice for the people who sit for working long, and not only can they work well but also enjoy noon break hugged by the chair comfortably.

????? & ??????? ?????: With the maximum bearing weight up to 150kg, our chair components consist of 350mm legs(each) , 50mm nylon castors, 3-class explosion-proof gas lift and 1000kgs Hydraulic strength tested base(five-starred point frame), which have been tested for many times to secure every customer’s safety.

???????????? ??????? ?? ???? ????????????: Any customer can apply to return and refund within 30 days because of quality problem(original package kept); free parts provided during guarantee time; you can contact our professional customer service about the products.

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Feature description

Product Description

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Back Height71cm73.5cm88cm62cm83cm81cm
Seat Dimension51×50cm53.5×53.5cm51×51cm50*48.5cm56×58cm56×52cm
Overall Height123cm121cm129cm99cm124cm125cm

Product details

Brand ‎IntimaTe WM Heart
Model Number‎1
Product Dimensions‎64 x 55 x 112 cm; 16.5 Kilograms
Material‎Faux Leather, Polyurethane
Special Features‎Swivel
Item Weight‎16.5 kg

Customer Review

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    Great Sturdy Chair
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 September 2019
    This was pretty easy to put together, 10 minutes in total. The chair is very comfortable and It very sturdy with the hydraulic adjuster seeming very reliable. The chair does not recline feature so no adjustments to the back can be made. This may put some people off and it would be a welcome addition though feel this will help keep my posture better. Overall very impressed.
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    Good quality chair
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 September 2019
    Really good quality . Will see how long it last but I can tell it’s better than other chairs that broke in the past. clear assembly instructions with screws packed separately. its about 20 quid more than other chairs on amazon but I’d say it’s worth it. UPDATE : after 10 months tilt mechanism (metal plate) broke. Asked seller (not Amazon) to sort this problem and they did very quick and professional.Parcel with new metal base and gas lift came today (19.07.20) and chair is as brand new. If that is not good customer service quality than I don't know what is. 5 stars as chair itself is with very good condition after 10 months. The only issue was the metal plate with gas piston - which was sorted immediately . If we could only trade with that kind of sellers , Amazon Marketplace would be much better place to buy.
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    stopped my back and neck aching.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 October 2019
    I like the colour as it matches my real leather chairs. I found it easy to put together until it came to putting the arms onto the back which required some Herculean strength which I don't have! My determination was such that I eventually did it after half an hour of trying which would have been a good video for Youtube, apart from the language. One of the screws I did not manage to get all the way in but gave up on that and the chair is well stable. I would advise you not to tighten any of the four screws on the arms until you have got them all half way in. Anyway, it is a good chair and I can now sit at the computer without getting excruciating pain in my back and next. Great!
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    Great Value PU Intimate WM Leather Chair
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 July 2020
    I bought this PU leather office chair for my desk as I'm working from home like a lot of people during this time. As I've suffered with posture issues around my lower back and hips I was looking for a chair that gives lots of comfort and support. Up until the day I purchased this I was looking at chairs that were around £150 and the reviews were a little too mixed for me to invest that much in a desk chair, so I took the plunge and purchased this for £89. In buying a chair significantly cheaper I imagined it would be more of a compromise of comfort and cheap materials and design. However the style of the chair is much more in keeping with more expensive chair and thus was the pull for me to buy as the reviews were pretty decent.On construction I would advise two people as its difficult to fit the heavy back onto the bottom and arm rests and line the bolts through - A MUST - DO NOT FULLY TIGHTEN THE BOLTS UNTIL ALL IN THE ARM RESTS ARE IN PLACE HALF WAY. Then gradually tighten down, I had to use a ratchet with a hex bit as the supplied tool was next to useless TBH.When fully built I can tell you that this chair is pretty supportive on the butt and back, don't expect the comfort of a £150+ chair but for the price I expected a compromise. I can sit on this for a few hours constantly and only just start to feel uncomfortable which for my needs is perfect. The chair looks very stylish and has a lovely tilt mechanism which can be adjusted and the gas lift works perfectly.Obviously early days, I am weary of the chairs shortcomings like most in this price range i.e. the PU leather peeling off after 6 months +. I'd suggest one rule, don't sit in one of these with rough trousers like jeans as that can easily cause damage and scratches to the PU leather, and treat the arm rests respectfully as these are PU leather covered as well. But overall I'm very happy with the look, comfort and support that this chair gives me. Great Value.Update - After over 6 month of ownership use, there is no cracking/peeling and the chair is very comfortable in every day office use. No issues whatsoever absolute bargain!
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    No tilt function
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 October 2019
    The chair does not recline and has NO tilt function even though the advert shows it does. After contacting the seller they said it did have a tilt function and that the advert was correct. My advice look at the GENUINE reviews before you buy.
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    Is this chair a second or a customer return?
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 November 2019
    Please refer to the attached picture to see how what you might be sent from Intimate W Heart could be a factory second and/or a customer return; you can see how the back of the chair tilts over to the right; there is no room for assembly error in this as bolt positions are not adjustable.Other problems with this chair include one of the illustrations on the instruction sheet with the under-seat mechanism the wrong way around; the tilt stiffness barrel adjustment should always be at the front... check for the almost unreadable faint 'front' mark first before you attach this. The rolling base is not bagged in plastic padding and transported directly against the cardboard box, leaving scuff marks. Are all chairs sold by from Intimate W Heart like this, or is this why this particular chair, sent in a re-taped box, is reduced in price? It is difficult to know what you are getting until you construct it, probably too late then for returns.These types of chairs, with whole seat tilt, are susceptible to tilt mechanism metal fatigue fracture before long, while the whole seat tilt keeps you in a fixed right-angle position whatever the tilt angle. A safer (often cheaper) and more relaxing bet would be to go for seats which only tilt the back, which are more comfortable when stretched out in the reclined position.
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    Fantastic support and comfort
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 October 2019
    I'd suggest having someone else handy for assembly of the chair. I'm quite capable and perhaps it was just the one I received, but fitting the back of the chair was very tight and awkward to keep in place while locating the screw holes.That said, overall assembly is quite straightforward. Pay attention to the image to get the lever plate the right way round.The chair looks really nice indeed and more importantly, it's very comfortable indeed! The seat is much softer and supportive than my last one (this one is twice the price, mind you) and the lower back support is superb.The rocking function is quite nice as well and it's a bonus that the tension is adjustable.With this chair I like the short arms as they don't bump my desk, so the height it's at (versus the height of your desk) isn't an issue. The lift/lower function is nice and smooth as well.The wheel base is quite large - not overly large, but noticeably more than my last chair. That's a good thing as it feels very stable and solid.Purchased at £86 and I expected everything to be flawless for the price. I'm pleased to say it is.
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    Beautiful aesthetic, comfort not too good not too bad
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 April 2021
    Chair is beautiful, size is normal for being an executive style, assembly is easy and quick for one person, only problem is that one of the holes was not straight so one of the screws took me same amount of time than the whole chair (I'm very stubborn and thinking on returning such a built item was giving me the creeps).Comfort is not too good not too bad, except for the armrests which have absolutely zero padding and it's an elbow killer after full day of work.Tilt mechanism didn't convinces me much, because it moves the whole chair not just the back, so if you want to fully recline you have to kinda push with the feet and you end up pushing with almost the toes, and if you put the feet on the high, unless your butt is fully back in the chair also doesn't recline smoothly cos the butt counter balancesProbably worth £25/£35 less.Tip: when assembling the metal plate on the base of the seat, look where it says front, its written on the metal and not easy to see, no paper label as the seat per se. If you put it the other way around, tilt won't work and then changing it is a bit of a fuff
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    Good to use.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 October 2019
    It fits together easily though you need to watch out for the right way round to fit the base plate, otherwise it's straightforward. I like its rocking chair action and that you can alter its height, it is comfortable and worth going for a decent chair to park on if you spend a lot of time at a computer. It's not out of the way money and looks fine in a room despite being faux leather, who cares these days?
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    Superb value, classic looks and very comfortable.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 December 2019
    This chair is extremely comfortable and took about 20 minutes to assemble. Instructions are easily understood and the screws, screw-caps and allen key are contained within a blister pack. Delivery was very fast, arriving two days ahead of schedule; even with the Christmas parcel rush! The quality of the PU faux leather, depth of colour and thickness of the foam padding, are what I would expect from a much more expensive chair. I assembled this chair on my own and I would guess the assembly time may reduce to about 15 minutes for two people. I would suggest NOT tightening all the screws in the arms until the chair has been fully assembled. One final point... You may find it easier to attach the arms to the back, prior to attaching to the seat, although following the numbered instructions works fine too!Despite what some other reviewers have mentioned, you CANNOT attach the control mechanism back to front, unless you totally ignore the huge word FRONT printed on the seat-base and engraved on the controls!This was a Christmas gift to myself and I can assure you, I'm sitting pretty comfortable whilst writing this!! ;-)

Customer questions and answers

  • How does the tilt function work?
    Theee is a lever on the right hand side of the seat - under the seat - pull it out and the seat will tilt freely
  • What is the width of this chair
    Approx 60 cm wide
  • Can anyone vouch for this chair being good for a large guy and how wide is the seat please
    The person using this chair is 22stone in weight
  • How big is the wheel base of this chair?
    It's about 3ft.

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