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Mother and Child Task Floor Lamp Satin Brass 230W & 33W Decorative Indoor Standing Reading Light with Double Rotary Dimmer Switch

Mother and Child Task Floor Lamp Satin Brass 230W & 33W Decorative Indoor Standing Reading Light with Double Rotary Dimmer Switch

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  • Product Code: B01ID7TF5C

    Fixed floor light with flexible mid placed reading light

    Includes double rotary dimmer switch. Satin brass & opal glass finish

    Bulb Type: 230W R7s tungsten (117mm) & 33W G9 clear capsule (Sold separately). Please note due to recent UK/EU legislation changes the bulbs are not included with this item. ***Bulbs sold separately***

    Please note due to compatibility reasons halogen bulbs must be used, not LED. Some assembly is required but all the tools are supplied

    Dimension: H: 1800mm Dia: 260mm

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    Product details

    Brand ‎Betta Lighting
    Manufacturer ‎Betta Lighting
    Product Dimensions‎26 x 26 x 180 cm; 7.05 Kilograms
    Area Lighting Classification ‎IP20
    Style ‎Modern
    Colour ‎Satin Brass
    Material ‎Alloy Steel, Glass
    Number of Lights ‎2
    Voltage ‎240 Volts
    Specific Uses ‎Indoor use only
    Special features‎Flexible
    Shade Material ‎Glass
    Light Direction ‎Up/Down Light
    Power and Plug Description: ‎Corded Electric
    Switch Style ‎Rotary
    Batteries included?‎No
    Batteries Required?‎No
    Type of Bulb ‎Halogen
    Cap Type ‎Halogen only R7s & G9 (Sold separately)
    Bulb Features ‎Dimmable
    Item Weight‎7.05 kg
    Colour:Satin Brass

    A tall 2 light floor lamp with a double stand supporting an uplighter as well as an adjustable branch holding a reading lamp. Satin brass finish complete with a double rotary dimmer switch. ***Bulbs sold separately***

    Customer Review

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      This lamp is one of the best items I have purchased
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 December 2017
      This lamp is one of the best items I have purchased, for its really good looks, its sturdiness, and the very-controllable light-output. My lamp is brushed satin chrome. The dimmer switches are easy-use firm 'clunk' switches which I really like and not loose and woolly It sits in the corner of my room and the light-output is anything from very low and discreet right up to full-on brightness which will brightly fill the whole of a medium-sized room if that's what you want it to do.I could not understand why many people found this lamp so difficult to assemble or suggested that it is 'cheap' or may fail sometime fairly soon. It takes a bit of thinking for a few minutes but the instructions and diagrams are easy to follow and quite clear enough. It is probably best to have a helping hand due to the length of the uprights while gently drawing-up the pre-configured cables back through the upright poles but it was not at all difficult. Everything screwed neatly into place exactly as per the instructions. The base of the unit is lovely, quite heavy, and supports the whole unit very well indeed, with no tilting or swaying. Just ensure you screw the components together properly and tighten any nuts that they show you to do. Even the proper size spanner is included.Absolutely ensure that you separately purchase the stated Halogen lamps that are specifically suited to this product so please don't moan that they don't supply these with the uplighter unit, For those who may not be aware or familiar a Halogen lamp is a hot strip-type bulb if you like to think of this way (nothing whatsoever like an LED lamp) and was very easy to slot into the main light unit but I do confess it was harder to fit-in the much smaller Halogen lamp into the mini down-lighter part of the overall unit. My lady partner has slender fingers and this helped a lot (a little difficult with fat fingers). NEVER, EVER hold the glass of a cold Halogen lamp with bare fingers as this will considerably shorten its life-span after you finally turn it on. Hold the Halogen lamps ONLY by the supplied foam-wrap that comes wrapped on the lamp, or some tissue paper, (but MAKE SURE you remove the foam wrap or tissue paper before turning on the actual lamps).A fabulous product with pride of place in my room. I highly recommend this product, and no I do not work for the company nor have any loyalties with them, nor any incentives whatsoever. I just love this uplighter lamp. It's very good looking, sturdy, reliable, and incredible value for money. The delivery service was prompt with ongoing email advices all of the way.My sincere thanks to the supplier and the supply-chain. I'm a very satisfied customer..
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      Exactly what I wanted.
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 January 2018
      The lamp was very easy to assemble on my own without use of the instructions. I'm a 50 year old female and if I can do it, anyone can! It was annoying that I had to get the bulbs from elsewhere but not the end of the world. I did have a problem with the reading light bulb. It didn't connect properly and therefore didn't work but a friend came round, took it apart and played with the contacts and now it's fine. It looks really nice and both bulbs can be used and dimmed seperately. I am pleased with it.
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      A lovely lamp with a few minor grumbles!
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 January 2019
      Firstly, the good things. This is a lovely lamp; perfect for what we needed. We have a large room that only has a central light fitting so we needed something to light a far corner, where my husband sits and does his jig-saw puzzles. The 'daughter' bendy part is perfect for that, being able to direct the light exactly where he needs it. The uplighter is also an excellent light and the dimmer feature means that, if either of us should need to get up in the night, we can switch the uplighter on in it's dim setting, which is enough to see by without the horrible glare.Now for the not-so-good. Firstly, the lamp comes packed in thick plastic, which has to be cut with scissors all the way up (with all the fuss about plastic these days, I'm not sure that's a good thing; thick paper would be more eco-friendly). Secondly, it was not that easy to put together - especially by a man who never reads instructions! Screws that needed unscrewing had been done up so tight that he really struggled. Thirdly, we weren't able to position to lamp exactly where we'd planned because the cable isn't long enough to reach the socket; it could do with a longer cable (Although I realise that isn't going to be a requirement for some rooms). Fourthly, and this is the one that most annoyed my husband, it comes without the bulbs. To be fair, it does say it comes without the bulbs, but we think it should come with one bulb for each light because then we can see what they are like for future reference.For those four reasons, we give this product only four stars out of five, although we love the lamp.
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      Great, sturdy, bright and a helpful seller.
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 April 2018
      At first I thought the item I received was faulty, but it turns out it was my mistake for not reading the description and trying an LED bulb. The seller got in touch with me after I reported the problem, and even though it was obviously my mistake, they still sent me an extra set of halogen bulbs for free so I could test. With the correct bulbs, the lamp works perfectly. The detail lamp is perfect for directed light where you need it, and the uplighter ranges from a lovely dim glow to roughly the brightness of the Sun. It's incredible value for money, and given the support and generosity of the seller, I couldn't recommend this enough.
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      Once I got it assembled I was quite pleased with it
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 December 2017
      Once I got it assembled I was quite pleased with it. Assembling it was a bit more challenging than I would have liked, primarily because the instructions are misleading -- they take you through assembling the whole thing but it is, in fact, supplied part-assembled already, so it took me a bit of time to work out what steps were necessary and which had already been completed. Once I had that clear in my mind, though, it wasn't difficult (and I'm certainly not that good at putting furniture together). It's a nuisance that you have to buy and fit the bulbs separately,but that appears to be an EU regulation rather than the manufacturer's fault.Now it's assembled, I am pleased with the way it looks and works I am certainly considering buying another one.
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      No bulbs included
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 August 2021
      A nice lamp but some of the parts did not fit together easily, the small arm on the smaller light would not screw all the way on the thread, and one of the switch knobs had come off in the box, and although it could be put back on it is not properly in line. The most annoying thing which I should have realised is that no bulbs are included so with hindsight it might have been cheaper in the long run to buy a more expensive one ( there seem to be several similar lamps available), which included the bulbs.
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      Really Great lamp
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 December 2020
      The lamp was easy to assemble. Note that the bulbs are not included. It looks great, is sturdy and absolutely perfect for the use we wanted. The ''top light'' can be very bright and illuminate the whole room on the top setting. Then as we turn the dimmer switch, the light gets 'softer' until very low and golden. The dimmer switch is excellent, very easy to use and responsive. The ''reading light'' is great, flexible and easy to point where we need it. Again, the dimmer is perfect, a lower range on this one. Very happy with this lamp.
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      Many hands make light work.
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 December 2016
      The lamp was delivered quicker than expected and neatly packaged. Some may find the assembly a little tricky if you are not practically minded, but it does go together well. For the price it is well made & nicely finished. It does come with bulbs included but at 230 R7 & 33w G9 I am looking to replace them with Led equivalents. Hopefully the built in dimmer switches are suitable for led bulbs.
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      The upper light stopped working after a few months
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 December 2020
      The small lower light worked. Changed the fuse and still no upper light . Changed the bulb still no upper light .Took it apart and put back together and still no upper light . Second time it has happened .
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      Just the thing to add class and convenience to your room
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 July 2018
      What a very beautiful lamp this is - and with 2 level lighting. My living room has the most amazing glow now with the top light that throws light upwards from an antique brass finish bowl. And the little reading lamp on the second level focusses just the right amount of light on my books and system - which one can control with a dimmer switch. The twin lamps both come with dimmers built into a very elegant, minimalistic frame - so you can go from rosy to warm with a gentle twist separately or together, as your mood takes you.Couldn’t be more pleased I found this lamp!This review would be incomplete without mentioning the superb service from the seller. I was kept informed of delivery dates and times and all my questions about the product were patiently answered. 10/10 to them and a great experience all told!

    Customer questions and answers

    • Which led bulb to buy with this one?
      i bought the dimmable euivalents to the halogens. They dim fine but the r7 is so large the glass cover wont fit. The LED G9s are a tight fit.
    • Hi, does this lamp come with a remote? Thanks
      This light does not come with a remote control.
    • Is the lamp cordless ?
      Not cordless, but got 2 dimmers. Dimmers useful.
    • What height is the "child lamp" ? wondering it will fit behind my sofa.
      Controls for both lamps 95cms from floor with extension for child lamp starting a further 12cms up . The child lamp at full extension is 140cms from floor.

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