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LSA DI17 Dine Dinner Plate Rimmed Ø27 cm x 4, White

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A set of four porcelain plates

Effortlessly stylish, the design complements a variety of table settings and is suited to both casual and formal entertaining

For showcasing food for all occasions, from sophisticated dinner parties to simple rustic lunches

Presented in photographic packaging

Item dimensions: H: 2 cm x W: 27 cm x L: 27 cm

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Feature description

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Product details

Brand ‎LSA International
Model Number‎P083-27-997
Product Dimensions‎27 x 27 x 2 cm; 2.55 Kilograms
Item Weight‎2.55 kg

Customer Review

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    A cracking little tea teapot!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 December 2016
    As a bit of a Tea fanatic I am quite fussy about my teapots. This has quite a few good design features which for a budget price performs well above it's weight. Firstly I have the 1.4 litre size, this when filled fully is perfect for about 5 to 6 mugs of tea. For general use of 3 mugs I find the wide girth of the teapot ideal for tea bags to infuse as there is plenty of area around the bags and this aids brewing. As for the design, that is a personal opinion but I do find the bulbous shape quite appealing and classic. The lid fits snugly and does not fall forward when pouring, the pour is clean and at a good flow. The teapot is made in Poland by LSA who are very experienced in this type of product, the quality of the manufacture is very smooth and well finished all round. The only thing I am unsure about is heat retention, the teapot is made of quite fine porcelain which may not retain heat quite as well as thicker pottery teapots, however many people use a tea cosy so this may not be an issue. Overall an excellent buy at the price.
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    The slots for the toast can take both thin and thickly cut slices; and the toast rack looks great in the centre of the table ...
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 June 2016
    This product looks like a superstar on the kitchen table. The wood is clean and well smoothed, and it has a resounding robust feel. The dishes seem durable. Sometimes i use just the one dish, and put a pot of marmalade in the other recess. Enterprisingly, I drilled an additional hole in the plate end (I have been in a bit of a DIY spell recently), so that it could hang vertically from a hook that I installed on the side of a cupboard beside the table. You are a much more sensible person, and so will not even contemplate such an absurd idea!The slots for the toast can take both thin and/or thickly cut slices; and the toast rack looks great in the centre of the table ... these are the 2 reasons that I am so happy with my purchase.Everyone who stays with us, comment on how amazing the toast rack looks, and there is not too many household items that that can be said for. I think that it is extremely well priced because of its high quality finish and functionality. I hope this review helps with your search today.
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    We have bought LSA Dine Mugs from John Lewis for many years and when they stopped stocking them we were pleased to find the mugs available from Amazon
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 July 2017
    We purchased 3 boxes, 12 mugs in total. Although the mugs were packing in their original LSA packaging, two mugs in separate LSA boxes were received with their handles separated from the mug. Amazon replaced the defective mugs. Another mug has now developed a "creaking" handle, closer examination of the handle shows that there is a small gap between the handle and the body of the mug. It looks as though the handle has not been correctly bonded to the body. We have bought LSA Dine Mugs from John Lewis for many years and when they stopped stocking them we were pleased to find the mugs available from Amazon. With a 25% failure rate we are now wondering if the mugs supplied by Amazon are LSA seconds. Photo attached illustrating the problem with the handle.
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    Good size, classic style
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 October 2020
    These plates are the perfect size for when you're trying to control your portion sizes. We use them for dinner/tea time.I have just purchased a second pack of 4 so we have enough plates for when we have visitors.They are well packaged. They don't chip easily; they've slipped out of my hands a couple of times while doing dishes, no damage.Very pleased with my purchases.
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    Great home cappucino cups
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 December 2019
    Recently bought an espresso machine and needed some cups to serve cappucino in. Liked the look of the shape of these cups, although I was unsure if the size would be right. I am however delighted with the size, they are perfect for a medium sized drink; not the huge bucket you get in some coffee outlets and neither are thery too small. For me they are ideal. The only negative is they are a little grey in colour and not pure white but for now I can live with that!
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    Order was cancelled as lack of stock
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 August 2021
    I thought I was lucky when I noticed there was only one pack left in stock. I ordered it and was disappointed when a couple of days later I received a refund. I have since bought a pack of 4 from LSA and they were cheaper with free postage.Ps I like the size. Perfect for a small dessert or peanuts on the table.
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    Nice finish but had to return.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 April 2021
    3rd of 4 plates was smashed. Packaging in product's box is just paper...useless. Product's box arrived in an Amazon box that was wrapped well in bubble wrap. I feel that the breakage had occurred before leaving Amazon for delivery. Saddened as the product has a nice finish. Returned with out fuss.
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    Extremely fragile and gets chipped to easily despite careful handling
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 July 2016
    I like the design, although the plates are slightly smaller than standard dinner plates but the size is not a problem as I prefer eating from smaller plates. My husband was not impressed with the design but was happy to keep the plates because I told him that they are made of good quality porcelain. To my huge disappointment, the plate which I used for the first time, somehow got chipped on the border of the rim. I am extremely careful with handling anything, not just crockery, and I don't have a clue how it got chipped. I'd thrown away the boxes and could not return the plates. I will never buy expenses plates again. This is first time in my life that I damaged a plate, if I did it at all, as I was unaware how it got chipped.
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    Expensive,but you get what you pay for,Top Quality
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 June 2018
    I wasn't looking for this item,I was seeking a bog standard toast rack;but when I saw it (and the quality,and the idea) I couldn't resist it!It certainly lives up to it's description.Solid wood base, in a sort of bleached colour. Good quality porcelain butter/marmalade/jam dishes, altogether an excellent addition to the dining table.BTW,no construction is needed,just remove from the box and place the dishes in their recessesI am now browsing the LSA International Website for other top quality items.
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    Love this!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 November 2018
    Its such a lovely design and the teapot is of very good quality. It pours well and doesn't dribble when pouring. It's also the perfect size for 3 or 4 people.

Customer questions and answers

  • I want use teapot on warmer with candle. Is it possible with this teapot? I don't want to destroy it.
    Hi. The teapot does not come with a built-in filter. I would not recommend using with a warmer. Many thanks
  • Is this a pack of 4? It says so at the top but in the description it says x1
    Yes LSA sell this as a set of 4 dishes. They are perfect for soup, pasta, cereal and desserts.
    NOT a single drop.
  • are they diswasher proof
    We haven't tried to put them in a dishwasher, but they're porcelain so we assume they are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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