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simplywire - Folding Dish Drainer - Plate Drying Rack with Cutlery Holder - Black

simplywire - Folding Dish Drainer - Plate Drying Rack with Cutlery Holder - Black

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SMART DESIGN: Make the most of your kitchen with this two-tier dish rack. It's perfect for increasing capacity without compromising on space and folds away easily as needed. Crafted from robust steel it's been given a sleek black finish, so it not only looks great but it's protected against rust.

SPACE SAVER: This two tier dish rack is designed to fit the majority of draining boards with a removable cutlery basket and tray.

STRONG & STURDY: It's crafted from robust steel that has been specially coated for a smooth anti-rust black finish. Plastic feet provide an anti-slip base for stable storage.

MEASUREMENTS: See image 6 for annotated measurements.

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Product details

Brand ‎Simplywire
Package Dimensions‎42.7 x 35.2 x 10.9 cm; 1.24 Kilograms
Item Weight‎1.24 kg

Smart Design
Make the most of your kitchen with this two-tier dish rack. It’s perfect for increasing capacity without compromising on space and folds away easily as needed. Designed with a removable cutlery basket and a lower tier for mugs and glassware, it sits on a tray to catch drips and protect your surfaces. Crafted from robust steel it’s been given a sleek black finish, so it not only looks great but it’s protected against rust.

This dish rack is designed to fit the majority of draining boards with a removeable cutlery basket and tray. To clean, wipe with a soft cloth and do not use abrasive cleaners.

About simplywire
We aim to constantly produce smart, innovate and efficient products that make every day a little easier. All of our items are manufactured to meet international regulations and are rigorously tested to ensure you receive a quality product every time.

Customer Review

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    Doesn't hold the plates!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 August 2020
    From my perspective sadly this is not fit for purpose. (This is not to say it won't suit others). Before I used it I tried out a plate in the holder. Unfortunately they don't fit, I don't think my plates are 'over large' but they simply don't fit! - See photos. Which is a shame because I was looking for something simple.The other little bug bear is slot for the cups, again this is on the small side and with plates (smaller ones) protruding through the gaps there is no space for the cups below.Also, if you edge the rack to one side of the drip mat and the cup holder section towards you the other area available for storage is on the 'other side' of the rack which is a little inconvenient.You might thing this is slightly trivial but personally I think when it comes to washing your dishes you want it to be as simple as possible and convenient.Sadly this isn't.
  • 0

    unstable washing up!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 August 2020
    I liked that this is rust-proof and the fact that it's black is a bonus. However, it's on the small side - doesn't cover the draining board - but most significantly nothing actually sits in it stably. Side plates slide to one side; it doesn't support any size of dish and you can only stack a dinner plate on it if there is nothing in the cup drainer, which only fits 3 mugs.And saucepans? No chance. We now have to place them on the windowsill until we dry them and put them away. If you live alone, hardly use any crockery and dry and put away each item as soon as it's washed, this might be for you. We don't and this doesn't stack safely, even until the end of the washing-up. So disappointed.
  • 0

    Useful for overflow or a single person
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 January 2021
    There is no assembly required as such. The rack comes folded flat in the box with the tray and cutlery rack. The addition of the tray is very useful, this means that this does not need to be kept on the draining board, it can be placed anywhere, and the drips will be caught. The cutlery rack feels sturdy enough and slots on easily.This is smaller than it looks. If you have mugs on the bottom row, then you cannot easily put plates in the top (see picture). This is because the mug will block the bottom of the plate from coming through the gaps in the rack and sitting firm. The bottom rack is even too small to fit a Glencairn glass.For me, this is OK. I am just using this for overflow rather than as my main drainer. I was disappointed though to realise that normal mugs would make the top rack virtually unusable for plates. If you have short cups, or dainty small china cups, then this might not be a problem for you.
  • 0

    Draining rack.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 September 2019
    Great draining rack. Relatively compact size, but fits a good amount of washing up. Easy to clean.The only thing lacking is a lip to make it easier to drain the water out of the tray.
  • 0

    Great for a 1.5 kitchen sink
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 October 2020
    Great item! I have a 1.5 sink so I find it difficult to get one that's small enough to fit on the drainer. I am not using the tray underneath it, it's currently on my work top by the side of the sink and I use it to put the dirty dishes on. I use my dishwasher for the majority of my dishes but when I don't, this draining rack fits my large plates etc. perfectly.My sink is a black granite composite one so I was really pleased when I found a black drainer.
  • 0

    To small for purpose
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 May 2020
    Ideal for a single person or a couple to use as this would probably fit all your washing up on. For the purpose of a family this draining rack is too small and cannot fit all the washing up. It struggles to fit dinner plates as it isn't quite big enough and it does not hold bowls upright which is annoying. This would be a lot better if this was larger in size and was a little sturdier. I would have returned this, however as I has used it once and gave it the benefit of doubt it was too late!
  • 0

    Smaller than expected but adequate
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 December 2019
    If I’d seen this in a shop I wouldn’t have bought it, which would have been a shame as it is just right for me. It’s flimsier than I’d have liked and is smaller than I’d expected. This wouldn’t be suitable for a family pot wash, but it does me. Ideal for one or two people, but no more.
  • 0

    Worth every penny
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 February 2021
    I recently downsized from a large detached to a lovely townhouse beside the sea but I haven’t room for a dishwasher. I thought this drainer was a bit expensive when I saw it first but I am absolutely delighted with it and it’s worth every penny. The design is perfect for draining dishes of all shapes and sizes and cutlery and I would thoroughly recommend it as a must for any dishwasherless kitchen.
  • 0

    Overall size of drainer I find is slightly to small
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 March 2021
    I bought this to replace one I bought from pro cook that wore out it looked identical however it’s not it’s smaller than the original and no where near as strong dinner plates don’t sit very well in drainer.No assembly is required it is easy to clean however it is not like the original I bought from pro cook and I don’t expect it to last as long as my previous version
  • 0

    Folds flat for storage
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 July 2020
    I wanted a drainer for use in our motor-home, which doesn't have a drainer on the sink. This ideal as it folds for storage yet takes lots of washing up. Drains into the tray so doesn't get the work surface wet. Lots of drainers we looked at didn't catch drips from the cutlery basket, but tray long enough to accommodate both plate rack and basket.

Customer questions and answers

  • Hi Does it come with a mounting guide ?
    I assume you mean mountain guide. No. I don’t think it’s suitable for use in the mountains, owing to the lack of level surfaces on which to place it. Therefore it doesn’t as a default come with a Sherpa or similarly equipped knowledgeable mountain native. Hope this helps. P. S. Really easy to put together.
  • What is the height of the drainer when folded flat?
    It folds flat so less than 2cms. The cutlery section, however, does not and that’s about 8cms. in width.
  • What is the hight of the product when placed on flat surface?
    Height 21cm. Breadth 27cm. Length 36cm. Hope this helps you. Please also note the dryer works fine for us and folds flat after use.
  • I can’t seem to be able to keep it sturdy. how do i make it more sturdy? maybe i’ve put it together wrong?
    We have one and it seems fine. It doesn’t wobble at all. Mind you, it doesn’t get moved at all and is only subjected to light use.

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