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Kingrack Dish Drainer, Dish Rack Stainless Steel, Dish Drying Rack with Extendable Drip Tray, Extra Draining Board, Cutlery Holder, Wine Glass Holder, Double Plate Rack Drainer for Kitchen

Kingrack Dish Drainer, Dish Rack Stainless Steel, Dish Drying Rack with Extendable Drip Tray, Extra Draining Board, Cutlery Holder, Wine Glass Holder, Double Plate Rack Drainer for Kitchen

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  • Product Code: B07PQTYRYC

    RUSTPROOF - Built-in Food Grade 304 stainless steel and plastic.

    EXPANDABLE SPACE - Adjustable drying tray almost double the drying space. Perfect for draining cups and bowls.If there is any problem please contact us, we will address your concerns anytime.

    EASY DRAINING - Drain board design with slot can direct water into sink, and it is removable for easy cleaning.

    DIY WINE GLASS HOLDER - Detachable wine glass holder can be assemble on front, back or right side as your wish.

    UTENSIL HOLDER - Divided cutlery holder with bamboo cover accommodates silverware and knives.

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    Brand ‎KINGRACK
    Product Dimensions‎42 x 36.5 x 30 cm; 1.44 Kilograms
    Material‎Stainless Steel
    Item Weight‎1.44 kg

    Customer Review

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      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 September 2019
      I bought this for my mum p, before I bought she use to put plates in the sink and she always accidentally knock it off the counter because of it wasn’t organised. but now I bought this for her now it helps to organised and all the dishes are secured properly so I can find everything that I need to, and also all those dishes dry fast. very easy to assemble, this producis is worth money that I bought .but I’m in a family of 8 so we have a lot of dishes so if this was bigger it would be better with 2 shelves. the tray can get dirty from the water stain easier so you need to clean often.
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      Not all dishes will fit!
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 November 2019
      Looks great but unfortunately doesn't hold my dishes. All the plates keep collapsing over the edge so I've placed a wire cooling rack in the end slot to hold everything in. I love how easy it is to clean though.
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      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 June 2019
      Well worth the money i live in a studio and having to lay cloths on the side and let them dry i tried it as soon as i got it and my god its going to save me money on washing machine its perfect size
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      Good-looking drainer, just a bit small
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 May 2020
      The drainer looks smart enough, and comes with all kinds of removable bits and pieces which make it look a bit cluttered and take up space. The actual metal drying rack is quite small so I am trying it without the glass holder at the moment. It's good that the glass holder and the low metal bar are interchangeable in terms of position. The extendable tray is very useful but only extends at the front so the drainer can only be used one way. As my draining board is to the left of the sink this means that the cutlery holders are on the 'outside' as it were, rather than on the 'inside' next to the tap, so they do get in the way. It is was a little bigger, and the cutlery holders could be positioned on the other side, it would be close to perfect.
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      Makes washing up so much easier and cleaner
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 June 2020
      Great drainer for me. I live on my own, but still create the same amount of pots and pans when I cook. This expands out so that everything fits nicely. It also drains very well and leaves my draining board nice and dry so it doesn't need cleaning every week. The sides are taken care of so that nothing slips off. I'm very pleased I chose this product.
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      A must have drainer
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 July 2019
      Needed a dish drainer that my cat could not lay in and walk across this is ideal. Also I like the fact the drained water can go directly down the sink. Solved the cat problem.A bit on the expensive side but I found well worth the money.
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      Plate Rack
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 September 2020
      I quite like this Dish Drainer/Plate Rack, which sits easily on the draining boardside of my kitchen sink. It has a metal grid for the plates which allows for upto 10 plates to drain into the underneath pull out section, where the run off waterdrips down into the sink. The pull out section allows you to drain cups/mugs too.There are also two sections for cutlery drainage. I find it ideal for my small kitchenand like the neutral colours of grey and white which tie in with my light coloureddecor. Might not be suitable for those with a larger kitchen and it is not suitablefor draining pans, but it fits my needs.
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      Draining rack
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 October 2019
      I am afraid it’s not a good design and not practical to use for draining plates. Once plates are inserted in the space provided it tilts or move forward. Totally reject this item. Sorry Amazon I don’t give negative reports but this time with this product not happy
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      Broken glass Dish Drainer!
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 November 2019
      I was hoping for a nice and useful dish rack and at first glance that was what I got after unpacking. Nice features, clean design, all good... until I started using it. Enough to say that within first two days of using it, value of broken glassware exceeded the value of the dish rack itself. At the first time I thought I did something wrong. The second time though everything unfolded without me being part of it. Inadequate slots for plates combined with completely open one side and a step that just accelerates falling glassware. These are the culprits of my dismal time using this item, I packed and sent it back after two days.At least I know what broken Bodum Pavina look like now.
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      Price should lower as it small.
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 July 2020
      I do like it but was expecting it to be bigger . If you have a very small kitchen by it would be suitable. For me no.

    Customer questions and answers

    • Can it be mounted without the wine glass holder?
      Yes it can, you can also arrange the other parts in different orientations to fit how you do things. Highly recommended.
    • Wot color is this rack
      The colors of plastic parts are white and light gray, and stainless steel is silver.
    • What are the exact dimensions before and after extending the water rack please?
      before extending 30cm x 42cm after extending 56cm x 42cm
    • Is the wine glass holder part removable ?
      The wine glass rack does not have to be fitted when you assemble the dish rack

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