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Dish Rack 2 Tier Dish Drainer Draining Board Draining Rack Cup Bowl Holder Chopsticks Rack Cutting Board Holder

Dish Rack 2 Tier Dish Drainer Draining Board Draining Rack Cup Bowl Holder Chopsticks Rack Cutting Board Holder

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  • Product Code: B07NZM5326

    ?Multifunctional Draining Rack: well organized your bowls, dishes, forks, spoons, chopsticks, and other kitchenware in a same unit.

    ?Supporting Holder: 2pcs 2-shaped supporting holder at both sides, 0.5in thickness has large weight bearing capacity.

    ?Large Storage Space: top tier can hold up to 17 saucers, and the bottom tier for holding 18 bowls.

    ?Chopsticks Rack: bottom with draining holes, for holding up to 35 pairs of chopsticks.

    ?Cutting Board Rack: for chopping board with thickness within 60mm.Draining Board: a draw-out type draining board for collecting the draining water.

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    Feature description

    Product Description

    over sink drainer3 tier dish drainerdraining rackdish drainers with drip traydish drainers with drip traywashing up drainer rack
    Dish Drainer Carbon Steel with Chopsticks Holder Cup Holder2-Tier Storage Shelf Rack Freestanding Stackable OrganizerDish Rack Dishes Drying Drainer Storage Stand Holder Kitchen Cabinet Organizer10-Tier Shoe Rack over the Door Shoe Organizer Hanging Shoe StorageRefrigerator Rack Fridge Side Shelf
    MaterialCarbon steel + PlasticCarbon steel + PlasticIron + ABSWoodSteel + NylonCarbon steel + white paint
    Item Size44*25*38cm44*25*38cm25.4*17*27.9cm21*12*10cm56*21*151cm25 * 9.5 * 62cm / 9.48 * 3.74 * 24.41in
    Item Weight1650g1650g613g163g1500g628g
    No need to install
    draining racks

    This 3-Tier Dish Rack features sturdy construction and space saving design, chrome-plated alloy frame with easy-to-clean removable tray and flatware holder. You can use the top tier for dishes, bottom tier for saucers, cups, bowls, etc, side rack for cutting board and chopsticks holder for chopsticks. Keep your kitchen clean and neat.


    • Color: Silver
    • Material: Chrome-Plated Alloy + PP
    • Size: Approx. 42 * 25 * 45cm / 16.5 * 9.8 * 17.7in
    • Weight: 1.67kg
    • Package Size: 47 * 26.5 * 17cm / 18.5 * 10.4 * 6.7in
    • Package Weight: 1.975kg

    Package List: 1 * Dish Rack

    Product details

    Brand ‎Decdeal
    Model Number‎WAD9324703932056RO
    Product Dimensions‎42.93 x 24.89 x 37.85 cm; 1.4 Kilograms
    Item Weight‎1.4 kg

    Customer Review

    • 0

      Cheap crappy thingy
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 June 2019
      No idea why everyone is giving it such good marks. Firstly the spanner provided is crap. Bent on the first bolt. Had to use pliers. Secondly, it's a very cheap metal. It's welding are terrible, all together it's a bad Chinese fabrication. And thirdly, it's not stable at all. Not to mention after I assembled it, I've noticed it doesn't stay straight. Only reason I didn't return it is because I spent half an hour assembling the damn thing with pliers. Instead I just threw it away.. 30 pounds for something that probably worth a tenner
    • 0

      Sturdy and holds up very well
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 April 2020
      I bought this because my old dish drainer was building up limescale and rust. I didn't pay attention to the brand, I just chose it because it was on offer and had good reviews. I have to say I am so far happy with it. it isn't the greatest quality but it looks good and once assembled properly it is very sturdy. Assembly is very easy and is quick to complete, all the tools and bits needed are included in the box.The storage capacity is very good and the rack holds up well. The dish drainer holds a good amount of cups, plates and cutlery with no issues. I paid £10.99 on offer and at the time of writing this review it's now £19.99. However, I have to be honest I am not sure if I would be happy to pay that amount for a drainer of this build quality. I think at £19.99 it's ok but at the £10.99 I paid it's very good value to money. Hope this helps.
    • 0

      Nice dish rack
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 December 2020
      So as another review said, even on a flat floor mine is a lil woobly, it's screwed in as tight as it can go, it's the plastic "feet" you put on it that made it wobble. My instructions weren't in English but it was simple enough to setup. Also the fork/chopping board holder doesn't tighten on so they can be a little fiddlyOtherwise, as you can see i can put a lot on/in it and there is still lots of room, i dunno what giant bowls other reviewers have but mine fit fine. Due to all the air space things dried out fast. The drip tray makes it easier to clean the counter as less water gets on it. It comes with the little tool you need to build it. I haven't had to clean it yet as i have only used it twice, so no idea how easy it rusts too, but so far i like it :)
    • 0

      Super sturdy
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 March 2019
      Really good quality. A bit of an effort to assemble but worth it. I use just with drip tray at the bottom and looks much better. Would lose a star as the cutlery bit at the side is a bit weird - small space for cutlery then weird wired area that it's not quite clear what you put there. I've been using it for knives but not no knife it loses balance. But still gave it 5 as it's so much better than other ones.Love the space for chopping boardVery happy!
    • 0

      A bit wobbly
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 September 2021
      After assembly which was fairly straightforward I found it quite wobbly, you have to put the rubber feet in different positions to get it straight. I would have preferred a larger pot to put cutlery in, this drainer only has a small white container which the maker says is for chopsticks, I use it for teaspoons but its not big enough for anything else. I like the holder at the back which is for long items like a cutting board. Overall I like this, just wish it had a cutlery drainer.
    • 0

      Quality Control Needs Sorting
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 November 2020
      Really handy item particularly in a kitchen with so little space.Unfortunately one of the holes wasn’t made properly so I wasn’t able to put the sealing cap on one of the ends but it is so sturdy it doesn’t matter. I could’ve sent it back but I didn’t want the hassle. Quality control could be better to avoid this problem in the future.Fairly easy to put together - all bits and tools provided but be warned the instructions aren’t idiot proof. Simple enough but read them properly.
    • 0

      Space saving kitchen drainer
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 November 2020
      I'm impressed with this. Although it's was a little fiddly to put together, it's design is well thought out. The lower shelf accommodates larger glasses likes pint glasses with ease and the slim rack still leaves room on the drainer for pots and pans if you run out of room on the spacious rack. I have had a small, heavy Cassoulet pan on the top rack, along with several dinner plates without any issue. I also really like the chopping board rack. Great product!
    • 0

      Nice addition to my kitchen
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 December 2020
      My new house had a small drainage area next to the sink which most Dish Drainers hung over.This item is just the right size with the two tiers meaning I am not compromising on storage space.The tray at the bottom is a little hard to clean but nothing major.
    • 0

      The utensil compartment at the side rusts (?)
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 October 2020
      I do not have the habit of drying each of my utensils before placing them into the rack, which may be my fault. However, for those like me, it might be good to note that rust collects at the bottom of the compartment so check your utensils again before using them!
    • 0

      Not as good as it looks
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 September 2019
      This drainer meets our needs but there are two things not so good.The hanger for the bread/chopping board has warped already and probably will not be usable soon.The drip trays below each layer are not a good fit. The top one is so tight that you have to almost pull the drainer over to get it out to clean. The two lower trays are a little too loose and yes I have tried then at the top with the same result , too tight for top.

    Customer questions and answers

    • Sizes please? Description is confusing..
      Overall Width (incl tray and cutlery holders) 50cm, H 44cm, D 24cm
    • Does it get rusty or mouldy?
      Yes unfortunately it has started to go rusty. Should be able to wash it off. I have yet to find a drainer that does not get rust apart from plastic ones that I do not like.
    • Can it be wall mounted
      no not as it comes. but with DIY skills it can easily be done, securing it well but make sure the drip tray can be withdrawn for cleaning purposes. It seems quite a good idea to save worktop space. MIGHT TRY IT MYSELF Graham
    • is it stainless steel?
      It grew rust spots very quickly, stopped using it.

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