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Delfinware 2100W White Large Dish Drainer

Delfinware 2100W White Large Dish Drainer

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  • Product Code: B001EIIY6E

Manufactured in U.K.

White Plastic Coated Wireware

Crockery/Cutlery not included. Size: 105 x 485 x 375 mm

1 years guarantee

White Plastic Cutlery Box included

Product details

Brand ‎Delfinware
Model Number‎2100W
Product Dimensions‎48.01 x 38 x 11.51 cm; 1.4 Kilograms
Item Weight‎1.4 kg
Style Name:Single

Product Description

White Large Dish Drainer

Box Contains

1 x White Large Dish Drainer

Customer Review

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    Good large drainer.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 February 2019
    The draining basket is exactly as depicted in the Amazon photo and the dimensions are as specified.Can't get too excited about such a utilitarian item, but it looks good and the white colour fits in well with our worktops and sink.I just hope the plastic coating lasts and we don't get any rust bleeding through due to microscopic flaws or cracking in the coating.Does the job and packs away nicely under the sink after it's done its job.We don't use the small cutlery container much, as cutlery is dealt with by the dishwasher in the main and longer items (eg fish slicer) topple it over.This is the large drainer, which is what we wanted but some people may need to get a smaller one to suit their sink.We use it in combination with a drip tray but, ideally, the drip tray should be larger.
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    Strong, easy to clean and room for lots of pots
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 December 2018
    I really like the non slip feet that raise the drainer enough to allow water to drain off. It might be considered a bit 'old fashioned' in design, but it has all the features that you need - plenty of space, strong enough to take lots of pots without distorting and a roomy cutlery holder that is tall enough to cope with a variety of dish washing brushes. The only small drawback is that the cutlery holder needs to be attached to the framework to prevent it falling when it is used - a couple of zip ties sorts that out effectively once you have decided where to position the holder, but some sort of attaching mechanism on the holder would be an added bonus. A good solid piece of equipment that looks as though it will last for many years.
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    Overall I am pleased with it
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 February 2018
    Fits on my drainer perfectly. It did replace another branded chrome version which ultimately rusted. This drainer is more robust and white coated so can't see it rusting any time soon.The cutlery part is the only let down, pedantic I know but it doesn't hold down to the drainer at any point so consequently is quite unstable until you've put several cutlery pieces in it.Overall I am pleased with it.
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    Quite large but brilliant quality for the price.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 February 2021
    This is a sturdy drainer and a good weight. There is lots of room to stand plates and ideal having a cutlery basket in white to match. The drainer is metal with a white plastic coating which fits in well with our kitchen. The drainer has 4 protective rubber feet so there is no scratches on your fixed sink drainer. Even though it was packaged well a tiny bit of the plastic coating was scratched so i hope it does not rust, but for this price i would just purchase another one anyway. Overall this is one of the best drainers we have had. Going by the measurements of what is stated i thought it may overhang our sink but as you can see it fits perfectly.
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    Delfinware Dish Draining Rack - A surprising outcome.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 June 2016
    The white coating on my dish draining rack was splitting apart over a no. of areas of the rack, and because it was constantly covered in water through use as a dish draining rack, it wasn't long before the metal underneath started to rust & show through the areas where the white coating had split.Trying to find a similar replacement was difficult because the plate slots on this rack was along the length of the rack - most racks today have the plate slots along the width of the rack (which is shorter, so the no. of plate holding slots is less), which in turn tells you how the dish draining rack should be placed on the draining board - although such racks just wouldn't work on my draining board.After a fruitless search for a draining rack in the shops (in the same style as the one I had), I finally found the one that was in the same style here on the Amazon website. Same size dimensions with a rather same cutlery holder to match!I ordered this item as soon as I could, and on delivery it was "the exact match" to the original dish draining rack that had been in my kitchen for 13 years. And no wonder, as on closer inspection of the old cutlery box that was with the old dish draining rack, the word "Delfinware" was imprinted - not that I had ever noticed it before! So for all this time, my old dish draining rack was a Delfinware brand make - and now it has been replaced by the same brand make & model again!I suspect this style of dish draining rack is "out of fashion" in the shops, so I am glad that I have found that it is available through Amazon - and at a reasonable price too.My old Delfinware dish draining rack had lasted for +13 years before the white coating started to split, so I can stay with certainty that this new replacement will last just as long, or perhaps even longer!The white plastic coating is what makes the dish draining rack lasts a long time, so for anyone buying a dish draining rack, make sure it is coated rather than sold uncoated as some "chrome plated" dish draining racks are, in the shops. I have come across some reviews online where people complain about these "chrome plated" dish draining racks rusting very quickly on use (ie. on exposure to water) & so needing to be replaced again too quickly. These racks are usually cheap to buy - but like a lot of other people, I would rather pay more for quality that lasts.
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    Mostly OK, but part of an item damaged.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 October 2019
    Although the main item, the dish drainer, was exactly what we wanted and got, the special deal included the cutlery drainer box (which is what I really needed!). This came out of the box packaging inside the wire dish drainer unit and one of the edges (that sit on the lip of the sink to hold it in place there) had a piece snapped off. The missing bit was not in the packaging. As everything came together in one enormous box, I am not really wanting to find a way of re-packaging this small cutlery drainer.......but, I’ll have to re-order one. Not ideal.
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    Good enough
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 November 2020
    This was a replacement for exactly the same item which lasted some years before cracking and rusting some of the wires and the plastic cutlery holder just started crumbling/bio-degrading. Although the wire thickness and finish are not up to the standards of the 1980s versions of these drainers, these seem to be about the best painted versions we could find on the market today.
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    Generous sized drainer that drains dishes well
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 March 2016
    We bought this to replace a plastic one that sagged too close to the draining board to allow the air to get round the dishes for them to dry properly.We are delighted with it.The cutlery drainer can be moved off the main drainer if more room is needed, but the drainer itself is a generous size so we tend to leave it in the corner (as in the photo) which still leaves plenty of room for plates, cups, dishes etc.It is nice and strongly made and sits high enough off the draining board to allow water to drip off the pots and drain underneath and also have a good airflow round so that the pots dry quickly.Although we've only had the drainer for a few weeks, I get the impression that it will last for years.
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    Best drainer l have ever had!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 January 2016
    I have been looking for a while for a simple drainer which is sturdy and practical. This is the one! It is well made, a lovely pure white which is easy to clean and above all no matter what we put on it, plates, pots, cups etc, they stand where we placed them without tipping over. I don't think there is anything additional l could ask of a drainer.... If the distance between the feet fits on the draining board of your sink, then don't hesitate as you will not regret it! One more positive thing, it sits quite high above our sink's draining board so by just lifting one side it is easy to wipe below it. I just hope when it wears out one day that they will still be making them.... The only down side is the slightly flimsy cutlery stand delivered with it which l did not need as l have a nicer/stronger one in white from the 'Swedish Emporium' which stands perfectly on this drainer.
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    Great Dishdrainer But Arrived Damaged
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 October 2018
    Great dishdrainer - looks great and value for money but it arrived with 2 rubber feet missing and part of the plastic coating damaged on one of the feet. There was no option to send it back and get a replacement, only to send it back and get a refund. I did start the return process but decided to keep the dishdrainer and managed to get 2 rubber feet for it somewhere else. I am happy enough with it. I took 1 star off for it being damaged but would buy again and would recommend.

Customer questions and answers

  • What diamentions between the feet please.?
    Hi there mallards, my measurements are approximate but here you go: 38cm between the feet running length ways;… see more Hi there mallards, my measurements are approximate but here you go: 38cm between the feet running length ways;28.5cm between the feet running width ways.So, it is a bit on the big side but it just about manages to fit our draining board. Hope that helps. see less
  • Do you also have a draining tray to fit underneath this Delfinware rack?
    No. I didn't receive a draining tray, just a cutlery draining box.
  • does the drainer come with a cutlery box/basket as there is an additional buying option more expensive saying drainer plus basket
    Yes a cutlery box does come with the drainer
  • Hi im confused, how can the distance between feet be 38x28 cm and size of the drainer 38 x 48 cm, on the picture, the feet seem close to the edges?
    Hello there! With regards to your question on the distance between the feet of the dish drainer, the actual measurements between the centre of the feet is 330 x 310mm (33 x 31 cm). The feet are indeed close to the edges as you say, but the position of the feet have no significant relevance apart from the proportion nec… see more Hello there! With regards to your question on the distance between the feet of the dish drainer, the actual measurements between the centre of the feet is 330 x 310mm (33 x 31 cm). The feet are indeed close to the edges as you say, but the position of the feet have no significant relevance apart from the proportion necessary for the drainer to balance properly when loaded with dishes and the distance from the surface of the drainage surface of the sink. The feet are 1 inch (25mm), which means the drainer is actually 25mm high from the surface. If you really want to hear my opinion of the product, I can only say perfect. That is if you have the advantage I have, that of a sink which measures more than 50 cm in both width and length. I can place the dish drainer lengthwise or width-wise and still be happy. I hope my response suffices. I find the product is better looking in reality than the images shown. see less

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