Zalto Denk 'Art "Champagne 6 Wine Glasses (11550)

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Perfectly shaped, wafer-thin body

Good feel

Dishwasher safe

No added lead oxide

Design: Zalto

Product details

Brand ‎Zalto
Model Number‎11550
Package Dimensions‎46 x 30.2 x 24.4 cm; 1.34 Kilograms
Capacity‎220 Millilitres
Material‎Glass, Crystal
Item Weight‎1.34 kg

The glass makes the difference. The elegant, mouth-blown Denkart champagne glass from Zalto masterfully combines fragility and suitability for everyday use. The Zalto Denkart universal wine glass impresses by its balanced proportions and a perfectly shaped, wafer-thin body, which tapers upward. The Zalto champagne glass Denkart gives the sparkling wines of the world fineness and nobility. The Denkart champagne glass from Zalto is particularly recommended in addition to champagne for sparkling wine, Prosecco, Spumante and Cava.

The craftsmanship of the Zalto glass manufacturer is very much in the spirit of a principle: Perfection. Each Zalto glass Denkart is designed to meet the demand to perfectly present bouquet, fruit and seasoning of a wine. According to the motto: The glass sets the wine in the scene, not itself.

Product information:

Glass diameter: 5.5 cm. / 0.21 inches.

Diameter of the foot: 7 cm. / 2.75 inches.

The glasses of the Zalto Denkart series are already different from other glasses due to their special feel, they are delicate and elegant. What immediately stands out is the balanced. Despite its thin walling, the Denkart series meets all the attributes of a modern glass in terms of care and durability. So the Zalto Denkart glasses are dishwasher-safe and very suitable for everyday use. Well-known sommeliers and wine connoisseurs admire the glasses of the series Denkart clear superiority in the development of taste and bouquet.

Zalto glasses are made without the addition of lead oxide and are resistant to clouding. The Zalto Denkart series owes its name to the wine expert, priest Hans Denk, who has significantly influenced the development of the Zalto Denkart glasses with its extensive knowledge and special inspiration.

diameter: 5.5 cm. / 0.21 inches.

Height: 24 cm. / 9.44 inches.

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