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Sunhouse (Dimplex Group) SHTTH2 Tubular Heater, 80 W, Multi-Colour

Sunhouse (Dimplex Group) SHTTH2 Tubular Heater, 80 W, Multi-Colour

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  • Product Code: B00PIV7NJC

    80W tubular heater including wall mounting brackets

    Built in thermostat

    Approx 2ft in length (713mm Total length)

    Designed for continuous operation

    Splash proof to IPX4 standard

    Product details

    Manufacturer ‎Sunhouse (Dimplex Group)
    Part Number ‎SHTTHT2
    Product Dimensions‎7 x 9.5 x 83 cm; 880 Grams
    Item model number‎SHTTH2
    Power Source‎Corded Electric
    Wattage‎80 watts
    Item Package Quantity‎1
    Number Of Pieces‎1
    Included Components‎1 Heater - 2 Brackets
    Batteries included?‎No
    Batteries Required?‎No
    Item Weight‎880 g


    Customer Review

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      Great for taking the chill out of cold spaces at very little cost.
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 October 2017
      I bought two of these to keep my garage gym frost free over winter.I have an electric treadmill and storage freezer out there and also a dehumidifier. I need the garage above freezing for the dehumidifier and freezer to work effectively. These do a great job of this. Even on the coldest night, the garage never drops much below 6-8 degrees. even if it is well-below zero outside. It does this without actually 'heating' the space.They do exactly what I was after for a good price (I paid about £17 for each) and without costing me much in electricity. I have used them for 2 winters now and they are still going strong. I am knocking off a star for the beige colour scheme. It looks like an Austin Allegro.
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      I used this to keep my greenhouse above freeing last ...
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 November 2017
      I used this to keep my greenhouse above freeing last winter. It’s so much easier and cheaper that my paragon stove. I screwed the brackets onto two small wooden blocks which gave it stability. It was then placed on the floor below the staging.
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      Excellent Value & well made.
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 January 2019
      I bought two of these to use as greenhouse heaters. The supplied clamps make it easy to mount them on to a wooden board, although I didn't use the rawlplugs supplied, as they weren't needed for my installation. On the end of the heater tube is a thermostat knob, which is firm to turn, so not easily knocked. For my purposes I left it in the maximum setting, and have them both connected by a waterproof cable to my garage, so if there is a forecast of frost, I simply flick the switch on, and it keeps my greehouse above zero. With 2 x 80watt tubes running at the same time, they work fine in a 10ft by 6ft greenhouse on a very frosty night, and my thermometer in the greenhouse said the lowest temperature was 2.6c so that is fine for what they were intented to do. Very pleased with the quality, and can recommend them.
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      Not effective except in the smallest spaces.
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 February 2018
      Having tried it for a few weeks it is quite clear that this 80w model is not suitable for anything larger than a 6'x6'shed or porch. I would recommend anyone to buy the 120wt model even for the smallest space as it will heat up more quickly and has thermostatic control. Our 80wt one has been relegated to a shelf in the garage and no longer in use, so a bit of a waste of money.P.Winterton
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      None existant customer service!!
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 January 2019
      The heater was bought in July 2018 and only used infrequently until it stopped working i.e. no heat!! I tried contacting the sellers on two occasions but have had no response so regretfully my experience has been very negative and (1) would not reccomend this product and (2) Steer well clear of this seller - they are worst of the worst!
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      Research what you want them for...
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 October 2018
      Get what you pay for.Yes it gives some background heat. However not that much. I got one for the garage. Another for my camper van. Both to stop it going below zero and freezing. Both areas dropped below zero and clearly no good. Sad but I think a waste of money as not fit for the job.
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      A great little product - Works well and has a good build quality.
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 April 2017
      A great little product - Works well and has a good build quality. I bought this to use in the storeroom in my workshop that sits at the back of the garden. The weather had been quite cold this year and I was worried that some of my liquid items would freeze. Although I required it for only a small space; the tubular heat did a good job at keeping out the frost [I used it in combination with a temperature sensor showing internal temperature and external temperature - the thermostat always showed at least 5 to 7° warmer inside the storage room than it was outside]. I had connected it to a power meter and saw that it only has a few pence per day.I since moved my storage room, so decided to relocate the heater under my office desk. It works well although can be little hot when in contact with skin. I would highly recommend this product and I can think of many many uses where it could be positioned in and around the home.
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      Would definitely recommend
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 February 2016
      Bought this for my very cold porch. Porch is 6ft x 2ft and this does a great job of keeping the chill off. It makes a really noticeable difference and should cost me less than 1p an hour (based on me paying 11.5 pence per kwh for electric) so no worrying about bills.
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      Ideal for improving cold corners
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 February 2017
      I've already posted a 5 star review for a 3ft version of these heaters and thiis is just as good. I bought this for my daughter for a cold cupboard which has outside walls, overnight it made a huge difference to getting rid of the damp feeling on the walls. It is not something that could be used to turn a cupboard in to an airing cupboard but does lift the temperature enough to make a cold area usable. 5 stars for me
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      V useful in Winter
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 December 2019
      I bought two of these ceramic heaters (probably from another seller) years ago. One of them gave up the ghost after about a year the other one is still going strong when required. Both units were one foot long though and not two foot. This two foot unit gives off a discernable heat but should not be thought of as an electric or gas heater as such, they are simply not that powerful. Although when on full you certainly wouldn't want to touch them! I had the two of them on all the time 24/7 when the frosts were about to hit and will do the same this year with the new unit and the old one. They keep up a comfortable anti-frost warmth for the plants - and me. I'll just have to see how long this new one lasts. The two I bought years ago came supplied with 'protective covers' included in the price. This unit just has the support brackets, screws and rawl plugs.

    Customer questions and answers

    • Does this heater come with cable and plug attached
      Yes, around a metre of cable with the plug attached.
    • how many degrees can it be turned up to ?
      It has a built in thermostat which can be turned up or down, it doesn’t have degrees to select
    • Where is this made. Trying not to buy anything made in China as its always rubbish.
      They have bases in Ireland, Canada and the uk. They may have manufacturing facilities in China, I don't know about that. But the product I have is well made and certainly not rubbish. Very reliable and recommended product.
    • Is it okay for a plastic tent green house?
      If the electric supply to the green house is properly protected by circuit breakers and the volume of the house is not too big then yes. Its not that these at 80watts take a lot of power, but they must be earthed.

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