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LDOR 220V Electric Oil Filled Heater Office Mini Electric Heater Double U Heating Tube Household Radiator Air Warmer Low Noise Heater

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    1. Small size, compact and easy to store, free up more space.Even heat dissipation, concentrated heat dissipation, bid farewell to hot and cold.13 exquisite heat sinks dissipate heat evenly and raise the temperature in three dimensions.

    2.The double U heating tube changes the single heating and quickly raises the temperature in three dimensions.Greatly increase the contact area between the oil heater and the air, and the heating effect is greatly improved.13 slices heat quickly, the volume becomes smaller, the heat is unchanged, and the warmth comes immediately.

    3. Using high-quality high-temperature heat transfer oil, long-term use, no need to replace.

    4. When the body reaches a safe temperature, it will automatically stop heating and keep the temperature constant.When room temperature is lower than the set temperature, the machine will reheat.

    5. Portable handle design, the machine is not hot when moving, and the heating location can be changed at will.

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    Brand ‎LDOR
    Model Number‎34815396-965-977

    Package Included
    1 x Electric Heater

    Control:knob control

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