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Daewoo 11 Fin 2500W Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater with Thermostat & Wheels (White), Large

Daewoo 11 Fin 2500W Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater with Thermostat & Wheels (White), Large

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Home, office & work powerful 2500W output with 3 heat settings.

Adjustable thermostat & Environmental protection oil

Automatic shut off & on (Safety cut off)

Portable - Includes casters for easy movement (with cable)

Available in white or black with 11 heat fins (choose from options above)

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Product details

Brand ‎Daewoo
Model Number‎Hea1145ge
Package Dimensions‎59.2 x 51.5 x 14 cm; 7.96 Kilograms
Item Weight‎7.96 kg

Customer Review

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    Misleading rating
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 May 2020
    This is rated at 2.5k, and I am sure that it is capable of producing 2.5k of heat output but even on cold days, it seems to have a duty cycle of at most 50%.This means that even with the thermostat turned all the way up, if you flip both heating elements on it will turn itself off again after a small period of time - even if the room is still cold - then it will turn back on once it has cooled down a bit. So the device heats up faster than it can dissipate the heat generated. So the 2.5k rating is pointless. It makes more sense to get a 1k panel heater which can be on all of the time, rather than get this one.It is like having a car that can do 60mph but only for 3 minutes, before having to stop and cool down. You might as well do 30mph constantly.
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    The venders are con artists
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 May 2020
    The product is less than 3 months old and no longer works, I have tried contacting the vender and he tells me that there’s nothing he can do as it’s wear and tear? What happened to my 12 months product warranty?
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    Do not waste your money - FIRE HAZARD
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 January 2021
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    Doesn't heat a room at all
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 March 2020
    Feel bad reviewing this low. It's hot to touch but doesn't radiate heat on a small room. The room is still freezing and on lowest setting it's the same heat as level three Thermostat 5 which doesn't make sence.Unsure what energy efficiency is until next bill online so will leave it at 5 for now
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    Great value heater
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 January 2018
    Excellent quality product works great in a large room and takes the chill off very quick I would recommend this
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    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 February 2018
    The above item works well in our smoking shed------does not look very well made------i might be wrong-------time will tell-------while putting the feet and castors on------------i used a pair of pliers---------and the metal dome on top of the castor nut broke free------------i replaced it with a nut from the old item----------and now item looks and works well--------------the similar item --------i purchased seven years ago----------that this item is replacing----------was much better put together ----------but then again it did last seven years.---------very quick delivery
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    Simplicity of use
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 December 2020
    Two control buttons plus Thermostat ensure my motorcycle ( and battery ) sleeps through Winter's worst with confidence, while all my other stuff benefits accordingly. I'm very pleased with this tiny, but powerful, heater.
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    Different from what I am used to
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 October 2020
    The fins are slimmer than others heaters I have had before. It also makes a lot of noise (clicking noise) every now and then - I suppose its the mechanism that regulates the on/off to maintain the temperature. I am not happy with the product. Standard is below what I was expecting.
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    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 May 2020
    Bought this as a more economical alternative to the storage heaters in my apartment. Heats the room very quickly. Easy to find ambient temperature and to set auto heat. Love the manoeuvrability. Such a handy heater and very economical.
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    do not buy
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 October 2020
    bought two of these radiators. They arrived in boxes that looked like they had already been opened. Radiators do not heat up and now when I have tried to return I have to pay for delivery which will cost a fortune. Will not buy again and will think twice on buying from Amazon again!!!

Customer questions and answers

  • Do you have an estimate of cost of running the 2500 say per hour in terms of average electricity tariff
    I worked it out at approximately 15p per hour on max which I used to warm up the room for an hour or so then turned the setting down to save money. A point to note if your a light sleeper, the clicking on and off can be disturbing.
  • How long is the warranty?
    12 months
  • Have you got to put oil in this radiator
    No the oil is already included - Thanks
  • In which place is it made?
    The portable heater was made in Korea

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