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Igenix IG0500 Mini Oil Filled Radiator, Electric Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Carry Handle, Leak-Free, Overheat Protection, 600 W, White

Igenix IG0500 Mini Oil Filled Radiator, Electric Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Carry Handle, Leak-Free, Overheat Protection, 600 W, White

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Machine welded design for leak-free operation

Lightweight and portable with conveniently placed carry handle

Simple and straight forward operating control

Thermostatically controlled with neon indicator and overheat protection for added safety

Comes with 2 year warranty which can be registered online

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Product details

Brand ‎Igenix
Model Number‎IG0500
Product Dimensions‎10 x 28 x 35 cm; 3.98 Kilograms
Power / Wattage‎600 watts
Item Weight‎3.98 kg
Colour Name:White | Wattage:600 Watts

Product Description

The Igenix IG0500 oil filled radiator is a 500 W powered baby oil filled radiator ideal for the smaller rooms in the house, conservatory, garage, outbuilding, mobile home or caravan. It has a simple and straight forward operating control and features an operating switch with illuminated red indicator light so you can easily see when the heater is switched on. It also benefits from an on/off heat setting and a thermostatically controlled dial for your heat setting. Unlike other oil filled radiators that can leak and stain carpets and floors, Igenix have full range of oil filled radiators machine welded for a leak free operation. Additional safety benefits include an overheat protection function which automatically turns off the radiator if it gets too hot and a conveniently placed carry handle so you can easily move it about your home.

Igenix manufacturer a whole range of heating products for the home and office including fan heaters, halogens, oil filled radiators, convector, ceramic and drum heaters. This is complimented by a range of cooling products for the home and office including 6-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch and 16-inch desk fans, 16-inch pedestal, 30-inch tower fans, portable air coolers and air conditioning units.

Manufacturer's Description

A 500w powered baby oil filled radiator ideal for a small room with on / off heat setting, adjustable thermostat and overheat protection. Operating switch with indicator light on and conveniently placed carry handle.

Customer Review

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    Tiny Heater, but Well-Made and Fit for Purpose
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 January 2017
    I purchased this tiny radiator to give me a little background heat in a cold draughty bedroom at night.I live in a very old rambly house, and the heating doesn't reach all the nooks and crannies. I don't mind, as I love the old place. I wasn't brought up to heat bedrooms at the same temperature as the daytime living room!The radiator comes with two feet which are easy to fit by looking at the photograph on Amazon. The instruction booklet is confusing and the print is very small, especially if you have a visual disability.I've had loads of electric oil radiators in the past and I know it's really important to turn the radiator to max for an hour the first time you switch it on - you'll get a slight 'burning' smell which is caused by the oil heating up for the first time. If you don't do this the smell will persist for weeks. Mine had stopped stinking after the first evening.This radiator is working well. If you're going to get one, do be aware it's really tiny. It's suitable to put under the reception desk at work, or to use in a little campervan, or to keep the frost off your plants in a conservatory porch. That sort of thing.Do be aware that most of the reviews for this product are in fact reviews of a different radiator. The one you get is the little one, with feet and no wheels, as shown in the illustration.
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    Perfect for Caravan Use
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 November 2018
    Bought this for the kids’ bedroom in our caravan as weirdly it doesn’t have heating. Took a trip where outside temperatures dipped to -3°C and this kept their bedroom at the same temperature as the rest of the caravan. The unit says it’s 600W despite ordering 500W but that’s fine, we wanted a small, low wattage heater and this serves the job perfectly. Also, being oil filled means if you need the electricity elsewhere (microwave etc) then it’ll hold its heat for long enough to switch off for a few minutes.
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    Good heater - but nearer 1400W than 1200W.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 March 2019
    This is a review of the Igenix IG1601, 1200W.I have a two-bar radiant electric heater but often need something less powerful - and less expensive to run.Halogen heaters can typically be set to about 400W/800W/1200W but I find them uncomfortably bright in a dark room.I hadn't tried an oil filled radiator before because I'd heard they tend to leak. I decided to give it a try, but also got a cheap mat to place it on - hoping to catch any leak before the carpet was ruined.The heater has a UK mains plug (13 amp fuse fitted and cable length is 5 ft), and it has a cable tidy, for when you stow it away in the summer. The castors need to be attached but it was easy enough to assemble, with no tools required.I have used the heater all winter and it has worked very well, with no leaks at all.The lower settings, which I use most, are 500W or 700W (and the highest is 1200W). I like that they are reasonably well spread out. To me, this seems more useful than having two almost identical settings of 700W or 800W - as in the next model up. (The next model down has 500W only.)There is an orange light that goes on and off as the thermostat does its job.There's a distinction that should be made here: the light indicates the state of the thermostat, not the state of the power supply. The light will come on when the heater is first switched on at the mains socket - even if the level is set to "0". Similarly, the light being off doesn't mean the heater is switched off. It's not a problem, as long as you are aware of it. (Just don't go to bed thinking the heater must be off because the light is off.) Another indicator light, for mains on/off, would have been ideal.There is a knob to turn the thermostat up or down. It has no temperature markings, you just have to experiment.Below that there is a knob with positions 0,1,2,3. That's Off,500W,700W,1200W.I like the colour. The product description calls this heater grey. Maybe it's a very light grey. I would call it white.Looking at the heater with the control panel facing you, it's about 6 in wide (left to right), about 1 ft long (front to back), and about 2 ft high.My only serious criticism of this heater is that the stated settings of 500W/700W/1200W are not that accurate.That's typical of electric heaters, but I would have liked them nearer what they're meant to be than what they actually are, which is about 560W/790W/1350W.Summary.Looks smart (whatever the colour is called). Works well. No leaks. The heater is nearer 600W/800W/1400W than what it's described as, but still a good heater. Recommended.
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    Leak free it is NOT.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 January 2019
    Used this radiator for a couple of hours a day for 2 weeks. It struggled to heat up a tiny 2.5m utility room and after the third day of use oil began to leak from it quite quickly and ruined my flooring. In such a short amount of time all the oil had leaked out from The bottom and i don’t know why or specifically where from. I have returned it.
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    Quiet, Warm and Portable
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 November 2018
    This is a nice little radiator/heater, suitable for a small room. It heats up quickly and gets as hot as your radiators at home do and it holds the heat well.There is a dial on the side to adjust the heat, would have been nice if there were numbers to go with it but this is only a minor personal quirk.There is not much weight to the heater and can easily be moved without the worry of getting burnt. This is perfect to heat a small area without having to heat the whole house.
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    Works OK but not the best
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 February 2021
    Currently using this to heat a small 2 berth caravan when the outside temp is around the 2-5 degree mark this unit struggles to keep the relatively small caravan above 15 degrees once the temp bumps up above 5 degrees it does get the caravan warm to about 22 degrees.It does the job but if you are looking at heating up any more then 20m cubed its probably not going to be for you, I would suggest something with a little more heat output.
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    Excellent product
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 October 2019
    Purchased to use in a small camper van over - great little radiator which gives out a considerable amount of heat for its compact size. Very good quality , just one small defect in that the clip on feet do detach quite easily when moving the radiator but they are easy to re attach other than that i would highly recommend . Great value and good quality
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    Began to leak oil after 6 months
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 June 2020
    It worked very well before it began to leak oil. Amazon are not interested in helping and point me to the manufacturer. I certainly won't be buying any more of these!
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    Small and compact.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 March 2018
    I like the way the heat setting can be adjusted and it’s thermostatic control. That makes it ideal for frost prevention. On full power it will warm a smallish room but if you want to heat a large room I’d advise something more powerful.This unit is compact, portable, stable and convenient. Perfect for our motorhome.
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    0.5kw heater heats well regardless of its sizes
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 January 2019
    Although the 0.5kw version is very small it still heats up fast and will keep an average sized bedroom room well heated. Only downsizes was the condition of the box it came in. Slightly damaged and repaired with tape but apart from that works as expected.

Customer questions and answers

  • How long is the cable on the 500w oil filled radiator?
    It is 1.3mtrs in length. Thank you
  • Hi, is this radiator definitely grey? i've ordered 2 so far listed as grey & they've both been white when they've arrived. i'll order if it's grey
    It’s off white so not really grey.
  • Please could you tell me the h/w/d measurements?
    You'll find that info on the Amazon website I would think
  • has anyone here used the 0.5kw in a grow tent 1.5x1.5x2 (m)

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