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Highlands 5-Fin 500W Mini Oil Filled Radiator

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    HEAT UP ANY ROOM - Suitable for the home or office, with this 500W oil filled radiator it will keep the room nice and warm

    COMPACT DESIGN - To ensure it doesn’t take up too much space in your room but is also effective

    QUIET OPERATION - The radiator is quiet when running for minimum disturbance when in use

    EASY TO MOVE - With a handle on the radiator this ensures that when moving it is easy and safe

    ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT - So that you can control the heat to ensure a perfect termperature best suited to you

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    Product details

    Brand ‎Highlands

    This oil filled radiator is compact and quiet when in operation which is perfect for home or office use, its easy to move and has a handle to ensure this. The compact designs also means it easy to store and wont take up too much room.

    Customer questions and answers

    • What size is it?
      I'd say 40cm tall and 25 cm wide. I have mine under my desk at work and it emits more heat than I expected, I have to have it on low
    • How much does it cost to run this for an hour
      I don't know but they are definitely cheaper than fan heaters, also with it being quite small I really don't think it would be a huge cost. Worth checking with an expert tho :)

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