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Bionaire BAP600 Compact Air Purifier with HEPA-Type Filter and Ioniser for Allergies, Smokers, Pets and Pollen

Bionaire BAP600 Compact Air Purifier with HEPA-Type Filter and Ioniser for Allergies, Smokers, Pets and Pollen

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Designer purifier in new compact stylish design with permanent filter

Long life filtration system which removes upto 99% of indoor airbourne particles

The unit has 3 cleaning levels and is ideal for medium sized rooms

Fitted with an optional night light and independantly controlled ioniser

2 year guarantee, For small rooms up to 112 square feet, 3 speed settings

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Feature description

From the manufacturer

Product details

Brand ‎Bionaire
Model Number‎BAP600-060
Product Dimensions‎30.81 x 27.79 x 27.61 cm; 3 Kilograms
Energy Efficiency Class‎A
Runtime‎0 minute
Item Weight‎3 kg

Customer Review

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    Good product
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 December 2017
    So far so good. I bought this to replace another one I got last year (different brand) that stopped working after 6 months. I like that this has a permanent filter so I don’t have to buy the pricey replacements. I’ve been running it continuously in my bedroom and it has helped with the dust and I sleep well at night. I do have to cover the bright blue light on the top to sleep, but it’s not a big concern. The full speed option is noisy, but not an unpleasant noise. I can sleep just fine with it on high and it’s just like a white noise in the background. In my head, it’s the wonderful sound of my air being cleansed and so this actually may be contributing to a better sleep. The size is fine and it’s easy to pick up and carry to another room if needed. I’m considering buying a second one for my living room. I might wait a few more months just to test that this doesn’t stop working like my last one, but I’m hoping it passes the test.
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    Excellent Air!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 May 2019
    An excellent air purifier. The unit has really helped to clean the air in my house. I have it on all day on auto mode and it’s reduced the amount of dust I was experiencing by a huge amount. The filters are easy to clean and it’s pretty cheap to run. It’s a pity it’s not a little quieter as I couldn’t have it running in my bedroom at night, even on low as it’s too noisy for me, (might be fine for some people though who don’t mind a little ‘white noise’), hence the deduction of a star. Brilliant value for money though and I’m considering buying one for downstairs. You won’t find many air purifiers so we’ll made and with timers/auto mode/and a sensor for this kind of money. One final plus is that you don’t need to go and buy filters every few months that can add considerably to the cost of running an air purifier.
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    Expensive but worth it
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 March 2017
    Normally I don't write reviews but I bought this bionair air purifier 4days ago after reading all the reviews and checking other models too.but my son who is 3years old and had been suffering from last 2 years with coughing doctors has even gave him an inhaler but after 4days if using the bionair air purifier i can c a massive change in him and he can sleep thank u Amazon
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    Very effective
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 August 2018
    Living as we do in a stone-built cottage, you will probably recognise one perennial problem: dust! That's the trouble with such constructions. There is always dust and it's very difficult to manage. Our old air cleaner gave up the ghost, so we bought this one as a replacement.We chose this one over the others available because of its permanent filter that only requires a vacuuming once in a while. This is a significant advantage, because with the old air purifiers we found that the replacement filters were expensive, didn't last that long and, in some cases, were out of stock or not available for months on end. With this appliance, the problem has gone away.And in use, it has virtually eliminated the problem of dust once and for all. We use it on its lowest setting for our small living room, and we find that setting is perfectly sufficient. Also, I wouldn't say it was particularly noisy, but it's not quiet either, and there are others out there that are quieter. I wouldn't recommend it for use in a bedroom. However, it's easy to use, reasonably quiet for most uses and it's well screwed together and, with the permanent filter, we would recommend it.Edit: There is an issue, concerning the ioniser function, that effectively reduces the effectiveness of the unit. Basically, the ioniser itself is effective in that it does ionise the air around it. The trouble with this is that it causes the particles of dust in the room to fall to the first surface it meets, rather than going through the filter of the appliance. The result of this is that it makes the dust problem worse.However, leave the ioniser off, and it works really well and I continue to recommend it.
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    Simple air cleaner that sucks up a lot of dust
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 October 2020
    TLDR: Kind of noisy, would perform best with one per room, upright design helps to circulate the air, easy to clean.We bought two of these, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.Super easy to clean the filter using a soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. We are probably "over using" these as they pull far more dust out than I think they were expected to, as we have to clean out the filter well before the orange light comes on to tell us that they should be emptied. And that is one the lowest setting. The orange filter clean light seems to come on after a set period of time rather than how full the filter is.The recommendation is probably to put one in every room but that would start getting expensive and noisy. Noise is not an issue for us using two in the locations we use them, however, if you are sensitive to white noise, avoid these. The lowest setting isn't quiet and after the filter begins to fill up, there's hardly any difference in sound between the 3 settings.The upright design blows cleaned air upwards, so, set on the floor it will blow the colder air up and mix it with the warm air at ceiling height. This effect may reduce heating bills in the winter as your room will be a more even temperature.
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    Well made, easy to clean, washable filters!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 April 2019
    Even though this is a little more expensive than other purifiers, you never need to buy new filters for this, you just vacuum them and keep on trucking.I guess after a few years you'd need to replace them but it's a lot better than every 3 months or so with a normal purifier.Does the job. A little noisy on settings 2 and 3 but quiet on 1. Not in any way silent but you get used to it.Even on 1 it can clean the air in a big room in about 30 minutes so whatever.I have very bad cat allergies and 2 cats (stop shaking your head at me) and this is all I need running in a room to not sneeze at all.Has an ionizer setting but I find it totally useless, only thing that happened with the ionizer on is that I had a massive sneezing fit. But it's there if you want it I suppose.
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    Love this. As a smoker it leaves my bed ...
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 May 2018
    Love this. As a smoker it leaves my bed sit smoke free & stops build up on paint work & soft furnishings. Can be noisy on full but a small price to pay. At night just put on low setting. Easy to clean & no replacement of filters just wipe & vacume filters. Would buy again
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    no air sensor?!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 November 2020
    In many ways I liked this product...the air did feel did not require any filters to be bought...however there was no evidence of where the ' air particle sensor which automatically selects the appropriate cleaning level.' was in the manual. I had it kept on low and never heard it crank up. In fairness I phoned Bionnaure UK and they did not know either saying they would have to get back to me. So as there was dust landing in dusted areas that were not immediately around the Bionnaire. I thought I had spent too much and sent it back. I think it's the 1700 that has that sensor....which is sadly very hard/impossible to get unless marked and second hand.
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    A must-have for allergy sufferers.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 February 2020
    I have had allergic rhinitis for some time, the source of which I discovered was (unseen) mould. After treating the mould I bought this air purifier and there is now no trace of mould or any other allergen in my home. I am now allergy free and just use the purifier at night on the lowest setting which runs quietly and does not disturb my sleep. I am impressed with this purifier and would certainly recommend it for allergy sufferers.
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    It works !
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 November 2020
    Having two smokers in the family meant our lounge always had a strong smell of smoke which worked it's way through the downstairs. Now it's colder and having doors closed, I was concerned at the amount of smoke collecting in the room. Although I was sceptical, I have bought this and I'm delighted I did. What a difference it's made and it is even reducing cooking smells coming in from the kitchen. On it's highest setting of five, well you could say it's noisy because you can hear it but I always have my highest setting of three - not a sound. My non-smoking friend even commented on how our room doesn't smell of smoke any more. Best thing I've bought in years. Thanks.

Customer questions and answers

  • Is this gluten free?
    But it’s absolutely delicious with fish sauce and it will also make your house smell the fresh sea breeze of glaciers of Antarctica!!!
  • Is it possible to completely turn off the Ioniser part as this is not suitable for people with pet birds?
    Yes. There is a button to turn the ioniser function on.
  • Are the filters easy to maintain and are they long lasting filters ? Is hoovering good enough ?
    I have two Bionaire Air Purifiers and they are very easy to keep clean. Look for an orange light and this tells you to clean the filters. Take off the back cover, easy to do. The filter is suppose to be long life and it needs hoovering to remove the dust. If you want you can rinse it as well. But I have never bothered.… see more I have two Bionaire Air Purifiers and they are very easy to keep clean. Look for an orange light and this tells you to clean the filters. Take off the back cover, easy to do. The filter is suppose to be long life and it needs hoovering to remove the dust. If you want you can rinse it as well. But I have never bothered. Wipe the dust off the outside and inside and its done. The orange light is switched off by the way by pressing the very small reset button with something like a paper clip. The light has some times come on after I have cleaned it but use the reset button and it goes off if clean. see less
  • Can it be used as a fan in warm weather in a bedroom?
    No doesnt cool the air ?

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