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Amazon Basics 3-Speed Oscillating Portable 3-in-1 Air Cooler (Fan, Humidifier, Purifier) with Timer and Remote Control, 60W [UK plug]

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3-in-1 fan, humidifier and air purifier

3 speed functions and 7-hour programmeable timer

Wide-angle oscillation for larger area

Easy-to-read LED display and remote control

Auto shut off to protect pump when waterless

Built-in ioniser for fresher air

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Feature description

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Product details

Brand ‎Amazon Basics
Model Number‎AC120-15F UK
Product Dimensions‎38.99 x 35 x 70.51 cm; 4 Kilograms
Power / Wattage‎60 watts
Number of Speeds‎3
Special Features‎Humidifier
Item Weight‎4 kg

Customer Review

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    Great value for money
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 June 2020
    I found this air cooler on amazon and decided to give it a try as it was cheaper than other brands I didn't even hear about before. So it's not going to win any beauty contest that's for sure, I've seen much better looking units on the web but I wasn't suprised really the pictures depict the product accurately. One thing I noticed only after opening the stuff is that the bottom part is a different kind of white than the back part and then the front is obviously grey, so it's not a good looking machine. But if you're not bothered by the looks read on.Ergonomics aren't the best either. The detachable water tank in the description is non existent, that's clearly an error. You have to fill up the tank, which is large, max 9.5 litre from the back of the machine. Problem is, the water level indicator is on the front....not too clever design, but I think most of us can live with it. The good thing is that it comes with a remote and you can access all the functions without having to go to the unit. It also comes with 4 castor wheels, 2 of them with brakes, they are supposed to go on the front for easy access.The list of functions are nice, matching what you can expect in this category. There is no heater option, some units can do that too but I guess it's a more premium feature that didn't make it in this one. I found the air cooler to be adequate it's powerful enough and you can help it by adding cold water and ice to the water tanks. There is an air purifier option on it, I honestly don't know what it does, the manual doesn't explain anything other than which button to press to turn it on. I left it in, but I honestly think it's just a gimmick so if you're after an air purifier that cleans the air in your room you better look elsewhere.Noise levels are as expected not much louder than a normal fan but it makes you feel much more comfortable in comparing thanks to the added water. One thing I particularly don't like is that it beeps on every press of a button. To set the timer to 7 hrs for example, it will beep 7 times and if you want to turn on different modes then it's a beep again every time. It would be nice to have a silent option as the led lights clearly indicate if you press a button anyway. On the plus side it remembers the last set of options, so if you don't change the modes regularly, then it's not gonna be a huge problem.All in all it's a functional little appliance that does everything the competition can do and it does it for less money. In exchange it has some silly design choices and it's not a pleasing looking machine. For me it's good enough because I don't care much about the design as the functions and in terms of that you get a good value for money. As for durability I'm yet to see having only bought this a few days ago. I will update my review if anything goes wrong until then you can assume that it works fine.
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    Roll on the hot weather, this is one cool appliance.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 July 2020
    Well, colour me impressed! It’s much bigger than I was expecting, but I suppose I could have checked the measurements. This isn’t a negative, just something to bear in mind.Once you have filled the tank with water (and added some ice packs as required) it really does blast out some seriously cool air. It’s kind of half way between a fan and a portable air con unit, but at a fraction of the cost of the latter. The functions are all easily controlled with the remote control or the panel on the top of the machine. It’s not the quietest, but it’s also not massively loud.At this price I would absolutely recommend it.
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    neat unit.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 June 2020
    Neat unit, large tank for water and ice packs to improve cooling effect. Buy a couple more ice packs to keep swapping over as they melt. Good remote control too. Just dont expect same effect as a air con unit. Cooled the living room down nicely and not too noisy either.
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    Air cooler
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 July 2020
    I wanted something to cool down. Have read reviews and been confused by all the different comments and opinions. Decided on this as it was cheap and therefore I thought not much money to lose if I didn't like it. Pleasantly surprised on the strength of the fan and cooling effect, and the quietness., Only niggle is the water level indicator is fiddly to see. Works well in our front room which is roughly 12 by 12 foot.Would I recommend yes would I buy another yesNot commented on the warmth as not needed or bought for that reason.Remote works well came with 2ice packs as well for water tank.
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    Impressively quiet
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 August 2020
    Great machine for the price. We have a large 4.5x5m bedroom, and this Colts IT down really well. It’s about average size for these units, and as usual the air comes out of the top half of the slots - no idea why this is, but they all seem the same. Compared to two other units, this seems more powerful on full, but gentle and therefore quieter on low. In fact I can’t hear it at all on low, but my husband with better hearing can, but says it’s still impressively quiet. The water tank OSs nice and big, and the compressor is also very quiet compared to others. Often just the fan is enough, but with the overnight temperatures reaching above 15, we have been adding water this week. The ice packs are a very good size for all night cooling. Be aware that having these on all night can exacerbate asthma - not badly, but it does have a noticeable effect if I just leave it on, as opposed to turning it off after half the night on the timer. All in all I love these coolers, and find no need to look at the much more expensive and energy hungry air conditioners. I probably find it too hot on less than a handful of nights a year usually with one of these on hand. Great value machine, highly recommended
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    This is a glorified fan. Save up and buy a portable air conditioner.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 August 2020
    This is a glorified fan. I don't notice though significant cooling even though I add ice cubes to the top tank. The Ion function maybe its onions saving feature. Emptying it is a bother because unless you're using it downstairs, you have to carry the whole thing and empty it outside or have a way of emptying the water into a bowl. There should be a way to connect a hose and empty into kitchen sink.No I would not recommend because my cheap desk fan has served me better these last tropical nights than this bulky thing masquerading as an air cooler. I am going to save up and buy a portable air conditioner for next heat wave.
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    Defective AmazonBasics 3-Speed Oscillating Portable 3-in-1 Air Cooler
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 September 2020
    I found that the fan did not "oscillate". There was a icy blast, from the right corner of the fins.My return request of this item above was accepted by Amazon on 01/09/2020.The return summary included a 'Return Code QR', and also said 'Return method' was to be 'Label Less_Hermes UK Drop Off'I eventually figured out what this meant, including the QR. The box was packed and addressed (for Dunfermline). But it is 76cm(h) x45cm(w)42cm(d) !!!The "Additional Instruction for mailing your parcel" says "you can find the nearest 'Hermes Parcel Shop' with print facilities etc etc," but this in a very big box, not a parcel.Hermes Parcel Shops do not deal with very big boxes. A large van is required, probably from a depot. I hope to hear from Amazon uk , otherwise write to Jeff Bezos.
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    Works OK I guess
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 July 2020
    It works alright, better than a fan but could use more control over fan speed. The speed can go higher but only on certain modes which have more of a pulse effect. Warning as it has some false advertising on the product. It does not come with a "Detachable water tank for easy filling and emptying". You have to fill it on the top or directly in the unit which is not convenient.
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    It's not a full-on air conditioner, but it tries to be!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 July 2021
    What's really great is that the air that blows out is a lot cooler than the air that goes in - it has a large water tank and a lot of different functions / settings.What's not so great ...1. It's quite big - I'd say a similar side to a large suitcase - and it's not exactly pretty.2. The water tank isn't removable - so as this is in the attic room, we have to take a watering can full of water up to the top of the house every other day :(3. Even on the lowest setting, it's still too noisy to leave on all night for a peaceful night's sleep :( It's not very loud by any means - just not quiet enough.4. On any of the setting other than constant flow, it constantly starts and stops, which is quite annoying.To be fair - it's not a lot more expensive than the tiny units that have Ad placements all over the place and generally have pretty poor ratings ... for the money this cost, it's a great machine and I would highly recommend as an affordable way to bring down the room temperature when it's as hot as it has been recently.
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    This is an excellent product for the money and here are some little tricks
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 July 2021
    First of all this is not an air conditioner but an air cooler, but don't let this fool you.Firstly think of the purpose of why you're buying this.If it this to cool down any big rooms then forget it, it's not gonna work.If you're planning on using it just to cool yourself down, or in your sleep then yes! Look no further, this a hell of a unit for that. Throw in some water in the tank, but make sure the water is slightly cold for a better effect. Throw in the ice packs that come with it and i recommend throwing some more, around 4 or 5 of them will do the trick.With all of that in mind, if you turn on the fan and select the cooling option, the air coming out of this is enough to make me want to tuck myself in within 15 mins of being in bed with how cold it gets.Anyone complaining on how this won't cool down a room, if you're room is a small/medium sized then it is possible to cool down but it needs some little trickery.I have a small room that gets so hot its unbearable.As this product is not an air conditioning but an air cooler, the air that it pulls through the back of the unit will get cooled with the water dropping on the honey filter and then gets spit out the front of the unit making the air much cooler. Now, if you're room is typically very warm, and you close all your doors and windows in that room in hopes that it will work as an air conditioner if you leave it for a few hours well don't expect any luck. As the air in the room is already warm and it keeps reusing it too cool down with water and spit it back out, you'll create humidity! Yes! That's why your rooms won't cool down, i tried the first times and was amazed when i walked inside the room after 2 or 3 hours and it was warmer than before.The trick is where your air cooler is getting it's air from, the air obviously gets sucked in by the unit through it's backside, so a little trick is to try and suck air from a cooler place than the one that is in the same room.Simply by placing the unit by my bedroom door and keeping the door slightly open so that the unit can suck the air from my corridor instead of my room, after two hours my room cools down significantly, not amazingly but definitely a big difference! So if you are able to do so, place the unit by a window or a door where it can grab fresh air, and aim the unit somewhere in the room where the air will be able to circulate and not leave immediately of of the room!E.g, if you place the unit by the door with it open, and aim it at the room where a window is open, that cold fresh air will quickly escape and turn the unit useless, so be clever!If you're using it just to aim the unit at yourself when you're going to sleep, there's no need to look for fresh air, only if you're leaving it on for a few hours in hopes to cool the room down.Final thoughts, definitely works if you use it right and for the money you'll sleep freezing cold if pointed at you.

Customer questions and answers

  • Can we put ice cubes in the tank?
    This is highly recommended
  • Hi. The speed of fan is in a pulsatile manner . Is that normal ? Thanks
    You need to adjust the style button on the top of the machine or on the remote. The top setting is a constant fan and the other two positions will give you a pulsating effect. I have included a video to help. If this does not work it may suggest a faulty unit. Hope this helps.
  • Has anyone else had their unit, for no apparent reason, leak or pump out all the water onto the floor, then beeb it’s out of water? Carpet flooded!
    Yes! It worked perfectly for about 4 days, then started leaking everywhere. I persevered for a few more days, but it wouldn’t stop leaking! I got a refund in the end.
  • Looks like the water at the bottom would cover the black Electrical wire coming from the pump. Is this correct? That doesn’t look electrically sound.
    The cable is fine however the performance of the item is quite poor

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