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10W LED 4000K IP54 Flush Wall Ceiling Mounted Round Circular Bulkhead Light Fitting with Motion Sensor PIR for Indoor,Outdoor,Bath,Office,Hallway,Corridor,Utility,Garden,Shed,Workshop, Black 4000k

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【MODERN & STYLISH】 The dome outdoor bulkhead wall light gives a classic rounded and discreet look with a powerful but warm diffused LED light to brighten up your outdoor area.

【LED ENERGY SAVING】 Highly accurate PIR motion sensor allows the LED light to be only switched on when a person or moving object is detected. Detection Range: 8-12M at 120 Degrees, Daylight Adjustment: 10-2000 Lux, Time Delay: 10+5sec to 5+1min.Save up to 90% off your electricity bill.10W power LED light Replaces 55W bulb.

【IP54 WEATHERPROOF】 Designed for most outdoor areas and tested rigorously to ensure water resistance for protection against high levels of dust and splashing water.

【LIFETIME & WARRANTY】 25,000hrs LED's life which if used for 3 hours a day will last up to 25 years of service, 2 years warranty

【TRUSTABLE】 We are one of the most innovative lighting manufacturers with over 10 years experience in the UK lighting & electrical sector.Our products are sold in major European supermarkets.

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Product details

Manufacturer ‎Chestele
Product Dimensions‎21.5 x 21.5 x 8 cm; 560 Grams
Manufacturer reference‎CH-MY2S10DA1-B8
Part Number ‎CH-MY2S10DA1-B8
Area Lighting Classification ‎IP54
Style ‎Modern
Colour ‎Black
Material ‎High toughness and temperature resistant plastics
Finish types‎Brushed
Number of Lights ‎20
Voltage ‎220 Volts
Special features‎Light
Power and Plug Description: ‎Corded-electric
Switch Installation Type ‎Ceiling
Batteries included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎No
Type of Bulb ‎LED
EU Energy Efficiency Label ‎A+
Luminous Flux ‎700 Lumen
Wattage ‎10 watts
Wattage ‎10 Watts
Incandescent Equivalent ‎80 Watts
Colour Temperature ‎4000 Kelvin
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) ‎80.00
Average Life ‎25000 Hours
Item Weight‎560 g
Colour Name:Black | Size Name:Circular

-Enough brightness
This LED ceiling light offers you brilliant light with enough lumen, excellent color rendering and a high luminous efficiency.

This fashionable ceiling light is perfect for a utility area, such as the laundry, garage, basement or storage room.
It's also greatly suitable to your kitchen, bathroom, office, walk-in closet, pantry and many places where you needs a brighter ceiling light.

Long Lifespan: About 25.000 hours.
Protection of the lamp: IP54, IK08, also suitable for outdoor light.

- PIR-SENSOR Setting:

- Adjustable the Duration Time:
The length of time the unit remains switched on after activation can be adjusted from approximately (10±5) seconds to (5±1) minutes. Rotating the TIME knob (+/-) will adjust the duration time.
Note: Once the light has been triggered by the PIR sensor, any subsequent detection will start the timed period again from the beginning.
- Adjustable the Lux Control Level:
The lux control module has a built-in sensing device (photocell), which detects daylight and darkness. the ( sun) position denotes, that the luminaire can work at day and at night, while in the ( moon ) position it can only work at night. You can set to operate the unit at the desired level by adjusting the LUX knob (from 10lux to approx. 2000lux)
The PIR sensor scanning specifications (approx. max. 8m at 90° ) may vary slightly depending on the mounting height and location.
(Note: The sensor parameters will cause different degrees of deviation due to temperature, environment and other factors)

- Specification:
Shape: Circle
Wattage: 10Watt
Lumens: 400LM
Color temperature: 4000K
Material: PC
Voltage: AC220-240V
Size:215 x 215 x80 mm
Long Lifespan: 25, 000 hours
Warranty: 2 years
Certificate: CE RoHS

Customer Review

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    An excellent product
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 June 2019
    Unlike an identical version from a different supplier, these worked perfectly. The reason for the 4* rating on motion detection is that you need to be about 1.5 meters from the PIR if approaching it from the side (as opposed to up to 8 meters if approaching head on). But this is not an issue for me..Some tips on installing: 1. Make sure your supply cable (wires) have at least 13cm tails., 2. Use a 6mm drill bit to drill the plastic fixing holes inside the lamp . 3. You will need a straight edge screwdriver no more than 3mm for the internal supplied connector. 4. Not compulsory but I used clear silicone to seal the screw heads and the grommet for the supply wires, this ensures no water or moisture can get through to the inside of the lamp. I fixed to a brick wall and rain will get behind the fixing. 5. Finally you can get away with one inch screws if you have them (saves extra drilling and screwing!) 6. (Almost forgot), I set the Time (arrow) at 2 o'clock and the Lux between 9 and 10 o'clock so the lamp comes on when it is dark and stays on for just over a minute. You can use these for setup and tweak them for your own preferences.
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    Easy to install
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 August 2019
    We actually use this as a ceiling light under the porch roof. We placed the sensor to the front and it works brilliantly. Easy to install too.
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    Very Disappointing - So I did Not Install It
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 December 2019
    I wanted to replace my existing PIR light by the front door with a LED PIR light. This unit looked OK in the pictures and the description read OK too. But what a disappointment when I took it out of the box.It is all plastic. I re-read the description and eventually found 'PC' way down the bottom. I assume PC stands for poly-carbonate, but that is only me trying to sound intelligent, after the discovery.I needed both hands to open the light so I could see how and where to screw it to the wall. The instructions do not tell you how to open the light casing. I have big hands and I struggled as the fitting is tight. Once it is fixed to the wall you have no clue how to remove the front cover (when you need to clean inside the translucent plastic for example, or just take the light down so you can chuck it away perhaps).There is no guidance in the instructions to ensure that you mount the light fitting correctly so that the black 'eyelid' makes a horizontal line. (Maybe it becomes more obvious if you actually install it, but I did not attempt it).The instructions are written very small, on a small bit of paper and cover more than one shape of light fitting. This supplier is not alone in making this basic error. Use a decent size bit of paper and charge an extra penny on the price - it pays off with fewer returned items).My view is that this unit should retail for about a tenner, not over twenty.Amazon service was wonderful. Very impressive returns process. This is why I gave 2 stars overall. The product itself gets one or less.
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    Light my way.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 January 2020
    This is our second purchase as so impressed with first one. One of the easiest to install.First one was for dark spot in driveway ,makes life easier reversing .Second for above back door ,what a difference when unlocking door.Would certainly recommend this product, great price and easy to install.Well done.
  • 0

    Good value for money. Needs a couple of tweaks
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 August 2019
    It works and it's a good price. A couple of things would make it even better. 1. The adjustments for time and lux are hidden behind the front translucent cover and require the removal of three small screws if you want to change them after you've mounted it on the wall and assembled it. You can of course set up the unit with no cover attached but you may want to change it later. 2. Over half the LEDs are mounted above the level of the black 'eyelid' cover so contribute little to the light output. Spraying the interior of the black eyelid cover with a suitable silver paint helps (although the light output is pretty good without).
  • 0

    Nice Light
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 January 2021
    I fitted this as an indoor ceiling light in a lobby. The light is very good, quite bright, and the movement detector works fine.Installation is slightly tricky (I would otherwise have given 5 stars). If positioning is critical, I recommend making a paper template to mark where the 3 screw holes need to go. You can draw around the lamp's outline, mark the screw holes and then use the paper to measure easily.Setting the illumination time is easy using a small screw. However, this was very stiff and broke after about 4 adjustments (others have noted this too). The time is then set to that period forever; fortunately it was near enough to what I wanted not to be a problem - just try to get it right quickly!Finally, the unit is finished off with a neat black bezel. This just twists on or off and clicks in place. You need to remember that it twists on anti-clockwise and twists off clockwise, the opposite to what you'd expect. If you ever need to remove it, you'll break something if you forget. I added a discreet little label to mine as a reminder!
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    Good value, bright and functional
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 January 2019
    This is very plasticky and lightweight, but is also very inexpensive and does work well so is good value. It is easy to fit and quite bright with decent PIR detection. If or when the LEDs start to fail, sadly, it's into landfill as there's no bulb to replace and the plastic is not biodegradable or hardly likely to be recycled. Overall - good value and functional.
  • 0

    First impressions are it's too lightweight...
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 October 2021
    Liked the look of this unit on Amazon and this was confirmed when I opened the box. Device seems a little flimsy and lightweight but when mounted on the wall this quickly doesn't matter as it looks good. Removing the front cover is fairly easy, just twist the black rim and it pops off. Access to the wiring connection on the rear is good, simply a couple of wires with terminals clearly marked. Lighting is decent on par with the rating stated and is a cold white. Motion detection is also good but as I've only just fitted it I can't say if it's behaviour is correct. I've fitted this to my outside wall, near the backdoor so it lights if I go out to put something in the bin at night, and it seems to work perfectly. Don't know if it's been activated during the night by intruders. Comes with a template for drilling the fixing holes, couple of screws and wallplugs. To fit, use template, drill holes, fit wiring, screw unit to wall and finish off by twisting on the front cover. Access to the settings is underneath the unit at the bottom, read the instructions. Looking good, highly recommended.
  • 0

    Just OK
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 September 2019
    The unit is a little lightweight but seems to work ok. Installation fairly straightforward with one significant issue. There is a rubber grommet where the main cable enters the control/lighting module, however as the unit fits flush to the wall there is no matching aperture in the casing to route the cable through to the inner seal. To get the cable through to the back of the outer casing I needed to cut a hole through the casing. Not a big problem as the unit is installed inside my garage so waterproofing is not an issue. I would not consider mounting this unit outdoors.The unit functions ok and the settings are simple to adjust
  • 0

    Works brilliantly
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 March 2019
    This works brilliantly. Only issue we had installing it was that we were unsure that the inside wiring was right. We took a photo of it then emailed the company. We got a very quick reply along with easy to follow instructions how to put it right.

Customer questions and answers

  • This light is staying on all the time. The sensor was working perfectly up to today. Any idea how to fix it?
    You could try re setting the passive control that sets the time... If not ring seller or return for replacement.
  • My pir sensor doesn’t work i don’t think? our light just stays on, does anyone know why and how to solve this? thanks
    You might need to adjust daylight sensitivity. Take off front and turn with screw driver. I put to darkest setting waited til night and just had to keep adjusting til only came on when dark. Bit awkward but has worked
  • Is this light prewired?
    Obviously this fitting only takes two core flex Live and Neutral my cable from my supply has an Earth also what is the solution please ALAN 22-12-20
  • Can you switch off the sensor altogether? Ie can it be disabled at will?
    I don’t think so. My Sensor is always on, even daylight. I got it installed but can’t remember seeing an option to disable it. I have it 8 months in use now.

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