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Philips myGarden Creek Outdoor Wall Light with Motion Sensor (Requires 1 x 60 W E27 Bulb), Black

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Energy Saving - This Philips light conserves energy compared to traditional light sources, helping you to save money on your electricity bills and do your bit for the environment

Weather Proof - This Philips outdoor lamp is specially designed for humid outdoor environments and has undergone rigorous tests to ensure its water resistance. The IP level is described by two figures: the first one refers to the protection level against dust, the second against water. This lamp is designed with IP44: it is protected against splashing water. This product is most common and ideal for general outdoor use

Heritage Style and Decorative Outdoor Lighting - Outdoor lighting can improve the look of your garden or outside space, illuminating eye-catching features, lighting pathways with style or creating the perfect Ambiance for those memorable evenings with friends and family. That's why Philips has created myGarden, a range of beautiful decorative outdoor lighting with the flair and functionality to help you make the most of your outdoor space in your own style

High Quality Materials - This Philips lamp is made specifically for outdoor spaces. It's hard-wearing and built to last, so it will light up your garden night after night. It's constructed from high-quality die-cast aluminium and superior synthetics

No Bulb Included

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Product details

Product Dimensions‎17.5 x 20 x 28.5 cm; 640 Grams
Part number‎15388/30/16
Item display height‎28.5 centimetres
Item display length‎17.5 centimetres
Item display width‎20 centimetres
Material type‎Aluminium
Power source type‎AC
Item model number‎153883016

Customer Review

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    Not lasted a year
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 May 2019
    Lovely looking lights but after less than a year fitted outside, they are pitted and faded. Not good quality!
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    Quality sensor light.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 February 2016
    I'm an electrician and have fitted many, many luminaries like this one, however I have now fitted 6 of this units for various customers as well as one by my own front door and in my opinion this is one if not the very best I have installed!Yes the glass is plastic but once its in place you cannot tell it is so. Another reviewer mentioned its fiddly to fit as light unit is attached to base unit but all you have to do is unscrew a couple of cables from the terminal connector, fit the base unit and re-attach cables! Please remember which colour goes where, if you are not sure make a note before you disconnect or take a photo to remind you.Another tip is to put a small piece of insulation tape over the retaining bolt heads in the base unit to stop them coming out on installation.Adjustment couldn't be easier, turn the lux sensor right over to the moon symbol so it doesn't illuminate during daylight hours, then turn the time right over to minimum time and if you only want it to come on for a couple of minutes turn it back approx. 1/8".Don't forget you LED lamp (I always use a min of 6 watts) and job done!Yes they are sensitive but they are meant to be! And yes you will get nuisance illumination from outside influences (All sensor lights do!) but if you fit a LED lamp it won't cost you to much and won't damage the environment excessively!I was not paid or supplied with any Free products for this review!These are sold by Wicks for £19.99 so a bargain price here then!
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    Nice Light but read my tips on fitting!
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 August 2019
    With nights closing in I thought I would replace the broken old lantern light with a replacement. Made by Philips makes me feel it's not a cheap and nasty product. I was pleased with the unit overall only thing that could be better would be to use real glass not plastic.FITTING TIPS! The light is a bit of a fiddle to fit and I ended up with a lost screw down the drain! so be careful undoing the top!1. After punching out the screw hole use any liquid spray to mark out on the wall where to fit the plugs/fitting (not supplied)2. Before fitting I urge that you seal the wires to the PIR with a silicon or sika flex as I feel water over time could ingress into the PIR unit. I also added seal to the wire inlet area.3. There are two small nuts that lock the lamp to the wall fitting I would urge that you pack behind the screw and cover with some tape to stop the screw going backwards towards the wall when fitting the lamp to the wall-plate.The whole job took me around 30 mins to fit.4. Add and coating of grease or oil to the locking screws to gain easy access to the lamp lid and cover in the future.
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    Good contemporary design
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 February 2017
    I bought this lamp unit two years ago, to replace an existing door lamp that was getting distinctly tatty. This is a problem that most metal units with black paint finish end up suffering from (the paint eventually flakes away from the metal due to all the hot/cold cycles that the lamp is subjected to both in operation and with the weather). I was actually drawn to the idea of a lamp that would potentially stay looking nice for longer, and which does a better job of being weatherproof than some outside lights we have used in the past.We'd usually gone for a more ornate style of lamp in the past, so it was a bit of a departure for us to opt for a more contemporary look, but it works really well and doesn't draw the eye. It's "just there" when you most need it and the rest of the time you almost don't notice it.Putting it onto the wall was the usual fiddle, especially since our walls are textured stone and therefore not level surfaces on which to mount a light like this. That said, this went on more easily than our previous two lamps, although I found myself wishing that lamp manufacturers could for once agree on the spacing between the wall fixing screws! With the various lamps we've had there over the years, the wall is looking more like it was used for an Iron Woodworm challenge. The separate "back plate" idea worked well for me, since it saved me from trying to drill/screw/etc while trying to keep the whole lamp steady in place.In operation there is a distinct "tick" sound as the PIR switches on the light, and the angle of the sensor, while not adjustable, is sufficient for us to activate the light from about 8 feet away even though we approach our front door from one side - where we'd usually expect to be at the edge of PIR coverage. Our path is also covered by another PIR light Mr. Beams MB360 LED Spotlight Dark Brown 8ft up the wall, which gets us into range of the door light without leaving us in the dark. The controls are simple to use although the instructions are very basic, and are the usual light-level sensitivity setting, and the illumination time. A little experimentation is usually needed to find the sweet spot for the controls, but we find that setting light sensitivity down to the bottom (the moon rather than the sun setting) gives us light only when we really need it on dark nights, and we set the time to just off minimum (set to minimum and then given about 1/8 turn back up from there). If you have a family, or tend to loiter at the door a bit longer getting organised (I know the feeling) you may want to gradually lengthen the time out from there with experience. The controls are easily accessible for experimenting. I got bored trying to test for the maximum illumination time, I was only doing it for curiosity's sake anyway.There is little to no false triggering on our light. Our front door is on one side of the house with a hedge just over a metre away. A neighbour may trigger the light if the hedge is not in leaf, and strong winds can sometimes agitate the hedge enough to make the light activate (we usually switch it off from the indoor light switch on nights like that), but generally we get no false triggering and, due to the siting of the light, we have no need to cover the upper part of the sensor with tape to prevent it from "seeing" passing cars and people.We're really happy with this light. We have no concerns about the fact that the glass is in fact plastic, and that the metal looks plastic too. If anything it seems to be keeping its good looks far better than the previous metal and glass lamps we have had, and it's also reassuring that a nice solid European brand such as Philips can produce inexpensive and yet sophisticated-looking lights such as this.
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    Not good quality and missing motion sensitivity adjustment
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 May 2019
    The light arrived with a small chip on top plate which I ignored it and still installed it. While it was easy to install and looked great, it turned on each time a car or person passed my driveway. There are no settings to adjust the motion sensitivity. Yes i put a small tape but i would expect a thoughtful designed product or avbetter solution from Philips.Right, after a few days the grills on the light suddenly popped and snapped off. Not sure why! Was it the hot sun or heat from the 60w bulb, but the grills cracked. It tells me that either i got a bad piece or there may be a design fault. So overall disappointed by the quality and sent it back.
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    UPDATED: NOT worth paying more for the Philips name : NOTE NO BULB SUPPLIED either
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 July 2019
    UPDATED : all paint has peeled off after just over ONE year.(this is the Second replacement unit)NOT worth paying more for the Philips name; had several 'cheaper brands' all failed electrically within a year.This unit still works correctly but sadly All the paint is peeling off.This one is equally difficult to install (very little cable space).The timers (switch on duration) and sensitivity (brightness/darkness) are easily adjusted via two tiny grub screws on the side;-obviously this needs to be set up at night!!NOTE: NO bulb is supplied and you need an type ES bulb-the minus star is always the backing plate, which is always far too tight to fit in the electrical cables, and tight fit, so is a bit of a fiddle. (two person job!) Sensor works great at night, and is nice and bright (but this obviously depends on the bulb you purchase separately!)No false on/off too, which is good. Looks nice.WOULD no longer recommend due to lack of durability.
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    Looks lovely
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 July 2018
    Beautiful lamp. Dad put this up for me and it was replacing an old one so all wiring was already done. But it was easy for him to fit and we worked out the light timer and the time it comes on easily too.?
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    Great looking light
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 August 2017
    GeneralA very modern looking light, a twist from the traditional style of a fire within a lamp well. The shell is made from aluminium and the windows made with plastic so it is pretty light weight compared to the metal casing and glass windows alternative. The windows being made from plastic can make it feel cheap but you wouldn't be able to tell it was plastic just by looking at it. It also means it is less likely to shatter on impact.This light is also compatible with LED bulbs so you can save some wattage while getting the most lumens. I'm currently using a 4W LED E27 SES bulb which is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb. Luohaoshi Dimmable 4-Pack 4W G45 E27 SES LED Filament Mini Globe Bulb Warm White 2700K 40W Incandescent Equivalent Edison Screw E27 LED Antique Clear Golf Ball InstallationNot as simple as it should be, but ultimately there weren't any complications if you know a few details.First off I want to mention that mine didn't come with the back screws or raw plugs to the back wall. It could be that these type of lighting don't normally come with any screws or raw plugs, but you still need to be aware before you start installation and removing any old lighting. The back panel also didn't have the holes needed to screw into the wall so you will need to make your own either by drilling into it or cutting it out.The electrical wires are colour coded (as they should be nowadays) so wiring any existing wires from your house to the light is not an issue. I suggest you disconnect the lighting from the back base so it's easier to screw the base into the wall. Take a picture before you disconnect or refer to the manual so you know where the wires should go when you reconnect them.Other reviews have mentioned how "fiddly" it is to screw on the caps to fit the lighting onto the base unit. They are not wrong. The screws these caps are suppose to be attach too are about 1-2 mm too short, and unfortunately can be pushed back into the base unit if you are too forceful. These caps are also tiny, especially if you have big hands, and so if you drop them outside you can so easily lose them. To overcome this, I would suggest you put a large light colour sheet or blanket on the ground beneath where your light installation will be to catch the caps and prevent them from bouncing around too much. I would also remove the existing washers on the screws to gain back about 1mm and give you some more leg (finger) room.ConfigurabilityTwo rotating screws on each side - one to adjust for how long the light stays on, and the other for it's daylight sensitivity before the motion sensor begins to work. Because it's a rotating screw you can't get the exact timing or daylight sensitivity and so you must do it by trial or error. I wished it had more settings to adjust for the motion sensor range and angle (as it is slightly too short where I have put it up) but I knew about this when I bought it.Conclusion (TLDR)Very nice modern looking light, supports LED, simple settings but have moderate installation issues. It's a high rating because once it has all been installed it looks great and works as intended even if the controls can't allow for precise settings. Loses a star mainly because of the caveats during installation.
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    Nice to look at, not sure how long they will last
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 October 2019
    These are not bad lamps, but I am not wholly convinced that they offer good value for money. I purchased them at £23.00 each and they have now increased to £24.56 on 19th October 2019. It goes with our question that they will be simple to fit, providing that you have wiring in place, which we did and therefore, apart from drilling two new holes, wiring and fitting was relatively simple.What I have noticed is the quality of the materials used to construct these lamps has fallen, with the alloy becoming lighter and thinner and the glass replaced by perspex; which will cloud over after a couple of years. I really like Philips products, but this item apart from carrying the Philips name does not follow their tradition of Philips quality. The description states that they have undergone rigorous tests to prevent ingress of water. Well no water has got into the two lamps we have installed, but the seals are poor, but perhaps more importantly, the real issue with water and these types of lamps is that you ensure that you use sealant after installation around the edge where the lamp base meets the wall - this is where water tends to enter and affect the connection.I can confirm that you can use standard bulbs or as we have done, LED bulbs, both of which work well.In terms of adjusting the sensitivity of the lamps, this is fairly standard across all of these lights, there is a screw to adjust the sensitivity for movement and one for the length of time that the light stays on. Both controls adjust easily and work well.Overall I have awarded this item 3 stars. They are not bad items, however, I do not feel that the build quality warrants the price, indeed I have reduced the rating from 4 stars simply due to the fact that they have risen in price over 6% in the 5 weeks since I purchased them.
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    Works well but waaaay too sensitive
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 April 2020
    Setting up was easy. We put a Philips bulb in there too. Adjusting the lux and the timing is simple - this can be done via the grub screws on the side of the lamp near the motion sensor. Motion sensitivity works too well - it's way too sensitive. It is picking up cars that are passing the house some 10m away from the house - so it was going on a couple of times a minute sometimes. I don't see anywhere that this can be adjusted. We have had to temporarily cover up the motion sensor with some tape exposing only the past of the sensor which faces our house. We will look to a more permanent solution as we intend on keeping the light.

Customer questions and answers

  • One reviewer stated that this wall lamp did not come with fittings to attach it. Is that correct?
    This is not my experience. The installation instructions are downloadable from the Philips website and are pretty clear. A PVC circular box is screwed to the wall, then the fitting covers the box completely and screws into the box with machine screws. Two points to note: one bulb has already blown - try to get a "roug… see more This is not my experience. The installation instructions are downloadable from the Philips website and are pretty clear. A PVC circular box is screwed to the wall, then the fitting covers the box completely and screws into the box with machine screws. Two points to note: one bulb has already blown - try to get a "rough service" GLS bulb which has a thicker filament. The other fitting is near to the gas boiler flue and turns on if the wind blows the warm flue gas past the sensor. Doesn't bother me but may be annoying to neighbours. see less
  • free return ?
    Assuming it has a fault yes I would guess
  • Had my light over a year and all of a sudden wont go off. Tried adjusting the sensor screws but stays on all the time? Ideas?
    They're usually designed to stay on if you turn it off then back on within a few seconds. Try turning it off and leaving off for a minute or two before turning on again.
  • I have fitted this light and double checked the wiring. When switch on the light comes on in full daylight and doesn’t go off. Any ideas please
    Well either your wiring is wrong, for the sensor OR do you have a bush/plant/hanging basket nearby thats always moving maybe ? in the wind or even mild breeze. Mine does come on a lot in the day because theres a bush right in front of it. If it is a plant or bush etc, you could try tweaking the sensor adjustment

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