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Mondeer Pop Up Gazebo, 3x3m Anti-UV Waterproof Heavy Duty Steel Frame with Carrying Bag for Garden Party Wedding (Blue)

Mondeer Pop Up Gazebo, 3x3m Anti-UV Waterproof Heavy Duty Steel Frame with Carrying Bag for Garden Party Wedding (Blue)

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[Practical Design] - The area of the gazebo is 3m*3m. It covers an area of 9㎡. It can be freely adjusted to three heights of 2.28m, 2.38m and 2.48m. It provides convenience for you on various occasions.

[All Steel Frame] - The gazebo frame is made of steel, which is durable and powder-coated on the surface. The steel frame can be folded and is suitable for various terrains. The size of the tube on the top of the gazebo is 10mmx18mm. The size of the tube around the gazebo is 25mmx25mm.

[Exquisite Quality Canopy] - The material of the tarpaulin is made of 210D PVC Oxford cloth with PU coating. It can withstand sunlight and prevent rainwater from penetrating.

[Easy to Install] - The steel frame and the tarp are pre-bundled together, just press the red button and hear the click sound after opening, and then install the ground nails. Two people can easily complete the installation.

[Suitable for Outdoor] - The product is suitable for display in gardens, beaches, flea markets and other terrains. It can be used for weddings, parties, camping and other outdoor activities.

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Material type‎Alloy Steel, Polyurethane, Polyvinyl Chloride

Customer Review

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    Love it
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 August 2020
    This gazebo is brilliant. I'm a personal trainer who is struggling to keep working during covid (and extra measures in my area) So I bought this to make outdoor training easier. It says it requires 4 people to set up but I can manage it on my own (so long as you don't mind running from one corner to another a few times) It's sturdy and does well in normal wind conditions provided it's pinned down. It does very well in the rain, keeps you very dry and it's easy to pack up (again 1 fairly fit person can do this alone, any extra people is just a bonus)Good buy for me, it paid for itself immediately when I had a client who would've cancelled due to the weather but was more than happy to workout under the gazebo which btw is big enough for the client(s) and myself to stand under and still socially distance
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    Good value for money
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 August 2021
    When pegged up properly it is sturdy. We didn't do it properly so when the wind picked up we did have to keep going out and sorting it.It took me and my sister a good half an hour to and hour to put up. Instructions are included. You do need some strength pop the gazebo up but once it is up its fine.Can't comment on whether it's water resistant as it hasn't rained yet. Would recommend buying some sides for it as well but you do have to get them separate.Not a bad price for what it is. I didn't want anything fancy so I'm pleased with what I got. Plus when it is up you can decorate it with balloons /lights/bunting it will attach easily.
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    Throughly impressed
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 October 2020
    So glad I made the leap and purchased. Very sturdy and easy to set up. I cant comment on the warmth as it did not come with side panels but it did its job and kept us dry. Very big considering I have another similar with the same dimensions....maybe the height gives the illusion of magnitude. No complaints. Even came with a storage bag.
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    A decent cheap option
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 July 2021
    Bought this as a 'cheap' option to see what it would look like in the garden. Happy to say it does the trick for us. It's manageable to put up but you need two people, the instructions aren't that clear but again, you can work it out.The major issue and where I have marked it down is the canopy. You get what you pay for and whilst the main structure feels stable and strong the canopy is not the best, the first heavy rain (and in fairness it was heavy), it leaked like crazy. I accept were not likely to sit out in the rain but in this instance we had friends over.All in all, a decent buy for the price, just avoid heavy rainfall.
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    Lightweight frame & cover
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 April 2021
    It’s quite cheap for its size but you get what you pay for and it’s not very strong. The expanding frame is flimsy but ok provided it’s pulled out on the diagonal, patiently, slowly and gently by two people working in tandem a foot at time to open it out to its furthest extent before pulling the loose cover over. The cover is very thin and there isn’t even any velcro straps to secure it to the roof struts, just two small ones for each long side. I recommend removing the cover again after use to prevent distorting and buckling the frame when you close it up.
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    waste of money
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 April 2021
    Bought this in March put it up on first dry day really pleased with it .Then put it up for a 16th Birthday on weekend 21-22 August bit of rain and it leaked like a sieve bit embarrassing as we had friends aroundGot in touch with company they were ok to start with we sent photos of leaking seams they sent back Its not much can YOU repair it After we told them we dont buy to repair they sent another e-mail saying they cannot accept CHAIR back after 30 days . GOOD NEWS is Amazon have sorted it
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    Bad product worse service
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 August 2021
    Initially pleased with this but unfortunately not for long. There hasn’t been much sunshine in the U.K. this year and so not used very much.One month after receiving the gazebo collapsed and is useless.Meerveil told me the returns window had closed and have since ignored my emails requesting a refund.Sturdiness is zero. Value for money is zero.I will never buy from this company again.
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    Very durable
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 July 2021
    I bought this gazebo for a brownie and rainbow unit to keep paperwork sheltered from the rain when we're outside. This gazebo gets an unbelievable amount of use and hasn't let us down. Last week it was pouring down, and there were no leaks or anything. The wind started blowing it away, but after weighting down the legs this wasn't a problem. Water does tend to pool on top, as with most gazebos, but pushing it off every few minutes quickly solved this
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    Poor quality canvas
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 September 2020
    Unfortunately as soon as the box was opened, it was noted the bag containing the canvas cover had a broken zip. The metal frame was very easy to install and very sturdy. Unfortunately as soon as the cover was unpacked, it was noted that small splits were in the material almost at the sand point in each corner. Could not accept the 25% discount offered to keep it as could not know how long it would last.
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    Lovely gazebo to keep off the sun and the rain
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 September 2020
    I've not given 5 stars because when the gazebo was received there was a broken rivet, however, the customer service team dealt with this superbly and I can't quibble about that. I am now looking forward to being able to use it again soon.

Customer questions and answers

  • One of the upright legs on mine has snapped (from the wind), is it at all possible to order replacement parts?
    Hi very much doubt it mine leaked and company not very helpful but you can try them direct
  • Can i get side panels for it?
    I believe you can as its a common size and loads of outlets selling accessories for these gazebos
  • Can you gets sides to attach to the frame?
    This one does not contain sides.
  • Does the tarpaulin come with the frame, or do you buy separately?
    It comes with it . If it’s the green one as that’s what I bought. But takes more than 2 people to put up. It’s not as easy as they say, it broke in my first attempt to take it down. Dressing this next time. Fixed with bolts. But it’s still a good gazebo.

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