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AIRWAVE Pop Up Gazebo 2x2m Waterproof PVC Outdoor Garden Marquee with Sides, Heavy Duty, Black

AIRWAVE Pop Up Gazebo 2x2m Waterproof PVC Outdoor Garden Marquee with Sides, Heavy Duty, Black

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Compact design is a great space saver and looks stunning in the garden

Quick and easy to use pop up design sets up in minutes – no fiddly or loose parts to assemble

Robust steel frame for durability and stability

170g PU coated waterproof fabric with all seams taped sealed

Includes handy carry bag for safe storage and transportation

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Product details

Product Dimensions‎150 x 22 x 22 cm; 14 Kilograms
Part number‎SJ062301D
Material type‎Fabric
Manufacturer‎ESC Ltd
Item model number‎SJ062301D

Customer Review

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    Nice gazebo despite a couple of minor issues
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 July 2017
    Prompt delivery.Thought i'd leave it 2 weeks before posting after all the latest heavy rainfall to see how it got on.Pleased to report that the gazebo goes up very easily and even though not FULLY waterproof as suggests there was only a few drops of water on our rattan furniture cushions when checked.Obviously there will be some water that gets in underneath all the panels but this cannot be helped so all in all it's good value for money.Just a couple of things to mention re carry case and side panels. The zip has already broken off on the carry case and also on one of the zipped side panels so i will contact the seller to see if able to send 1 replacement panel. There was also a missing tie back on this same panel so had to use a bit of string which was slightly annoying.One little tip for anyone purchasing. I purchased a £1.00 washing line and cut to size to secure to house, fence and weights etc as this is made of much tougher stuff than the white string it comes with.
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    UK weather proof marquee
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 February 2019
    Bought this 18 months ago to keep my garden furniture and to have an area for my then puppy to play.I haven’t taken it down to date and it has endured all of the UK elements.I did also purchase the weighst to ensure that it did not fly away in high winds.Definitely need two people to erect I wouldn’t have been able to do it by myself.Before choosing this one I did a lot of research and still wasn’t sure that I’d made the right decision. Clearly I did as it’s still in my garden in the same place it was when I put it up.Initially I thought that it was a bit pricey but I no longer think that to be the case. My neighbour bought a considerably cheaper one for the summer. It didn’t even get to the winter.
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    Strong frame, poor instructions and the canopy is NOT WATERPROOF
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 November 2015
    Firstly I'm annoyed that you have put my positive review on here for the PREVIOUS excellent gazebo I bought way back in 2014 which lasted 6 Winters in my garden and survived many named storms including Storm Dennis. You had no right to use that description for this current purchase which other than its name is totally different and a much POORER QUALITY.I spent many months trying to find someone who would have a replacement canopy for my existing 2 X 2M Airwave Gazebo frame, but no one seemed to sell them anymore, so I was forced to purchase a whole new gazebo. The so called 'waterproof' canopy on this gazebo IS NOT WATERPROOF. I bought it specifically for this reason. It also stretches and collects water in pockets and the weight of the water causes tears in the fabric. It is a very poor quality canopy to put on what is actually a much better sturdier frame. So whilst I can give 3 stars for the frame , the structure is useless as a gazebo without a canopy which leaks now in multiple places. I accept that such a gazebo is not meant to withstand Winter Weather but as the previous one did, I trusted this would too. Sadly I was wrong.
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    Great for one person assembly
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 January 2019
    I am really pleased with this gazebo. I am a market trader and brought this as it has to be put up and pulled down with one person. The first time setting up it was a little stiff but I have been using this twice a week since I brought it and now is goes up and pulls down so easily.I have used this in quite strong winds and it has been fine, it is weighted down on each corner with approx 15kg.The only criticism is the plastic material used for the window sides, it has become quite brittle and little splits keep appearing. I just use selotape to repair. This is an issue with the materials the manufacturer has used and nothing to do with the seller.On a final note, great price and it's still going strong.
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    Great neat little package.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 July 2018
    I’m a 50+ widow Mum of 15 year old and only needed a little help to pull frame to its required size from my boy. It’s light to manoeuvre and I’ve used to to protect an area while I build a patio from the rain!! What rain, so it’s kept the sun off my back while I work. The two zipped curtains have been great to keep my dog off area and when tied back it looks neat too. I’ve not used the window curtains yet so they remain in the purpose made bag for the whole gazebo.. highly recommend it if you have a small area to cover and don’t want a great big one. The colour I chose fits nicely with me, just a little bit beige with a splash of colour.
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    Looks fab
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 July 2020
    I’m happy with the Gazebo. Great price. We did struggle to pull it apart but got there in the end. It’s rained a lot since we put it up and only a tiny puddle inside. The 4 sides fitted on perfectly. It’s ready for a hot tub now
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    Not for torrential rain.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 August 2020
    Unfortunately the item was not robust enough to withstand the torrential rain that fell recently in Scotland. The gazebo collapsed inwards and now looks like something from 'The War of the Worlds'. The item had only been erected for 3 weeks. Would I buy again, not for Scotland, but perhaps if I lived in the south of France. PLEASE READ LEGAL DISCLAIMER BEFORE PURCHASE.
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    Great for our Lay Z Spa
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 July 2013
    Bought this to go over our Lay Z Spa and it is great! No plastic like sides, these are fabric and don't make a noise in the wind! It's very stable with the ropes and I just ordered some weights for the feet so that I wont need to use the ropes any more. Great quality, recommended!
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    Flimsy bad item
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 March 2021
    I’m really confused by this all the positive reviews about his item turned up it was flimsy metal that was already bent on the floor supports, the sides only Velcro to each other so it’s all or nothing as unless they are all up there’s nothing to attach them to. We weighted and tied down with the flimsy string it was super hard work to erect and then less than 2 weeks later the tiniest gust of wind and it went and found mangled bent and snapped - biggest waste of money I wish I’d have returned straight away to be honest it was only because it was so big snd tricky to re pack I thought against itAvoid item in my view
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    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 January 2016
    Very pleased with it it did the job I wanted for Christmas. You can see my display.

Customer questions and answers

  • Is it possible to put this gazebo frame up without the roof cover?
    Out of the packet, the roof is already attached to the frame. That is the joy of it; you can just leave it there, putting it up and taking it down. The roof fabric is just attached to the frame with a rather large number of velcro loops, so it would be possible to undo them all and lift off the entire roof fabric, and … see more Out of the packet, the roof is already attached to the frame. That is the joy of it; you can just leave it there, putting it up and taking it down. The roof fabric is just attached to the frame with a rather large number of velcro loops, so it would be possible to undo them all and lift off the entire roof fabric, and the collapse the bare-poles frame. However, to use it as a gazebo again, you would have to go through the whole process of re-attaching the roof. see less
  • Can it be fixed to concrete patio with screws please
    We drilled our patio slabs then inserted rawplugs and used screws with washers. it worked very well.
  • Can this be used without the side panels on?
    Yes it can., the sides front and back just velcro on., it has been great for me
  • is the bag portable? How big roughly and is the weight really 14kg? Is there any gazebos that are more lightweight
    bag has handles not sure how long or how much they can take I'm 5ft and it's about 4ft standing I can lift it easily don't think u will find more of a lightweight gazebo of this quality at such a reasonable price,anything else will not be as good

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