candles & home scents

Buying home scented candles in the UK 

Candles are always a great choice. You can use it to unwind yourself after a long day.  It is a superb home accessory for an intimate dinner night. Scented home candles are right for calming yourself while having a bath. At 7 Interior Design we bring you the best home scented candles and aromatherapy oils in the UK

Home scented: we offer a big range of home scented candles. Bringing you the best fragrances of the market. You can choose the one that adapts the most to your situation. For example the bergamote one for summer nights or the orange one for dinners. 

Oil Reed Diffusers: our essential oil diffuser sticks are long lasting and will keep a pleasant aroma in your home. In case the essential oil it’s over you can easily find another fine fragrance on our website. The home diffuser sticks are also an amazing home decor item, with our luxurious designs you can easily match it to your interior designs. 

Aromatherapy oils: at 7 Interior Design, we have one of the best aromatherapy oils. Depending on the type of oil you choose, you can find plenty of benefits. Furthermore, you can use it as a cleaning product

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