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Verdant T Set of 4

  • 35.00 GBP
  • GBP  24.00
  • Aynsley Verdant Teacups & Saucers Set of 4 Bold colourways and mark making inform the design of Aynsley Verdant Teaware. Bright, contemporary, colourful and expressive teaware that will bring joy leware is made from fine china, it is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Set of 4  Part of a wider range Measures: Teacup 12cmL x 9.7cmW x 6.1cmH Capacity 200ml. Saucer 15.5cmD 1.6cmH

Spots & D Set Black

  • 120.00 GBP
  • GBP  75.00
  • Aynsley Spots & Dots 12 Piece Set Black Fun and stylish, Spots and Dots tableware by Aynsley is a beautiful example of contemporary tableware design, taking the simple dot as a motif to explore ex Side Plates and 4 Bowls Also available in Grey and in Mustard Matching Mug Set available Measurements: Dinner plate 26.5cmD x 2cmH - Side plate 20.4cmD 1.8cmH - Bowl 13.6cmD x 6.6cmH

Tsuma Tea Pot & Jug

  • 60.00 GBP
  • GBP  40.00
  • Belleek Living Tsuma Teaset Teapot, Covered Pot & Jug Tsuma is inspired by Japanese Design and is reminiscent of an old Japanese pottery process called Raku where pieces are fired at a low tempera Teapot, Sugar and Milk jug included Comes in a gift box Dishwasher & Microwave Safe Measures - Teapot 1300cc 23.4 x 13.9 x 14.4cm H Sugar Pot 8.4 x 9 cm H Creamer 13.1 x 8.3 x 7.6 cmH

Filter Ju asses Set

  • 50.00 GBP
  • GBP  30.00
  • Belleek Living Filter Jug & 4 Glasses Set If you prefer herbal drinks or fresh loose tea, our new Glassware Sets have been designed for you. Our new Glass Teapot and Mugs Set with coloured handles oured waters and fruit juices with a stainless steel lid which also makes it practical for Al fresco dining.  Measures -  Jug 25.5cmH x 10cmD x 14cmL x 1600ml, Glasses 14.5cmH x 5cmD 300ml

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Home decor & accessories online

If you are looking to do home décor online shopping, or just want to buy home accessories online, you have come to the right place. 7 INTERIOR DESIGN is a community of customer-first retailers in the UK that can help you buy the furniture of the future. 

What we can provide? We provide all sorts of home accessories online. These accessories are all original and are kept in pristine condition by our retailers. We also provide original home decoration products so you can keep your house beautiful in this day and age. Here are some services that we provide: Clean and easy-to-use products. No compromise on quality. State-of-the-art housing gadgets. Thoroughly tested products. Easy to return. Blend with your setup. Fast customer support.

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What makes 7 INTERIOR DESIGN your best choice?

Following are some of great things 7 INTERIOR DESIGN provide to its customers.

Clean and easy-to-use products:

Using home accessories should never be a chore. This is why we, as retailers, only collect high-quality products that are easy to use and do not occupy a lot of space in your house. These products are all sanitized and you can start using them the day you receive your product delivery. 

No compromise on quality:

Home décor is not something that one should compromise on. This is because they are essential products, and anything going bad can ruin your entire day. We only sell products that are designed to last. Even if you are doing home décor online shopping, you should be at peace because we sell only good quality products. 

State-of-the-art housing gadgets:

We understand the world is slowly shifting towards a ‘smart’ approach to things. Whether you are looking to buy bulbs, lights or even simple accessories, we can provide the most technologically advanced products in the current market. 

Thoroughly tested products:

We sell products that are thoroughly tested either through the factory or through our special testing facilities. We would never want to sell you a product that you would not like or that broke down easily. All our products go through extensive testing to ensure that the average household is not able to put dents or damage. 

Easy to return:

In case that you do not like our products, you can always return them through our extremely simple and fast platform. Just contact us with your order number and the reason for the return, and we will get back as soon as possible.