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  • GBP  99.95
  • The ZWILLING Pro NAKIRI, or Japanese Vegetable Knife, is the ultimate knife to effortless slice, dice and prepare vegetables as part of a larger dish. Made of FRIODUR steel, this knife is built to la ple weight to the rear of the knife, creating a perfectly balanced NAKIRI. The ZWILLING V-Edge provides the perfect cutting angle of 30 degrees, as well as superior sharpness and cutting performance.

ZWILLING cat | 1 l

  • GBP  41.95
  • If you like fresh water with mint, lemon or a handful of chilled berries, this stylish glass carafe with pouring lid from the ZWILLING« PrÚdicat series is ideal for you. Thanks to the practical lid, s are protected from insects when dining outdoors.The lid is made of 18/10 stainless steel and sits firmly on the carafe thanks to a silicone insert. The glass of the carafe is lead and cadmium free.

  • GBP  209.00
  • The ZWILLING AirControl 4-litre pressure cooker is a premium product. Its operation is very straightforward, needing just one hand. Even the hermetically sealed closure is easy to use with just one h ooker after use, reduce the pressure quickly and safely with the rapid pressure release. The safety valve prevents the pot from being opened under pressure, ensuring that you stay safe while cooking.

  • GBP  22.95
  • This set from the ZWILLING« Sorrento series consists of two glasses with a capacity of 240ml each. Designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, the set is made of borosilicate glass which is insensit ot drinks. Borosilicate glass is also lightweight but very durable. The two glasses of the set are handmade and mouth blown. Their double-walled design ensures that the tea stays hot for a long time.

  • GBP  199.00
  • ZWILLING Plus stainless steel wok, 32cm.Perfect for quick stir-frys and oriental cuisine.

  • GBP  16.95
  • This 16cm lid is an effective addition to your small saucepans or saucepans. It is suitable as a splash guard when cooking and for keeping finished dishes warm.Its ergonomic stainless steel handle en Thanks to a silicone seal between the glass and the edge of the lid, the glass lid from the TWIN« Specials series offers the option of low-water and energy-saving preparation of your favorite dishes.

  • GBP  99.95
  • TWIN Fin II bread knife, for slicing crusty bread.New Material: the Nitro60 stainless steel is excellent against corrosion and keeps an ultra-sharp edge for longer. Knives of the TWIN Fin II series a term use.Updated Design: a combination of German design and Japanese craftsmanship has resulted in a sharp and modern design upgrade. This knife is 100% handcrafted by mastercraftsmen in Seki, Japan.

  • GBP  114.00
  • ZWILLING« Dipl˘me vegetable knife, 9cm blade.Vegetable knife with straight blade and low tip for the easy cutting of vegetables.Designed and developed in co-operation with the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy. Perfect for aspiring chefs, catering students and the ambitious home cook.

  • GBP  19.95
  • Please note this item currently has a 9-10 week delivery time. The ZWILLING« EcoQuick Deep Fryer Insert, 22cm is perfect to fry all sorts of ingredients including chips, potatoes, hot desserts and mo used in oil with a temperature of up to 170 degrees. It's stainless steel construction makes this insert extremely durable, and the simple but effective design with handles makes it very easy to use.

  • GBP  24.95
  • Whisky should undoubtedly be enjoyed at the correct temperature. Some consumers prefer to use a pre-chilled drink, whilst others use ice cubes. Some also enjoy the complex aromas that unfold particul e glass makes the whiskey glass particularly insensitive to changing temperatures. So the warmth of your hand or the ambient temperature will not transfer to the drink and you can enjoy your whiskey.

ZWILLING | 22.6 cm

  • GBP  69.95
  • A steak set is a definite must-have in order to truly enjoy a grilled steak during a summer barbecue with friends. The ZWILLING steak set turns any barbecue into a Southern-style cook-out around the 8/10 stainless steel is rust-free and suitable for dishwashers.These typical pointed steak knives make it easy to cut steaks, turning any terrace barbecue into an unforgettable evening on your ranch!

  • GBP  114.00
  • High-quality cookware such as this cooking pot from the ZWILLING« Passion series offers you a noble appearance, high-quality materials and innovative processing. You can use the 18 cm high pot with a G« Passion high saucepan, you can supplement your cookware with an exceptionally designed saucepan made of a versatile and easy-care material mix that lets you enjoy a high level of cooking pleasure.

  • GBP  219.00
  • A pressure cooker for the highest demands: With its quality, features and workmanship, the ZWILLING AirControl 6-litre pressure cooker is a premium product. Its operation is very straightforward, it stay safe while cooking.Whether you are cooking rice, vegetables, soups or stews, the ZWILLING AirControl 6-litre pressure cooker is the perfect solution for cooking great meals with minimal effort.

ZWILLING « Gourmet

  • GBP  84.95
  • This steak set from the series TWIN« Gourmet consists of four knives. The ergonomic handle of the steak knives sits well in the hand and reduces the force required. The special FRIODUR« ice hardening process ensures optimised cutting and long knife life. Because of the low weight and the hardened material, the blade gently slides through beef, pork and many other delicious dishes.

  • GBP  88.95
  • Like no other cookware, the wok is ideal for preparing light and delicious Asian-style food. With the Wok from the ZWILLING┬« Madura Plus series, you can prepare stir-fried, fried and stewed dishes g an be easily learned and carried out with the wok. With the practical wok from ZWILLING┬« you have a cooking utensil at hand, which makes it easier to prepare quick everyday dishes and festive meals.