ZWILLING cat | 1 l

  • GBP  36.95
  • ZWILLING Predicat glass carafe with stainless steel lid with rubber stopper.Perfect for serving chilled water or fruit juice at the dining table.

ZWILLING L | 20 cm

  • GBP  46.95
  • These 20 cm TWIN M scissors feature a smooth cutting edge, finely honed after die cutting to achieve a high degree of sharpness. The inside edge of each blade features micro-serrated teeth, which ens ile cutting. In addition to hardened blades, the scissors also feature an integrated screw top opener. Cut a wide variety of materials cleanly and accurately with these robust multi-purpose scissors.

  • GBP  27.95
  • The ZWILLING Sorrento Red Wine Glass is made out of double-walled borosilicate glass for great insulation. This ensures that your drink of choice is not influenced by the warmth of you hand or the ro ely unique high quality piece. You can also conveniently clean it in the dishwasher. To enjoy a bottle of wine with your friends or family, the ZWILLING Sorrento red wine glass comes in a set of two.

ZWILLING o | 0.8 l

  • GBP  99.95
  • This 3 part teapot includes a teapot, warmer and strainer. By putting a tealight candle into the metal base warmer and placing the glass teapot on the warmer, you are able to keep your tea hot for longer.Designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, this teapot made of heat resistant glass and 18/10 stainless steel would make a stylish addition to any kitchen.

ZWILLING | 165 mm

  • GBP  89.95
  • TWIN Fin II santoku, for preparing meat, fish and vegetables.New Material: the Nitro60 stainless steel is excellent against corrosion and keeps an ultra-sharp edge for longer. Knives of the TWIN Fin term use.Updated Design: a combination of German design and Japanese craftsmanship has resulted in a sharp and modern design upgrade. This knife is 100% handcrafted by mastercraftsmen in Seki, Japan.

ZWILLING cessories

  • GBP  7.95
  • With this blade cover from ZWILLING, you can securely store away your valuable knives whilst protecting hands, blades and drawers.It can be used for storing knives with blades up to 20cm long and 3.2cm wide. It is made from robust plastic and has a soft fleece interior.Logo colour may vary (red or white).

ZWILLING s | 30 cm

  • GBP  31.95
  • The black plastic ZWILLING magnetic bar is perfect for storing knives. It is 30 cm long and can hold a number of implements securely thanks to its strong magnetic forces.This method for storing knive arp blades of the knives are out of reach of children. Create order whilst having your knives within easy reach with the black plastic magnetic bar. The magnetic bar comes complete with wall fixings.

ZWILLING cm | 4 l

  • GBP  119.00
  • The principle of a pressure cooker is simple – it can be tightly sealed, allowing steam pressure to build up inside allowing you to cook food at high temperatures. This means less energy is needed, c 10 stainless steel, whilst the handles are made of heat resistant plastic. The SIGMA Classic sandwich base with aluminium core guarantees excellent heat retention and ultra-even distribution of heat.


  • GBP  249.00
  • ZWILLING EcoQuick II pressure cooker 6pc set.Perfect for fast cooking to retain flavour and nutrients, and to cook cheap cuts of meat to make the them tender and succulent.Fast cook times help to reduce energy usage and preparation time.

ZWILLING m | 2.2 l

  • GBP  69.95
  • The 18 cm saucepan from the TWIN® Classic range is a practical solution for the preparation of sauces and small dishes. Its 2.2 L capacity and tight-fitting, matching lid helps save energy as you coo ually and quickly to warm up food more evenly. Whether whipping up a hot soup, preparing a delicious snack or creating a fine sauce to accompany a meal, with this ZWILLING saucepan you can do it all.

  • GBP  94.95
  • The right knife should be always ready to hand when cooking. The ZWILLING knife block keeps seven knives, one pair of scissors and a sharpening steel within easy reach. Its solid beechwood and clean ng 25 x 11.5 x 23 cm, the light beechwood appears unobtrusive on the kitchen worktop. The natural-coloured, robust material provides stability – a useful product complementing your kitchen equipment.

ZWILLING | 150 mm

  • GBP  82.95
  • The quality and functionality of the cleaver will delight enthusiastic home cooks and professional chefs alike. The strong, wide, rectangular blade is perfect for chopping up big pieces of meat and s cutting properties. This refining makes it easy to maintain and easy to clean after use With the ZWILLING cleaver you are getting an exclusive kitchen tool, which will serve you well for a long time.

ZWILLING ® | 20 cm

  • GBP  41.95
  • Theese ZWILLING Multi-purpose shears in red are the perfect addition to any household. Made of stainless special formula steel, these shears are extremely durable. Furthermore, the scissor baldes are ilt-in rotary opener can loosen stiff lids, making these shears truly multi-purpose. With ergonomic handles, these scissors are easy to use and can be used for longer periods of time without fatigue.

ZWILLING | 0.24 l

  • GBP  22.95
  • This set from the ZWILLING® Sorrento series consists of two glasses with a capacity of 240ml each. Designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, the set is made of borosilicate glass which is insensit ot drinks. Borosilicate glass is also lightweight but very durable. The two glasses of the set are handmade and mouth blown. Their double-walled design ensures that the tea stays hot for a long time.


  • GBP  199.00
  • ZWILLING Plus stainless steel wok, 32cm.Perfect for quick stir-frys and oriental cuisine.