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Staub Coc | Cherry

  • GBP  269.00
  • *Product contains new steamer insert design - Product code 40511-363-0*Use this cocotte from the La Cocotte series to prepare different dishes at the same time. This cocotte has a steamer insert, whi te to serve, as its cherry-red colour means that it looks equally good on the table. Use this casserole dish to serve stylishly tasty slow-cooked stews or casseroles, or even a delicious ratatouille.

Staub Ova m | Black

  • GBP  149.00
  • Through a slow process of braising, the ingredients’ flavours are brought out and accentuated so that you can easily cook a tasty dish. The cocotte is the perfect choice for cooking. The casserole u are entertaining guests at home, this product from Staub adds extra value to your kitchen. The casserole dish is also suitable for serving. You can present your food in style directly to the table.

  • GBP  239.00
  • The cocotte originated in France where this casserole dish was designed to cook chicken dishes: in fact, the word "cocotte" itself is the French word for "little hen". Since then, however, the cocott ation at regular intervals, keeping meat wonderfully succulent. With the Staub cocotte, you can treat yourself and your guests to beautifully tender meat and delicious-tasting vegetables at any time.

STAUB Woo n Gadgets

  • GBP  4.95
  • The Staub turner aids you to skilfully turn vegetables, fish or meat. Thanks to its gently curved surface, this light-weight turner is ideal for wok dishes. It can also be used in coated pans.The smo rounded front edge avoids damaging tender vegetables. The grained wood provides durability and an appealing look. This turner by Staub is a functional and stylish addition to your kitchen equipment.

STAUB 23c hite grey

  • GBP  99.95
  • STAUB cast iron square grill pan, 23cm x 23cm rim measurement.The ridges on the base of the Staub griddle pan collect excess fat to give your meat a lower fat and calorie content. Due to the characte n the oven if you want to stew the meat or melt some cheese on top of the dish. With this Staub griddle pan, a wide variety of delicious, healthy dishes are within your grasp.Made by STAUB in France.

STAUB 22c | Basilic

  • GBP  249.00
  • With the STAUB Artichoke cocotte you can prepare delicious dishes that, thanks to the special characteristics of cast iron, have a particularly tasty and aromatic flavour. The design, in the form of e form of a basil-green artichoke - a unique eye-catcher when serving. This STAUB cocotte is particularly suitable for rich stews, fine vegetarian stews or spicy meats in combination with artichokes.

  • GBP  29.95
  • If you enjoy making pies, this round Staub Ceramics pie dish is perfect. Its 24 cm diameter makes the dish more than big enough for one large portion of food for the whole family to enjoy. High-quali lodged easily. It also means that the dish is easy to clean after use. The dish's attractive dark blue colourway makes the dish perfect for presenting food on the dining table straight from the oven.

  • GBP  129.00
  • To conjure up a tasty stew can be tricky for smaller households. If you want great results with minimal effort, use cookware from Staub's La Cocotte series. The small, 15 cm oval cocotte in black is The cocotte is made of cast iron for robustness and easy care, and has two practical cast handles plus a lid with a knob. Be inspired by this compact cocotte to prepare a quick and simple coq au vin.

Staub Ova hite grey

  • GBP  149.00
  • The oval cocotte from Staub is a traditional French, slow-cooking pot for preparing delicious stews and goulashes. It is made of cast iron and has a matt black enamelled interior. Enamelled cast iron en as a novice, cooking is easy with a cocotte from Staub. Be inspired by French cuisine, renowned for delicious delicacies such as beef à la ficelle, and create your own recipes in a Staub cocotte.

  • GBP  239.00
  • The black cocotte from the La Cocotte range is exactly the right choice for you, if you want to create stews, casseroles or desserts with assured success. With a diameter of 24 cm and a volume of 3.8 easy to care for. It is also suitable for all types of cookers, including induction cookers. Use the Staub cocotte to spoil your loved ones with delicious stews, which will remain warm at the table.

  • GBP  4.95
  • Prepare delicious crpes and swirl the batter evenly across the pan with this high-quality and functional wooden spreader from the Staub Accessories range.Pour the batter into the pan or onto the griddle and then spread it with the rounded stick to ensure the same thickness throughout. Master the art of crpe-making with the Staub wooden spreader.

  • GBP  159.00
  • Mussel dishes dont just taste good on holiday, say on a restaurant terrace in a Breton port - you can easily prepare them in your kitchen at home. The oval Staub mussel pot in black is specially des the lid of the shellfish cooker at the table. The cast-iron mussel pot is shaped like a mussel. Serve your guests wonderful dishes in a stylish cast iron pot specially designed for preparing mussels.

STAUB 24c m | Black

  • GBP  94.95
  • You'll have success with all cuts of meat, from steaks to minced beef for tasty hamburgers, in this square Staub grill pan. The frying pan is made of black cast iron, so that it can be heated to very le is made of silicone and does not become hot. Use this practical and functional frying pan to fry fillets that you can then serve up to your family with fresh asparagus, potatoes and a crisp salad.

  • GBP  29.95
  • This Staub Ceramics pie dish is distinguished by its high-quality craftsmanship and elegant design, fashioned in white ceramic. A versatile piece of cookware, this dish is not only ideal for serving to give the best possible results when cooking or baking. Several dishes can also be stacked to save space. Effortlessly cook delicious French quiches for friends and family with this Staub pie dish.

  • GBP  17.95
  • This ceramic bowl from the Staub ceramics series is easy to clean, shockproof and scratch resistant thanks to its enamelled coating. With its stylish ancient grey finish, it is perfect for serving your favourite soup, cereal or pasta.
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