Glasses and cup

Buying glasses and mugs online 

Choosing your drinking glasses and mugs at 7 Interior Design is simple and convenient. Our high-quality images and detailed product descriptions will solve you any doubts you have about buying your drinking glasses online. Below you can find our list of products: 

Cocktail glasses: our marvelous cocktail glasses set will surprise your guests for any special occasion. We choose the highest quality cocktail glasses among the best retailers in the UK. Their harsh crystal made materials are difficult to scrape offering you years of duration. Whether you are making a handcrafted cocktail or fresh gin tonic don’t forget to choose our cocktail glassware

Beer glasses: our beer pint glasses are made for beer lovers. By drinking your beer in our glasses you will feel like you are in your favourite bar or pub. This is also a perfect gift for your family and friends. 

Wine glasses: whether your wine is a Sauvignon, Rioja or Chardonnay, immerse your wine tasting experience by choosing one of our good quality wine glasses. At 7 Interior Design, we also offer antique wine glasses for any special celebration. 

Champagne flutes: christmas season is coming soon. Do you already have your champagne glasses? If not, wait no more and order it now. Our retailers offer fast shipping in the UK. Our specialty are tulip champagne glasses and antique champagne glasses

Coffee and tea cups: Wake up in the morning and serve your favourite cappuccino or organic tea in one of our handmade ceramic coffee cups. We also offer coffee mug sets for families or large households. 

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