• GBP  134.00
  • Kartell Bubble Club Side Table by Philippe Starck. An iconic Kartell design which was a new concept in furniture production - a sidetable made entirely of plastic. A roomy 2 seater sofa with minimalist lines. Matching sofa and chair available. Thanks to their weather resistance all of the range can be used outdoors and make great garden, patio or conservatory furniture.

Kartell J able Pink

  • GBP  115.00
  • Formed from a single piece of polycarbonate, the Jolly table has a seamless finish and can also be used outdoors.Designed by Paolo Rizzatto, this table’s hard angled frame features sharp corners and edging that contrasts the light, see-through finish.Dyed during the production process as opposed to tinted, the Jolly’s selection of pastel shades will not scratch or rub off.

  • GBP  204.00
  • Moulded from durable plastic, this modern formed piece has a semi-transparent finish that allows light to pour directly through its sides and comes in a range of colours.The distinctive relief along lso provides superb functionality with a large opening panel offering storage.The modular design also enables numerous units to be stacked and arranged on top of each other creating a unique display.

  • GBP  201.00
  • A functional side table that doubles up as a storage unit, Tokyjin Yoshioka’s unique pleated design gives the Sparkle a striking profile.Injection moulded from durable polycarbonate, the textured sur le creates playful shadows and refractions as light passes through it.Ideal for outdoor use, the spiralled patterned top can be removed to reveal a useful storage space for all manner of accessories.

  • GBP  476.00
  • The creation of Philippe Starck, the Francois Ghost is part of a series of unique transparent plastic pieces by the world renowned designer. The frame itself made of transparent polycarbonate with a cross section in the shape of a seagull's wing. Available in a range of colours, this mirror can be hung both horizontally and vertically to suit your space.

  • GBP  173.00
  • Philippe Starck designed the A.I. Chair for Kartell using design software developed by Autodesk. Starck used this artificial intelligence software to create a robust and stable chair using minimal ma environment. The injection-moulded chair is crafted using recycled thermoplastic taken from production offcuts. The chair is suited to both indoor and outdoor use and is stackable up to three chair.

Kartell A ame White

  • GBP  273.00
  • The simple, modern style of the Audrey is down to an innovative use of moulded aluminium and durable plastic panels.Providing a comfortable chair, the light curves of the backrest and seat are gently e, using no glue or screws to fix each piece in place.Design by Piero Lossini and made in Italy, these stylish and versatile chairs work in a range of interiors from the dining room to the workspace.

  • GBP  496.00
  • Winner of a Wallpaper magazine design award, the tall Comback makes a striking dining or occasional chair.Reimagining traditional English style furniture, this Patricia Urquiola design features a dis way. In keeping with this spirit of nouvelle craft, four turned and tapered legs support the seat available comes in a choice of natural oak or lacquered beech to match the numerous colours on offer.

  • GBP  201.00
  • Lending a feminine touch to modern manufactured plastic furniture, this Patricia Urquiola design features a beautiful wavy texture across the whole of its frame.A modern formed chair, the angled back ect for the dining room or use outdoors and can be stacked up to five chairs high for ease of storage. Please note, this design has a minimum order of two chairs and cannot be purchased individually.

  • GBP  221.00
  • Lightweight and strong, this chair is made up of two curved aluminium frames each of which are finished in a frosted metallic texture. Moulded from polycarbonate, the seat and backrest have a structured arrangement of hexagonal modules that catch and refract the light.The simple folding mechanism securely locks in place when seated and neatly retracts to a flat position for convenient storage.

  • GBP  113.00
  • Reimagining the Louis XV dining chair for the modern home, Starck’s kid friendly design replaces heavy furnishings with an innovative injected polycarbonate, using a single mould to achieve the conti for throughout the home while its stackable design enables groups of chairs to be neatly stowed away. Please note, this design has a minimum order of four chairs and cannot be purchased individually.

  • GBP  177.00
  • Moulded from ultra-strong polypropylene, this unique design is a succession of unbroken curves with no awkward joins or screws. Designed to be easily stacked away this unusual piece is great for both colours, including black, grey, mustard, rusty orange, sage green and white, the Kartell Masters Chair is a statement piece that, as with all Starck designs, adds a surprising twist to any interior.

  • GBP  244.00
  • An original Bouroullec brothers design, Papyrus consists of a polycarbonate tub style chair that is modelled on the antique Rush chair.The slender vertical reeding that runs along the entire outside by the glossy interior finish.Moulded from lightweight and durable plastic, this comfortable chair is stackable up to four seats high and comes in a range of brightly coloured, translucent finishes.

Kartell S 6x56-76cm

  • GBP  424.00
  • Designed by Antonio Citterio, the modern profile of the Spoon, with its cantilevered seat, slender stem and five point base, is achieved through injection moulding polypropylene. Thanks to a sophisti short height adjustment, and is locked into the stem for stability. In the same ingenuous fashion, the handle which regulates the mechanism is concealed inside the seat to prevent any awkward lines.

  • GBP  262.00
  • Available in transparent orange, cobalt blue, yellow and crystal, the Upper steps adds a splash of colour to the home alongside a strong, durable set of steps.While the non-slip steps are moulded fro 260kg to be precise).The simple folding mechanism allows for easy storage and convenient opening for those times when you need to reach high up places but don’t fancy balancing on tables and chairs.