seletti wears toiletpaper table & kitchen plates unisex

Price : GBP 17.00


An unprecedented collection of dishes and objects created in collaboration between Maurizio Cattelan Pierpaolo Ferrari's Toiletpaper magazine and Seletti. Black humour dipped in pastel colours SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER is an unusual and exceptional collection of plates mugs tablecloths bowls glasses baking dishes teapots tea towels and objects such as soaps tables umbrellas mirrors rugs bags candles lampshades and placemats. A selection of images from the Toiletpaper magazine became the decorative motif: a sink plunger a rampant horse severed fingers an interpretation of the famous “I love you” a toad in a sandwich an apple-shaped Yin & Yang symbol and an eye with an eyelash curler. Tin oilcloth melamine porcelain and wood are the materials used in the collection perfectly aligned with the pop spirit of the magazine: cheap widespread and unlimited.