peonies art print 60 x 80 cm

Price : GBP 87.50


Peonies art print by SooUK is printed on the finest 310 g fine art paper and Giclee printed for the highest quality. Peonies is a simply stunning print! The bunch of white peonies in full boom, such a delicate flower, frothy and full with layers and layers of pure white delicate petals, like the layers of a tutu! Susan Burnell, the photographer and designer of SooUK has captured this beautiful flower with such clarity, you can almost touch the petals they burst forth from this gorgeous print. Take a closer look and just behind the full blooms of the peonies you can see the darkest green of the stems and leaves too, so much detail. Peonies print in 60 x 80 cms looks so real, it really will amaze you each time you see it. A stunning contemporary work of art, not just for flower lovers. Made in the UK and sold unframed. Also available in a smaller size.