graham & brown star wars cartoon frieze wallpaper border, brown

Price : GBP 10.00 GBP 12.50


This Star Wars Frieze is a great way to add a piece of the iconic Star Wars story to your walls. With its 24cm height, the frieze, featuring the Star Wars story in an on-trend comic book design, offers this world famous franchise on a larger scale than the border, helping to make a real impact in your home.Painted wall tips: Prior to applying border or stickers onto painted walls: clean wall and make sure it is dry.Newly painted walls: It is recommended to let the paint cure for 3 weeks prior to applying border or stickers. Even if new paint feels dry, it may still need to settle and completely cure.Not recommended on: silk or gloss painted walls; orange peel textured walls; over cinder blocks or very textured and porous surfaces; over silk wallpaper or delicate surfaces.Decorative Border Shop At House Of Fraser

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