engbald & co wallpaper dimensions collection design 8101 to 8106

Price : GBP 39.00


Engblad & Co Dimension Collection By Englbald & Co Wallpapers encapsulates a minimal,gentle approach to interiors. Featuring natural organic surfaces that have been transformed into faceted, graphic patterns & textures using transparency and watercolour hues within the designs. With our desire for a slower pace of life & relaxing home environments these designs enhance with their peaceful,meditative style which is also captured in the 4 intriguing photograph images of nature by Dan Isaac Wallin. Eco Dimensions captures the Scandinavian sensitivity of nature & allows us to stop,breathe & observe the importance of nature in our everyday lives. Designs 8101 to 8106 comes in 6 colorways. For a free sample of any of these wallpapers please email us the name & codes to : enquiries@cloudberryliving.co.uk, along with a postal address. Please measure your area carefully and make note of any repeat pattern information so that you order the correct amount of rolls needed. All Wallpapers are Special order due to batch variation and Non Refundable.