billyoh archer metal garden shed range including foundation kit - archer 12 x 11 metal shed

Price : GBP 405.00


Strong Galvanised Steel ConstructionThe BillyOh Archer Metal Shed is constructed using pre-painted hot-dipped 0.25mm galvanised steel sheet and roll-formed wall panels which means that the shed is strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. This also assures you that the building is protected from rust, damp, and other structural damages. The shed’s strong and durable build allows you to enjoy this trusty garden storage for many years.Lockable Sliding Double-DoorsKeeping and moving things around the BillyOh Archer Metal shed is no chore as it comes with wide sliding double doors. The doors’ lockable feature means you can have all your garden essentials safe and secure inside the shed. The shed also features vent system in the apex that allows air to come in, providing you with proper ventilation. Easy to Assemble and MaintainIt only takes two people and roughly 2-3 hours to assemble this garden must-have. The best part is that the shed is easy to maint