brinkhaus mattress dust mite barrier king

Price : GBP 189.00


Because we are a high specification manufacturer we have invested in weaving technology and machinery that enables us to produce a pure high quality cotton ultra close weave fabric. After manufacture and mechanical finishing (not chemical) the weave of the Morpheus dust mite barrier is so tight that the density is smaller than the body size of the household dust mite and prevents it from coming through the fabric. The open area between the warp and the weft threads is minute measuring between one third and two thirds of the body size of the young dust mite and around 10 % of the size of the adult dust mite to prevent them passing through the weave. By covering the mattress and the pillow, the two areas where the dust mite proliferates, migration to other parts of the bedding is substantially reduced. Regular high temperature washing at 95°C controls the build up of dust and thus the barrier assists in the overall process of control of the sleeping environment. The Morpheus dust mite barrier is produced for all standard bed sizes and two mattress depths, (25 - 29cm) the cover will fit casually on mattress depths up to or between these two sizes.100% CottonMachine Wash 40°CCotton casingKing size Shop At House Of Fraser