milano windsor ? traditional 3 column radiator - raw metal lacquered - 1800mm x 473mm

Price : GBP 250.16


This stunning raw metal lacquered Milano Windsor vertical three column radiator will complete the look of both contemporary and traditional interiors alike and features an impressive BTU output that will make the space warm and welcoming in no time. Ideally suited for installation in a range of rooms around the home, this old school period-style radiator features a striking raw metal finish that exudes an urban ruggedness to help create a stylish centrepiece with your home?s heating. Raw Metal Milano Windsor features: 1800mm x 473mm x 100mm 7,301 BTU's (2,140 Watts) Raw Metal Lacquered Finish Features 10 Vertical Triple Columns 20 Year Guarantee Built to Last: 1.5mm Thick Steel for Guaranteed Quality Tested and Certified BS EN 442 Standards ISO9001:2008 Registered Manufacturer CE Marked Includes Wall fixings, Wall plugs, Blanking and Bleed plug