muurla bilberry patterned tray, 35 cm

Price : GBP 21.95


Muurla is a Finnish company and pride themselves on beauitful quality products made and produced in Finland and Europe. This fresh and inviting 35 cm round tray is made of Finnish birchwood and the artwork was designed by the artist Aleksy Nowak for Muurla.
A beautiful fresh design of a bilberry twigs with detailed leaves & berries. The mix of greens in the leaves and the soft blueberry coloured berries on leafy twigs envelope this tray and are backed by the white background to highlight these detailed illustrations of nature.  The reverse of the tray has the latin name and the description of the bilberry bush, also known as, whortleberry, huckleberry, blaeberry & blueberry, which is great for all those garden & vegetable lovers & growers.
Great for serving drinks or food this pretty fresh tray will always bring a touch of nature inside and out. Hand made in Finland. If you like this take a look at the Twig Bilberry tray.